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SPLC Writer and White Privilege Educator Fatally Shot In Oakland

Here’s a sketch of the perp: Note: Don’t miss Colin Flaherty’s article and Heidi Beirich’s reaction.

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NAACP’s Journey for Justice Enters Rosebud, Missouri

Next time I am in Missouri, I will have to go distribute Citizen’s Informers and Free Magnolias there: “GASCONADE COUNTY, Missouri — About 50 activists marching from Ferguson to Jefferson City encountered a hostile counter-protest Wednesday in Rosebud. About 200 … Continue reading

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Re: Hate Tourism

The SPLC has a new article on our “hate tourism” in Tennessee. Note: I’m disappointed that our best work which was the tour of the blighted neighborhood that surrounds Central High School in Little Rock wasn’t mentioned. Photo Gallery

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League of the South Tours Post-Negrogeddon Ferguson

The League returns to #Ferguson to take a look at the destruction:

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St. Louis Hammer Attack Video

They are running up and down the street screaming “kill the white people” and yet the St. Louis Police Department says the attack had nothing to do with race:

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Actual Good Boy Murdered In Ferguson By Black Undertow Mob?

A rumor is spreading around the internet that he was one of the black witnesses who testified on behalf of Darren Wilson or that the Black Undertow mob at least thought he was a witness.

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Fergadishu Photos

Looter Urinates In Front of Burning Autozone This Black Kid Was Robbed, Shot Dead, Burned, and Left For Dead In Ferguson During The Looting Elderly Man With Oxygen Tank Carjacked and Run Over Looter Honors Michael Brown By Stealing Boxes … Continue reading

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Fergadishu Burning

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates Note the irony: “Body of a Black male found near Canfield Apt in ?#?Ferguson?. In his 20s shot to death and set on fire. @FOX2now” Note: Maybe it was a case of Klan violence? What do … Continue reading

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The Obama Amnesty

I wish I had something more substantial to say in response to the Obama amnesty. Instead, I will just say that nothing has changed over the past year: there’s no chance the system will ever be reformed, you are wasting … Continue reading

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Live Thread: The Amnesty

Obama is supposed to be announcing the amnesty on television tonight at 7 PM CST. Note: In other news, it is my birthday.

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