July 3: Pro-Confederate Activism

Stafford, VA

75 people showed up to wave the Confederate Battle Flag with the Virginia/Maryland League of the South in Stafford, VA. Lots of familiar faces were in Stafford including veteran activist Ron Doggett. I see that Goad Gatsby showed up with his dominatrix and about three other counter-protesters.


Wearing a black t-shirt, Dennis Durham stands above crowd having a good time

Virginia Beach, VA

Meanwhile, 150 people gathered across the state in Virginia Beach to parade down the Oceanfront in large pickup trucks with the Confederate Battle Flag, but were blocked by police at the last minute over a permit issue:

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

An enormous crowd of hundreds of people assembled in Fort Oglethrope, GA in the Chattanooga metro area:

Van Buren, AR

More than 250 people came out to support the Confederate Battle Flag in Van Buren, AR which is part of the Fort Smith metropolitan area in Northwest Arkansas:

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Upcoming Confederate Flag Rallies

Please check the Events/Activism section on the OD sidebar … pro-Confederate flag rallies and demonstrations have been organized across the South. I’ve posted links with new information about upcoming rallies in several states.

Note: Please share any information on rallies, protests, or events which I may have missed in the comments. Forward this list of events to anyone who might be interested in attending. Show up and SHOVE BACK!


Army of Northern Virginia Stand By The Flag Rally in Luray, VA (July 5)

Confederate Battle Flag Rally in Stafford, VA (July 3)


Confederate Battle Flag Rally in Roanoke, VA (July 5) – 12 noon at Clearbrook Wal-Mart on Rt 220.

West Virginia

Stand By The Flag Rally in Morgantown, WV (July 5)



Stand By The Flag Rally in Bogalusa, LA (July 5)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Bentonville, AR (July 5) – Walmart home office!!! ?#?StandByTheFlag? High Noon.

Battle Flag and Christian Marriage Rally in Harrison, AR (July 4)

Confederate Battle Flag Rally in Conway, AR (July 5) – 3-5 p.m. Sunday at the Highway 286 overpass on Interstate 40.

Stand By The Flag Rally in Paragould, AR (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Jonesboro, AR (July 5)

Fly Em High Rally in Searcy, AR (July 5)

Pope County Rebel Ride in Russellville, AR (July 5)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Jacksonville, FL (July 5) – 1 pm Chaffee Rd I-10 Overpass

Feds Out of Florida in Tallahassee, FL (July 3)

Confederate Heritage Rally in Tampa, FL (July 4)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Tampa, FL (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Iverness, FL (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Homosassa, FL (July 5)

Battle Flag Rally: Stop Southern Cultural Genocide in Gainesville, FL (July 9)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Edmond, OK (July 5)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Houston, TX (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in San Antonio, TX (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Kaufmann, TX (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Irving, TX (July 5) – Irving Walmart on 183 meeting at 4pm then convoy to TMS

Operation Save The Flag in Pearland, TX (July 4)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Mineral Wells, TX (July 5)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Statesboro, GA (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Cedertown, GA (July 5)

Battle Flag Rally in Hiram, GA (July 5) – 2 PM in front of Wal-Mart


Stand By The Flag Rally in Bowling Green, KY (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Louisville, KY (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Fairview, KY (July 5)

South Carolina

Stand By The Flag Rally in Columbia, SC (July 5)

North Carolina

Stand By The Flag Rally in Belmont, NC (July 5)

Stand By The Flag Rally in Lincolnton, NC(July 5)

Southern Support Rally in Burlington, NC (July 11)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Maplewood, MO (July 5)

Stand By The Flag. Defend The Heritage in Jefferson City, MO (July 18)


Support The Flag. Defend The Heritage in Jackson, MS (July 6)



Confederate Flag Rally in Clanton, AL (July 4) – 8:00 AM. At the city park

Stand By The Flag in Athens, AL (July 5)

Ride Through Dixie in Florence, AL (July 5)

Stand By The Flag in Boaz, AL (July 5)

Flagging Confederate Monument in Birmingham, AL (July 10)

Monumental Dixie in Birmingham, AL (July 18)



Stand By The Flag in Spring Hill, TN (July 5) – Walmart in Spring Hill TN Sunday at 11 am with flags

Defend The Heritage in Memphis, TN (July 12)

The Memphis rally is at 2 PM in Forrest Park.


Stand By The Flag in Ashland, OH (July 5)


Stand By The Flag Rally in Temple, PA (July 5)


Stand By The Flag in Phoenix, AZ (July 5)

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Cincinnati: Black Teacher Fired For Verbally and Physically Abusing Disabled White Children

According to reports, multiple accusations of abuse had to be filed before any action was taken against the Black sow.

According to reports, multiple accusations of abuse had to be filed before any action was taken against this despicable monster.

An extremely troubling incident from last year has just emerged into the light, exemplifying the Alice In Wonderland parody of a society we currently reside within, and proving once again that the most vulnerable of our race face ever-growing hardships.

According to released documents from the Cincinnati, Ohio School District, Pamela Bullock, a Black teacher charged with the welfare of children suffering from various physical and mental disabilities, was forced to resign from her position after inflicting despicable abuses upon her students.

One child, lacking even the most basic language ability, was hit in the head with a marker thrown by Bullock; an act that was followed up by a torrent of anti-White racial slurs aimed at the stricken youth.

Other incidents involved the removal of safety devices from another victim’s wheelchair, complaints about a lack of initiative in conducting activities, as well as daily rants concerning imaginary “oppression” suffered by the Black educator and her blood kin.


It was Spring 2014, and four teaching assistants at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County hit their tipping point. They wanted to give their colleague the benefit of the doubt, but on May 28, they watched her throw a marker at a handicapped, non-verbal student, hitting the child in the head.

“The same day, a racial comment was directed toward the same student,” the assistants wrote in a letter dated May 29. “After applying a bandage to the student’s leg, (Intervention Specialist Pamela Bullock) said, ‘Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.’ “

The week before they wrote the letter, the Wayne teaching assistants claimed they saw Bullock get frustrated with a student and take the safety wheels off the student’s wheelchair, according to their letter. The student tends to tip her chair back when misbehaving, and the safety wheels prevent the chair flipping.

“In addition, there is a great lack of teaching in the functional skills classroom for intensive needs special education students,” the letter states. “On most days, (Bullock) sits at her computer, while paraprofessionals create activities and try to teach the students.

It would benefit us all greatly to imagine a scenario in which the genetic identities of everyone involved were reversed, with a White teacher berating and attacking disabled Negro children at will.

Now, everyone will obviously have a different mental image formed, but I am personally visualizing court rooms, armed officers, and a secure jail cell as the end result, and not a peaceful resignation along the lines of what Ms. Bullock “endured.”

*Also reported on Majority Rebellion.

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Why I Support The Confederate Battle Flag

Exit stage right

Exit stage right: the South could have defeated democracy

The SJWs who are reading this blog are already certain that they have the answer:

“It is because you’re a raaaacist!!! It’s because you “haet” black people!!! It’s because you support slavery!!!”

I can’t help what simpleminded people think, but hear me out. I don’t believe I have ever expounded on this subject before. This seems like a good occasion to do so. It is the July the 4th weekend and the Confederate Battle Flag is under siege.

The truth of the matter is that I support the Confederate Battle Flag for a number of reasons: immediately, the War Between the States was the defining moment in Southern history, 1 out of every 4 Southern White men died in that war, 1 out of every 3 Southern families lost a loved one in that war, and one of my own ancestors who fought the damnyankee was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga and spent the rest of the war as a POW at Camp Douglas in Chicago.

I’ve already said that what happened in Charleston was tragic, but the War Between the States still looms over Southern history like the Grand Canyon whereas Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston might be compared to a mere gully. If we didn’t live in a country of historical illiterates, no one would be saying that Roof’s actions are of greater significance than the heroism of the Confederate soldiers who fought and died for the Army of Northern Virginia or the Army of Tennessee.

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No, America Is Not a Great Nation


I’m about to write my own customary take on July the 4th, but Matt Walsh over at The Blaze has already expressed many of my own sentiments. Contrast with this boilerplate by professional conservative S.E. Cupp who loves Murika because, I am not shitting you, she cites “Veep,” cats, and binging.
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Slippery Slope: Montana Man Plans To Fight For Polygamy Marriage Rights

Once this is hammered through the corrupt courts, something that will likely meet less resistance than faggotry, the way will be open for the big push towards legal pedophilia.

Once this is hammered through the corrupt courts, something that will likely meet less resistance than homosexuality, the way will be open for the big push towards legal pedophilia.

As was reported on Majority Rebellion, a Montana lover trio has begun the battle for the acceptance of polygamous wedded couples, citing the demented decision of the United States Supreme Court to fully legalize the union of homosexual degenerates.

According to Nathan Collier, an excommunicated member of the Mormon Church, the need to coddle his specific brand of weirdness stems from the concept of “equality” now propounded as infallible gospel throughout the country.

In a series of interviews with curious media, Collier has expressed his intention of filing multiple lawsuits against the government if not granted legitimization through the courts, who are sadly taking the time to give the request full and dedicated attention.

Yahoo News:

A Montana man said Wednesday that last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage inspired him to apply for a marriage license so that he legally can wed his second wife.

Nathan Collier and his wives, Victoria and Christine, applied for the license at the Yellowstone County Courthouse in Billings on Tuesday in an attempt to legitimize their polygamous marriage. Montana, like all 50 states, outlaws bigamy — holding multiple marriage licenses — but Collier said he plans to sue if the application is denied.

“It’s about marriage equality,” Collier told the Associated Press Wednesday. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

County clerk officials initially denied Collier’s application then said they would consult with the county attorney’s office before giving him a final answer, said Collier.

Yellowstone County chief civil litigator Kevin Gillen said he is reviewing Montana’s bigamy laws and expects to send a formal response to Collier by next week.

“I think he deserves an answer,” said Gillen, but added that his review is finding that “the law simply doesn’t provide for that yet.”

One has to have pity for the young children coming of age in this horrendous parody of a society, as they will be forced to reap the consequences of a generations-long slip into chaos and sinful anarchy.

Taking current trends of “progression” into account, there is a sizable chance that our children and grandchildren will inherit a civilization tolerant of bigamy, faggotry, bestiality, and pederasty.

Did they ask for this sort of “diversity?”

And we have just jumped up another stair on the long path of multicultural bliss. Soon all will be equal.

And we have just jumped up another stair on the long path of multicultural bliss. Soon all will be equal.

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The False Narrative: 69 Year Old White Woman Found Murdered In Mississippi

Sharen Wilson, 69 was a victim of the false narrative of a victimized white majority

Sharen Wilson, 69 was a victim of what the SPLC calls “a false narrative of a victimized white majority”

Oh wait, this is something we are not supposed to talk about, right?

“VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – A man accused in the shooting death of a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman is denied bond.

Vicksburg Police said 33-year-old Rafael Arnez McCloud appeared in court on Wednesday before Judge Johnnie Price.

The Warren County Coroner said Sharen Wilson died of a gunshot wound to the head. Her body was found near the old Kuhn Memorial Hospital on Martin Luther King Blvd. Saturday. ….”

So, capital murder, rape, sexual battery, arson, home invasion, and burglary … and a dead 69-year-old White woman found lying in a pool of her own blood on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Vicksburg, MS.

This can’t be happening because the SPLC has assured us all that the CofCC is only propagating “this false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” Sharen Wilson must be alive in her own home this evening baking cookies or doing grandma stuff because Obama’s son Rafael McCloud is only an “allegedly violent” person of color.

BTW, you may have seen a recent video which purportedly shows the sack of the Wal-Mart in Macon, GA by a rampaging mob of black youths. That is also part of this “false narrative” of black people participating in violent flash mobs. Their mommas have assured us that they are all good boys who dindu nuffin.

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In Chattooga County, GA, SCV Hauls Down Confederate Battle Flag, 100 People March In Protest

These appear to be local people protesting the SCV’s removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Chattooga County Courthouse:

“Winters did not return a call seeking comment. Stan Hammond commander of the local Sons chapter, said he did not know about the protest until someone told him about it after the fact.

“That’s not us,” he said. “We didn’t have anything to do with it.”

God bless these people for defending their heritage. If we are successful in beating back this organized campaign of cultural genocide, it will be due to people like that brave young man at the South Carolina State House in Columbia and those two men yesterday who flagged Obama when he arrived in Nashville.

Note: In related news, the SCV has issued two press releases condemning church burnings and racist organizations, and the ADL has responded by condemning the SCV! This is the same ADL which supports an apartheid government in Israel!

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Isn’t This Lovely?

Here’s the most recent act of vandalism on one of our monuments in Augusta, GA:



Is this a hate crime?

Imagine for a moment that this act of vandalism were reversed. Let’s suppose the message was “I hate blacks” and “white power” and that over three dozen similar acts of vandalism had taken place against civil rights monuments within the last three weeks.

What would the media be saying then?

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The False Narrative: Black Mob Sacks Wal-Mart In Macon, GA

H/T Daily Kenn

For the sake of these “allegedly violent people” for whom we have already sacrificed trick-or-treating and easter egg hunting, we are told that the Confederate monument in Macon, GA must come down as well:

Note: Henceforth, whenever I come across these videos, and we know how frequently that tends to happen during the summer, I will share them here and cite them as proof of what the SPLC calls “the false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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Ain’t That America: American Liberty 2015

H/T Rod Dreher

As we prepare to celebrate July the 4th, take a look at this:

“I had freed myself from the grips of government, religion, and parents. The only chains left to throw off were those on my sexuality—particularly the chains of monogamy.

The first authority I came to see as illegitimate was government, shortly after discovering Ron Paul in 2008. I stumbled upon his campaign like a rabbit hole that led me to question all of society’s rules. Soon after, I started to question my religion—Christianity. How much of it had been made up, twisted, and contrived—in collusion with the government—to support the powers that be?

Along with the fear of God, I cast off any respect for parental authority I once had. Since the punitive, authoritarian man in the clouds was no longer real to me, who was to say children should obey their parents? I educated myself about peaceful parenting and became determined to treat my daughter as a free, autonomous person with inalienable rights, not as my property.

Government incentives for marriage—gay or straight—discriminate against single and polyamorous individuals. …”

As George Fitzhugh described the philosophy of the Union, free men, free labor, free soil, free women, free love, free churches.

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