Articles by Kievsky

Tom Baugh – Fight Back Smarter

I am very impressed with Tom Baugh, an Annapolis grad and Desert Storm veteran who wrote “Starving the Monkeys” and appeared on the Political Cesspool….

Evolution Happens

What do antibiotics, Roundup, and the Mandatory Diversity regime have in common? They are blunt force instruments, and they work really well, for a while….

The Non-Productive Economy

Addendum 2 from an interview with John Robb Unlike a failed state like Somalia (utter chaos), a hollow state still retains the facade of a…

Mind-Weaponization Defined

I came up with a definition of Mind-Weaponization: The single-minded pursuit of hegemony. Hegemony is the leftist term for political power/social influence, and it’s always…

Liberalism Feminizes Men

Forget arguing with liberals. Point out that liberalism is about the subordination of men, and it is happening in real life, everyday, all around you….


I came up with an original concept that I termed “Mind-War,” and “mind weaponization” and wrote a few articles about it last winter. Since then…