Our TV Addicted People

June 20, 2017 Jack Ryan 40

I’ve spent a lot of time here opposing the cult of race denying Libertarian Constitutionalists – specifically the never ending Ron Paul and Rand Paul […]

English Football Chants

June 2, 2017 Jack Ryan 59

Most of our OD readers liked my blog on English soccer supporters chanting insults at ISIS after the latest Islamic slaughter in Manchester England.Group chanting […]

We Need to Get Better

May 30, 2017 Jack Ryan 6

Our side – the Southern Nationalist, Alt Right, immigration patriot, race realist side, we’re getting a lot better at doing important things: Demos in hostile […]

Ivanka – the Shiksa

April 29, 2017 Jack Ryan 68

Shiksa Shikseh Pronounced SHIK-seh, to rhyme with “pick the”. From Hebrew: sheques: “blemish.” 1. A non-Jewish woman, especially a young one. (Source: “The Joys of […]