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Slut Walk 2014 (Bloomington, IN – April 21st)

Indiana I know it is short notice, but I want to help get the word out about Trad Youth’s counter-demonstration against Slut Walk 2014 in Bloomington, IN tomorrow. If any of my readers live nearby, you should consider going and … Continue reading

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Review: White Man March 2.0

Alabama Here’s a summary of what was learned yesterday: 1.) First, it was a great idea to distribute the plastic easter eggs, 1 WN activist in California did that by himself and generated some publicity. Why couldn’t thousands of WNs … Continue reading

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Washington & Lee Students Demand Removal of Confederate Flag

Virginia The Virginia/Maryland League of the South is considering holding a heritage event in response to this.

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Live Thread: White Man March 2.0 (Worldwide – April 19)

Alabama I guess we will see what happens … That’s an excellent choice of a location for a demonstration: Note: This is rather confusing … is it on, or is it off? Listening to this now, Double-Crossed In The Fight … Continue reading

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Jewish Hollywood Director Accused of Being Homosexual Child Molestor

California Lest we forget, this is exactly the kind of stuff that pushed Rounder over the edge: Note: The Drudge Report has it splashed all over the top of their page under headlines like “They’d rape you by side of … Continue reading

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The SPLC and Violence

Alabama After reading the SPLC’s long awaited report on violence, I am still wondering why the SPLC has chosen to remain silent on “the tsunami of violence” here in Montgomery, which has received so much attention in the state and … Continue reading

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Billboard Wars

Florida Because of the SECEDE billboard in Tallahassee, the League of the South has made the news again in Florida: “The League of the South, which has been urging the South to leave the United States for two decades now, … Continue reading

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Succeed Florida Billboard

Florida Now it is time for a break from our ongoing coverage of morbid vantards and the psychopaths who inspire them: Note: In the debate, Linder insisted that “corporations” were not behind Third World immigration. The Florida Chamberpot of Commerce … Continue reading

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Exterminate The Jews: The Linder-Wallace-Giles Debate (2012)

Mississippi Fastforward to 55 minutes. “Could you exterminate a Jewish child yourself?” – Hunter Wallace, 2012 “I’m not going to answer absurd hypothetical questions like that.” – Alex Linder, 2012 “If you walk into a room with a 6-year-old Jewish … Continue reading

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Self Detonating Lone Wolf Vanguardists

Alabama After sitting down and thinking about it, I have decided not to write a general article about the subject of violence. Upon reflection, the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” and the damage that these people routinely inflict on … Continue reading

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