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Regime Change

… in Burkina Faso. Note: Give these Africans some credit. In the United States, we have been voting for the GOP for 50 years.

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Matthew Shepard: Crystal Meth Addict, HIV Positive Gay Prostitute

I don’t recall hearing about any of this at the time: “The horrific killing of Matthew Shepard in 1998 is widely seen as one of the worst anti-gay hate crimes in American history. Matthew was beaten by two assailants, Aaron … Continue reading

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With Jews We Lose

A blogger over at The Daily Stormer is planning to distribute these signs around southern New Hampshire: Note: The SPLC has an article about it on the Hatewatch.

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Our Future, Our Nation

H/T SNN “The following picture was submitted to SNN recently. It was taken south of New Martinsville, West Virginia. It features a Southern nationalist husband and wife holding the Black Cross banner by a Mason-Dixon Line sign. The wife in … Continue reading

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Stand For Coal: Middlesboro and Harlan Demonstrations

Editor’s Note: The coal industry is shifting its operations from Appalachia to the Interior West, but this is driven in part by EPA regulations. H/T SNN “On Saturday October 25, 2014, the Kentucky League of the South had its 2nd demonstration … Continue reading

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Ax-Wielding Negro Muslim In Queens Wanted White People “To Pay” For Slavery

Check this out: The self-radicalized madman who attacked four rookie Queens cops with a hatchet had more than just ­jihad on his mind — he also wanted to kill white people. “He wanted white people to pay for all that … Continue reading

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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Just another weekend in St. Louis … a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old were shot in two separate drive-by shootings. In other news, it seems someone else was shot at the boarded up Chop Suey restaurant on W. Florrisant Ave in … Continue reading

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Erich Gliebe Era Over In National Alliance

See here. Note: In the “WN Beefs” threads, I forgot to mention the three squabbling factions of the National Alliance: Erich Gliebe and the rump NA, Will Williams & Kevin Alfred Strom (National Vanguard), and NARRG, and the ongoing $2 … Continue reading

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October Surprise

In New York City … Note: The Black Undertow is preparing for Negro-Geddon in #Ferguson over “the facts,” Ebola is searching for a beachhead in Texas and New York, ISIS terrorists are decapitating Americans in Syria and shooting up the … Continue reading

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#Ferguson Thugs Threaten To Rape Cop’s Wife

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates

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