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The Boob Grazing

Indiana This looks pretty self explanatory: “yeah.. as she was bodyslamming one of us and spitting on us she ran into one of us”

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2014 American Renaissance Conference – (Burns, TN – April 25th – April 27th)

Tennessee Seeing as how the 2013 Amren protesters actually showed up with Red flags, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone to learn that the lead organizer, Preston Gilmore, who is associated with the Clarksville SDS at Austin Peay … Continue reading

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Trad Youth Attacked At Slut Walk 2014

Indiana Early report from Matt Heimbach: “4 of us against the slutwalk, the Reds attacked us, surrounded us with sheets, screamed in our faces and praised the murder of women and children in the gulags, in Dresden, and in the … Continue reading

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Rodney Martin on Kyle Hunt

California Even by WN movement standards, this was a particularly vicious attack on Kyle Hunt and the White Man March. Note: I cracked open a beer this evening and listened to ‘ol Rodney mount his soap box for an hour. … Continue reading

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Glenn Miller’s Mindset

Missouri Here’s something we didn’t know: “The anti-Semite charged with fatally shooting three people outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas last Sunday ranted to a Manhattan rabbi days before he opened fire about “getting rid of every Jew.” … … Continue reading

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Live Thread: Slut Walk 2014 (Bloomington, IN – April 21st)

Indiana I know it is short notice, but I want to help get the word out about Trad Youth’s counter-demonstration against Slut Walk 2014 in Bloomington, IN tomorrow. If any of my readers live nearby, you should consider going and … Continue reading

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Review: White Man March 2.0

Alabama Here’s a summary of what was learned yesterday: 1.) First, it was a great idea to distribute the plastic easter eggs, 1 WN activist in California did that by himself and generated some publicity. Why couldn’t thousands of WNs … Continue reading

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Washington & Lee Students Demand Removal of Confederate Flag

Virginia The Virginia/Maryland League of the South is considering holding a heritage event in response to this.

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Live Thread: White Man March 2.0 (Worldwide – April 19)

Alabama I guess we will see what happens … That’s an excellent choice of a location for a demonstration: Note: This is rather confusing … is it on, or is it off? Listening to this now, Double-Crossed In The Fight … Continue reading

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Jewish Hollywood Director Accused of Being Homosexual Child Molestor

California Lest we forget, this is exactly the kind of stuff that pushed Rounder over the edge: Note: The Drudge Report has it splashed all over the top of their page under headlines like “They’d rape you by side of … Continue reading

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