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  1. Add to that Wichita Massacre (2000) Knoxville Horror (2007) Murders of Tiffany Long (1998) Emily Haddock (2007) Esme Kenney (2009) and Mr. and Mrs. Strait (2012?) Then that would make a fine Black history month

  2. You people spend so much time trying ti discredit black people. Get a life.
    Your selective information overlooks all the beauty and positive attributes of black people across the globe. Shame on you.

  3. Hey, GemGirl, we know there are some blacks who have got it all together, but they can’t make up for the foul ups in their race. Look at Africa today, it’s a hell hole. Fifty years ago, when those African nations were white ruled colonies, they were half decent places to live in. Under all black rule, it’s going back to the jungle and savagery. So much for “all the beauty and positive attributes of black people across the globe” GemGirl. Umgowwa!

  4. Under white rule it’s savagery as well. Who committed mass genocide of Jews? White people. Who raped and murdered Native Americans and stole this whole country from them? Whites. Who forcefully took African Americans as slaves and treated them inhumanely? Whites. Who committed lynchings and burning of people and think it is a fun event to bring children? Only Whites. Who is currently screwing over the American people by controlling tr majority of te wealth and outsourcing our jobs while silmultaneously blaming shortage of jobs on undocumented? Whites. As you can see Whites are a savage race. They don’t care for anyone but themselves. And they are serial killers just look at the statistics.

  5. 1) Lots of healthy people have “genocided” Jews, especially Arabs. Whites are not as good at this as Arabs, which is why Jews run White countries, and not Arab ones.

    2) Whites did murder and steal land from Indians. Just like Indians had been doing to each other for centuries. The only reason anyone cares about this today is because White people did it.

    3) Lynching 50-100 blacks over a period of 100 years does not compare to the 30,000 Whites raped per year thanks to blacks. In America alone. They owe us more than they could ever hope to repay. And this does not consider cases of mere robbery and murder.

    4) Jews run American finance, not White people.

    5) If we are so savage, why do you keep flocking to our countries? You could easily leave for Africa if you wanted to, on a plane, a magical flying machine invented by White people.

    6) Whites are a great race, since we invent everything you lust after.

    7) There are plenty of black serial killers. They aren’t on the media because it doesn’t fit the left-wing “Whites are devils” agenda which you have bought into.

    8) I wonder when all the White haters will leave White countries and no longer use White inventions? Never, because they are all lazy idiots. Have fun raping and murdering each other!

  6. Kristen,

    You’ll find that the Atlantic slave trade was ended by Europeans and initiated by Jews.

    If you’d like to discuss the details I can discuss them with you.

  7. Yes, we can go back and forth about who did what. Truth is, there is similarities in all races. We all were and are savages. We are all born into sin, greed, hate, murder, and the like. When will we make an effort to change ourselves our own hearts to become what we want everyone else to be? When will the leaders of self-love AND brotherly love show face? You can’t love one and not the other, because that is not love at all. It is a state of mind. A higher place of thought. It is not selective. Then it wouldn’t be love. We can point at all the atrocities of one race or another and yes, be accurate, but does that matter for real? We have to acknowledge our own individual, family, race, and nations’ faults and move on. Where do we go from here?

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