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Affirmative Action

A Glance At Banal Republican Politics

February 8, 2014 // 15 Comments

RNC I don’t consider the subject to be worthy of attention, but here is the latest for those who are still fighting for “the soul” of the GOP: RNC Launches [...]

The Cost of the Union: Fisher Decision

June 24, 2013 // 6 Comments

District of Corruption As I expected, the Supreme Court punted on Fisher v. University of Texas and sent the case back to the Fifth Circuit when it could have issued a broad [...]

Seceding From The Black Mecca

March 13, 2013 // 9 Comments

Georgia WND has published two stories in recent days on the fear that Atlanta in 2013 could be evolving into the “Detroit of the South”: “The city has [...]

Amurrica Series: Equality For Criminals

February 24, 2013 // 12 Comments

District of Corruption I’ve spent the past week trying to take a break from the day to day insanity of Black Run America (BRA), but a quick scan of the news has [...]

Roberts Court Takes Up Affirmative Action

October 1, 2012 // 25 Comments

District of Corruption Oh, wonderful. Next up for the Supreme Court, the prima donna John Roberts gets to decide the constitutionality of affirmative action and the Voting [...]

Congratulations, William Gheen

August 24, 2011 // 6 Comments

William Gheen of ALIPAC unloads on the dictator Barack Hussein Obama North Carolina William Gheen of ALIPAC has taken a bold stand and denounced the tyrant Barack Hussein [...]


August 18, 2011 // 8 Comments

The henpecked Obama declares war on the Heartland and retreats to Martha's Vineyard Dixie The black mascot of Wall Street has declared war on the nation of Dixie. The [...]

Dixie’s Race Soul: Heartland Nationalism

August 18, 2011 // 1 Comment

Georgia Just by listening to the radio, I knew that I had detected a new spirit of militancy and religion echoing in the Heartland. It is starting to bleed over into talk [...]

Countdown: A Very Different Ballgame

July 3, 2011 // 9 Comments

What do we want? Black Power! Black Run America As my research into the “Civil Rights Movement” in Alabama begins to focus on Stokely Carmichael (aka “Kwame [...]

Steele Out

December 13, 2010 // 14 Comments

Michael Steele out as RNC Chairman District of Corruption The Michael Steele era as RNC Chairman will soon come to an end. Steele is expected to announce today he is dropping [...]

End Affirmative Action

August 7, 2010 // 62 Comments

End Affirmative Action? In the Los Angeles Times, Gregory Rodriguez has written an unusual article, one you wouldn’t expect to find in one of the most liberal [...]

Senator Webb’s Historic Op-Ed

July 25, 2010 // 33 Comments

The moment I saw Senator Webb’s WSJ op-ed piece on ending non-Black affirmative action I knew that an incredibly important historic event had just taken place.  My [...]

“White Anxiety”

July 19, 2010 // 29 Comments

In Falling Down, Michael Douglas suffers from White Anxiety in multicultural Los Angeles. Are you suffering from White Anxiety? At the New York Times, Ross Douthat has a new [...]