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Review: Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage

Around the time that Andrew Anglin over at The Daily Stormer started to go MGTOW, I bought some books on Amazon that I thought would be helpful in learning more about the meaning of “traditional marriage” and “traditional gender roles.” … Continue reading

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On 150th Anniversary of Appomattox, Communists Stomp On, Spit On, and Publicly Burn Confederate Battle Flag At The Florida State Capitol

Update: Tallahassee SDS is holding their next meeting on April 15 and their next rally on April 18 at the Florida State Capitol. This is an absolute disgrace … what follows is a rant and a call for change. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Republicanism, Americanism, and the Demise of Traditional Marriage

The following excerpt comes from Stephanie Coontz’s book, Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage: “During the eighteenth century the spread of the market economy and the advent of the Enlightenment wrought profound changes in record time. By the end … Continue reading

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The Death of Walter Scott

In this case, I will say that it genuinely does look like this White police officer in North Charleston, SC murdered an unarmed black man. He was charged with murder after the video below surfaced on the internet. Perhaps there … Continue reading

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Wealthy Jewish Oligarchs Are Buying US Foreign Policy

Oh yeah … in other news, wealthy Jews are buying our foreign policy again: “WASHINGTON — As the proposed agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is debated in coming weeks, President Obama will make his case to a Congress controlled by … Continue reading

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The Medieval Wife: Part One

Here are my notes on marriage in the Middle Ages from Marilyn Yalom’s book  A History of the Wife: In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church gradually took over the jurisdiction of marriage from the family, kin group, and the … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage In The Roman Empire

The following excerpt comes from Marilyn Yalom’s The History of The Wife: “Nero, the flamboyant Roman emperor who ruled from 54 to 68 C.E., went so far as to marry two men, sequentially, in public ceremonies. Suetonius wrote of Nero’s … Continue reading

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ANN Radio Interview With Rodney Martin

Here’s an interview that I did yesterday of Rodney Martin of the American Nationalist Network. We spent an hour talking about White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism and especially about corporate influence over US immigration policy. California is plagued by some … Continue reading

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A History of The Wife

This was written by a feminist, but it sounds like an interesting book: “How did marriage, considered a religious duty in medieval Europe, become a venue for personal fulfillment in contemporary America? How did the notion of romantic love, a … Continue reading

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Arkansas: State Government Surrenders To Leftist Degeneracy, Vows To Protect Homosexual “Rights”

This series of Rod Dreher articles over at The American Conservative says it all … it feels strange linking to Rod here, but he is right on these Social Justice Warriors: The Writing’s on the Wall For Christians Into the Christian … Continue reading

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