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West Virginia: University Features Marxist “White, Male, Christian Privilege” Display

The cancer that is modern-day Leftist ideology continues to rear its head in the most unlikely of places, with even the most traditional rural areas now in the spotlight for allowing behavior worthy of institutionalization and/or mandatory hard labor. In … Continue reading

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On 150th Anniversary of Appomattox, Communists Stomp On, Spit On, and Publicly Burn Confederate Battle Flag At The Florida State Capitol

Update: Tallahassee SDS is holding their next meeting on April 15 and their next rally on April 18 at the Florida State Capitol. This is an absolute disgrace … what follows is a rant and a call for change. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Small Town Mosques

Thanks to the United States’ immigration policy of open borders to the Third World small Southern towns, once all but religiously homogeneous (and ethnically divided between Whites and Blacks), now are home to mosques and other alien religious centers. The … Continue reading

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Republicanism, Americanism, and the Demise of Traditional Marriage

The following excerpt comes from Stephanie Coontz’s book, Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage: “During the eighteenth century the spread of the market economy and the advent of the Enlightenment wrought profound changes in record time. By the end … Continue reading

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Women and Americanism

What do you think? My guess is that virtually all of my readers after seeing this degenerate image of Miley Cyrus, formerly the child star Hannah Montana, gyrating on an inflatable penis would place themselves on the opposite side of … Continue reading

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Cruz 2016

Did you hear the news? A new generation of “courageous conservatives” are going to Take Back America:

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Otherkin: The Next Frontier of Social Justice

“Otherkin” are trans people who believe they were born into the wrong race, the wrong species, or even on the wrong planet: “What does this mean? An otherkin is a being born into the wrong body. Not just with the … Continue reading

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Oligarchs Circling Republican Candidates

There have been a number of articles lately which illustrate how the bidding war on the 2016 Republican presidential race has already begun: “The confidence with which Bush is pursuing his strategy was evident last Wednesday in the Picasso-adorned Park … Continue reading

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Sanctity of Marriage Rally In Montgomery, AL

H/T SPLC While several members of the Alabama League of the South were preoccupied with protesting immigration in Florida, a new group called “Sanctity of Marriage Alabama” was holding its own demonstration against gay marriage in Montgomery: Note: As some … Continue reading

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Mormon Church Leadership Embraces “Gay Rights”

As with the Catholics and Southern Baptists, maintaining your “respectability” in the United States always means abandoning your traditions and caving to fashionable trends in America’s secular liberal culture: Note: Jews are the trendsetters in America’s popular culture. They decided … Continue reading

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