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July 3: Pro-Confederate Activism

Stafford, VA 75 people showed up to wave the Confederate Battle Flag with the Virginia/Maryland League of the South in Stafford, VA. Lots of familiar faces were in Stafford including veteran activist Ron Doggett. I see that Goad Gatsby showed … Continue reading

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Why I Support The Confederate Battle Flag

The SJWs who are reading this blog are already certain that they have the answer: “It is because you’re a raaaacist!!! It’s because you “haet” black people!!! It’s because you support slavery!!!” I can’t help what simpleminded people think, but … Continue reading

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In Chattooga County, GA, SCV Hauls Down Confederate Battle Flag, 100 People March In Protest

These appear to be local people protesting the SCV’s removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Chattooga County Courthouse: “Winters did not return a call seeking comment. Stan Hammond commander of the local Sons chapter, said he did not … Continue reading

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Isn’t This Lovely?

Here’s the most recent act of vandalism on one of our monuments in Augusta, GA: Is this a hate crime? Imagine for a moment that this act of vandalism were reversed. Let’s suppose the message was “I hate blacks” and … Continue reading

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In Spite of Media Stampede, Public Opinion on Confederate Battle Flag Remains Unchanged

There are several new polls out which show the public is rejecting the narrative about the Confederate Battle Flag that is being propagated by the mainstream media and the corporate whores in the political class. Note: As a relative of … Continue reading

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City of Memphis Prepares To Dig Up Nathan Bedford Forrest From His Grave

If the City of Memphis moves forward with this and does something this offensive, I can guarantee you that all hell is going to break loose: Note: There is already a Memphis rally scheduled for July 12th which will take … Continue reading

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As Black Politicians Attack Confederate Monuments, Criminals Affiliated With #BlackLivesMatter Movement Continue Vandalism Spree

In Birmingham, AL, the assault on this 110 year old historic monument has begun by the black majority government: Also in Linn Park, there is another monument to Martin Luther King, Jr., but no one has vandalized it or demanded its … Continue reading

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Obama Flagged In Tennessee

Welcome to the Volunteer State: “Supporters of the Confederate flag have turned out to protest President Barack Obama’s visit to Nashville. The flag, particularly the iconic Confederate battle flag, has come under fire as a symbol of hate and racism … Continue reading

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South Carolina: Blacks And Traitors Attack Pro-Confederate Flag Protest

Here we see a moderately-sized clique of primitive savages, and a few White Leftist bottom-feeders, launching a tribal raid on a group of Southerners attempting to defend their heritage from cultural genocide, as has been reported extensively here, and on Majority … Continue reading

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Call To Action: Let’s Take Our Stand For Dixie

I will keep this short and simple: 1.) These spontaneous Confederate Battle Flag rallies are a symptom of the outrage that is brimming underneath the surface of the South. 2.) We need to harness this outrage into action and focus … Continue reading

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