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The Progressives

July 24, 2009 Hunter Wallace 8

Over at Daily Kos, David A. Love (negro) is browbeating the Republicans over their treatment of Sonia Sotomayor during her Senate confirmation hearings. In his words, […]

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Yesterday’s Men

July 23, 2009 Hunter Wallace 15

If you are White and male, that’s what you are according to Ross Douthat, one of the house conservatives who writes for the New York Times. Your America is […]

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The Forum

July 22, 2009 Hunter Wallace 37

I added the forum back last night. It will be used as a place to gather and discuss newslinks. Sometimes there is too much going […]

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Two Minute Hate

July 21, 2009 Hunter Wallace 23

In the New York Times, Frank Rich (Jew) is foaming at the mouth with venom, and unleashes a two-minute-hate against the White race over the Sotomayor […]

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New Theme

July 21, 2009 Hunter Wallace 17

School of Athens is back. The bright green links are now dark blue. The ugly default avatar image is finally gone. The page widget is […]

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Obama’s NAACP Speech

July 20, 2009 Hunter Wallace 12

OneSTDV, a HBD blogger, gives his analysis of Obama’s NAACP speech. I copied and pasted the text below and inserted my own commentary. ______________________________________________ THE […]

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Capitalism, Again

July 20, 2009 Hunter Wallace 17

Some food for thought: Back in February, FAIR released an important study which analyzed immigration lobbyists. It found that big business accounted for 59% of the various […]

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District 9

July 19, 2009 Hunter Wallace 7

Via Amren, Kyle Bristow is giving us advance notice that Hollywood is poised to release another movie about evil white men who practice segregation. District 9 […]

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Just Another Day (Part 11)

July 16, 2009 Hunter Wallace 17

President Barack Obama is speaking tonight at the NAACP’s annual convention. After moving White America “beyond race” in last year’s election, Obama will be addressing a race-based […]

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July 16, 2009 Hunter Wallace 15

Michael O’Meara has a long review of Dimitry Orlov’s Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects. As the title suggests, the book (which I […]

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Jews and Politics

July 15, 2009 Hunter Wallace 21

Guy White is toying around with the strange notion that Jews are “particularly bad” at politics. This one is sure to elicit uproarious rounds of […]

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Sans Jews

July 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 57

If Jews had never immigrated to the United States, we would undoubtedly be much better off than we are now, but we would still have […]

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The Negro

July 7, 2009 Hunter Wallace 33

What is it about them that inspires such dislike? Robert Lindsay, Guy White and Ian Jobling spend lots of time talking about the subject. I […]

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Independence Day

July 3, 2009 Hunter Wallace 34

It’s almost that time again. I’m referring to the disgusting charade that now passes for Independence Day. Boobus Americanus will arise from his slumber and […]

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Liberal Race Realism

July 2, 2009 Hunter Wallace 82

Robert Lindsay is still trying to bake his political cake out of incompatible ingredients: a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of […]

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June 30, 2009 Hunter Wallace 12

rah, rah, rah … I suspect my readers probably know by now that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the white Connecticut firefighters in […]

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The Young Cons

June 29, 2009 Hunter Wallace 23

“I’ve argued since the beginning that the right, the conservatives should distance themselves from the Nazis. I’m glad to see that the Nazis feel the […]