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Ain’t That America: Americans or Alabamians?

John Archibald has a thought provoking article at this afternoon: Are we American? Or just Alabamian? “The question is simple. Are we Americans? Or are we Alabamians? Are we Americans, loyal above all else to the notion of liberty … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama Gay Marriage Ban

It seems like we just spent most of last week here discussing the nature of liberal republican governments and whether or not they are plagued by perpetual cycles of ever expanding rights claims: “A federal judge in Mobile on Friday … Continue reading

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Selma 2015: An Overview

“Selma,” the Hollywood fairytale produced by Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt, is now playing in theaters. I don’t have any plans to see the movie. No work of fiction will ever change my opinion of the real Selma which is based … Continue reading

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Update: “Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person” Billboard Taken Down

Update: Dyar Outdoors has taken down the billboard. I heard about this the other day on Twitter, but I assumed this new billboard had gone up to replace the previous one on I-20 near Leeds. Instead, it turns out to … Continue reading

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Vote, or Else

I found this on my windshield at work: Note: Good work, Klansmen. Apparently, you control this state, and black people are 3rd class citizens here who “didn du muffin” and are arrested for no reason!

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Rep. Mo Brooks Gets Real: Democrats Waging a “War on Whites”

For an ever so brief moment, Rep. Mo Brooks broke etiquette and went off the GOP reservation: Note: It doesn’t matter how many anti-White articles get posted at You’re not allowed to point that out in the “mainstream.” “This … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Coal Comes To Alabama

It’s not enough to open the borders and give millions of illegal aliens work permits to compete for Southern jobs in a depressed economy … Obama also has to kill the coal industry in Alabama with his executive orders: “BIRMINGHAM, … Continue reading

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SECEDE Billboard Returns In Tuscaloosa

I’m told the SECEDE billboard has gone back up … this time it has been moved to downtown Tuscaloosa near the University of Alabama’s football stadium just in time for football season. #RollTide #Secede … surely, that will attract comment. … Continue reading

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Review: A History of Appalachia

Richard B. Drake’s A History of Appalachia is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of the people of the region. The book can best be described as a scholarly overview of the literature that exists on the subject. … Continue reading

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Review: 2014 League of the South National Conference

The 2014 League of the South conference was held in Wetumpka, AL this weekend. Compared to the 2012 and 2013 national conferences, the 2014 conference was a consolidation of the changes that have occurred within the League over the past … Continue reading

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