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Confederate Flags Restored In Union Springs

H/T Johnny Adams News They’re back. Note: I wish I could take credit for this, but someone else beat me to it. BTW, the Flagging Union Springs event on June 19 is gaining steam. Come to 75 percent black Union … Continue reading

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Is There A Special Place In Hell For Anti-Whites?

Here’s the latest SPLC article on the League: “Michael Hill’s fall from the ivory tower knows no depth. In a message on Friday to members of a private League of the South Facebook, the former Stillman College professor offered an … Continue reading

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Knoxville Confederate Flag Rally

H/T CofCC Kyle Rogers reports on the dueling Black Lives Matter and Confederate flag rallies this afternoon at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville: “Members of the CofCC, the South Knox Ten Mile Club, and others participated in a Confederate … Continue reading

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Meet The “Trans Liberation Front”

The “Trans Liberation Front” are certainly the most bizarre group of people we have ever encountered through our activism: Note: In Tallahassee, the opposition is literally a bunch of campus communists and men who are convinced they are women. We … Continue reading

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Reds Out of Florida

Last Thursday, a communist group from Florida State University called Students for a Democratic Society spit on, stomped on, and burned a Confederate Battle Flag at the Florida State Capitol on the 150th anniversary of Appomattox. The group was protesting … Continue reading

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On 150th Anniversary of Appomattox, Communists Stomp On, Spit On, and Publicly Burn Confederate Battle Flag At The Florida State Capitol

Update: Tallahassee SDS is holding their next meeting on April 15 and their next rally on April 18 at the Florida State Capitol. This is an absolute disgrace … what follows is a rant and a call for change. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Cyberracialism and E-Activism

Andrew Anglin has written an article about this over at The Daily Stormer. I’ve responded below with some of my own comments: “There has been an ongoing debate within pro-White circles about the value of internet activism vs. the value … Continue reading

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Trad Youth Protests Tim Wise In Charlotte

Scott Terry has the details of the encounter. “Queens University is located in the middle of Charlotte North Carolina’s most ritzy neighborhood; surrounded by sprawling oak trees, arched entries, and European-styled architecture, she gives life to an otherwise retired, 401K … Continue reading

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White Genocide Signs Appear In Asheville

We talked about this during the previous White Man March. I remember pointing out at the time that there was no reason why these yard signs couldn’t be mass produced and distributed by activists around the country:

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White Man March 2015

Is there anything left to say about White Man March 2015? 1.) First, insofar as anyone went out in public and participated this time in the US, it was typically activists who are already known to us. Trad Youth was … Continue reading

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