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White Majority Renegades of the Year

Hard working, White activist Jamie Kelso at White News Now has uploaded virtually every single edition of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine – the greatest magazine ever published. In an annual January edition, Instauration Magazine (dis) honored the White American renegade/traitor … Continue reading

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A Decade of Irrelevance: Daryle Lamont Jenkins and the ‘One Person’s Project’

Recently I saw an article on the One Person’s Project website celebrating its 10-year anniversary.  The official name of the site is ‘One Peoples Project’, but the ‘project’ really only consists of one ‘person’, Daryle Lamont Jenkins.  He always refers … Continue reading

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Oakland may erupt in a Race Riot

I’m diligently keeping tabs of the situation in Oakland.  A white transit cop was convicted today of manslaughter for killing a black passenger last year.  At this point in time 1,000-1,200 people are believed on the streets of Oakland and … Continue reading

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Leftists on Social Networking Sites Freak Out!

The progressive Obama uber-alles brigades on Digg and at sites like FreakOut Nation are starting to get nervous. They are surveiling Occidental Dissent and Majority Rights and they are terrified of a white backlash. They are even starting to espouse … Continue reading

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R.E.A.L. Revenge

It’s difficult to argue against using violence and intimidation at a time like this. Our opponents are threatening to walk into hotels and shoot people. We’ve attempted to peacefully gather and have been denied our right to assemble at every … Continue reading

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The SPLC and Jim Giles

I just noticed that Jim Giles used his broadcast this morning to attack David Duke. He claimed to have received an email from someone named “Larry” that made various allegations against Duke. Giles has copy and pasted this “email” on his … Continue reading

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