Ain’t That America: Cold War 2

According to Time magazine, Murika has entered Cold War 2. Are you willing to die to defend Murika and the “Free World” from Russian hetero-fascism?

Note: Some recent Time magazine covers include Martin Luther King, Jr: Architect of the 21st Century, The Child Free Life, Is Your City Next? Lessons From Detroit’s Fight To Survive, Marco Rubio: The Republican Savior, We Are Americans: Just Not Legally, and The Transgender Tipping Point.

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SCLC Agitates Against Confederate Monuments and Holidays

For those who don’t know their history, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “civil rights” organization. It grew out of the Montgomery Bus Boycott which launched the “Civil Rights Movement”:

“Valdosta, GA – Across the state of Georgia there are still remnants of a different time period. Particularly in Valdosta on the Lowndes County Court House lawn there is a monument to honor the Civil War Confederate dead.

Rev. Floyd Rose who is the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Lowndes County President and Dr. Mark George who is the Mary Turner Project Coordinator are asking the state of Georgia and communities across Georgia to consider moving Confederate monuments like the one in Valdosta to private property. …”

Note: The term “civil rights” now means the destruction of all Southern and Confederate monuments, memorials, and holidays. Lately, it is become so obvious that “civil rights” leaders hate and despise everything Southern and Confederate that even Rainbowland has begun to arrive at the same conclusion.

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Ain’t That America: Darth Vader 2016

The Murikan people have spoken … and Darth Vader is more popular than any 2016 US presidential candidate, and the US Congress is less popular than lice, brussels sprouts, Nickelback and Jar Jar Binks.

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SCV and League of the South To Rally In Lexington


The Maryland/Virginia League of the South will be holding a protest in Lexington, VA this weekend on Saturday, July 26th, in response to the removal of the regimental Confederate battle flags from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University. The meeting will begin at the Jackson monument at 10:00 AM.

The SCV is also holding a rally:

“Washington and Lee University has desecrated Robert E. Lee’s grave, but can remedy its error by restoring the Confederate battle flags and separating the chapel from university politics, the commander of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans said.

The Lexington-based Stonewall Brigade plans Saturday to battle the removal of replica flags from Lee Chapel with a downtown flag vigil starting at noon. That will be followed by an open forum at 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express to discuss how to respond to what it terms “grave robbery.” …”

Note: To my knowledge, the League is planning to use the Confederate Battle Flag at this protest.

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Ain’t That America: Merlin, The Magic Negro

Introducing the new and improved “Merlin”

Note: You may recall Idris Elba in his previous role as the Norse god Heimdall, “the fairest of the gods,” in the “Thor” movies. More on “Tranny Thor” here.


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Border Interview

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Stand for Coal Demonstration in Prestonburg and Pikeville, KY

While thousands of Americans in hundreds of cities protested the border surge which is a direct result of President Barack Obama’s executive order that bypassed Congress to implement the DREAM Act in 2012, the Kentucky League of the South was protesting a more recent executive order in Prestonburg and Pikeville, KY that has imposed the equivalent of Cap-and-Trade on Appalachia.

Federal regulations of the coal industry have already destroyed thousands of Southern jobs in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Obama’s new executive order is so bad and promises to make an already bleak unemployment situation even worse that even Democrats in Kentucky and West Virginia have denounced it.

League members held signs that said “Feds Out of Kentucky” and “Support Kentucky Coal Miners.” The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive. Kentuckians are livid about Obama’s War on Coal and this issue highlights how Washington is destroying Southern jobs and lowering living standards in Appalachia.

Photo Gallery

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“Make Them Listen” Coalition Nationwide Immigration Protests (July 18 and July 19)

“Make Them Listen,” a coalition of mainstream conservative anti-immigration groups, is sponsoring protests of the “border surge” in over 319 American cities. It is already clear that hundreds of ordinary people attended the anti-immigration demonstrations on Friday. The vast majority of the protests are still scheduled for Saturday though. Check out this list to find a protest near you.

Day Two

There are still tons of photos from various demonstrations trickling onto the internet, but it doesn’t change the general picture of what took place this afternoon. Thousands of Americans participated in anti-immigration protests and demonstrations at overpasses, state capitols, Mexican consulates, and roadside at heavily trafficked intersections. The protests on Saturday were much larger and more widespread than the ones on Friday. They were all of the same character as the previous ones in Murrieta, CA and Oracle, AZ where ordinary conservatives waved ubiquitous American and Gadsden flags and carried anti-illegal immigration signs.

The Texas Nationalist Movement reportedly participated in the demonstrations in Texas. League of the South members participated in at least three locations, probably more, in Marietta, GA, Greenville, SC, and Arbutus, MD. Stormfront members participated in Lansing, MI. CofCC members participated in East Tennessee.

Day One

As I expected, the first round of demonstrations on Friday closely resembled the previous ones in Murrieta, CAOracle, AZ, and Vassar City, MI. A glance is sufficient to reveal that these protests aren’t League of the South demonstrations. The ubiquitous American flags and Gadsden flags (and the absence of the Black Cross) are the hallmark of Tea Party conservatives. In Washington, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri, the demonstrations were sponsored by an outfit called “Take Back America.”

In Oklahoma City, Chattanooga, Charleston, South Carolina and Arlington, Texas, there were demonstrations on overpasses. In Lansing, Austin, and Columbus, Ohio, there were demonstrations at state capitols. In Houston, Chicago, and San Bernardino, there were demonstrations across from Mexican consulates. In other places like Birmingham, Alabama, there were demonstrations at busy intersections.

On balance, the demonstrators had a fairly consistent message: secure the border, deport the illegals, and enforce the law, which at times was blended with other mainstream conservative themes like “Impeach Obama” and “America Needs Jesus.” They used a fairly consistent symbolism in that the US flag and Gadsden flag seems to have been present at all their events. Their dress was often slovenly and most of their signs were crude and handmade, but no more so than any other Tea Party demonstration. These people are essentially the talk radio crowd who have been whipped into a frenzy lately by all the coverage of the “border crisis” on mainstream conservative websites.

I could dwell on our differences which are evident to anyone who follows the Southern Nationalist movement, but in this case we share the same grievances, not to mention the same common enemies, as the “Make Them Listen” protesters. We just don’t disguise our resentments in the language of civic nationalism. We don’t cloak ourselves in the symbolism of 100 Percent Americanism either. We have our own reasons to support these protests though.

Note: “Make Them Listen” has created a permanent Facebook group to coordinate and consolidate the protest movement.

Photo Gallery

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Ain’t That America: Introducing Captain America

Captain America Falcon Marvel

Two years ago, D.C. comics announced that The Green Lantern is a homosexual. Two days ago, Marvel announced that Thor is now a tranny. But what can top that? Captain America himself is now a negro!

Tranny Thor and Negro Captain America … OD readers were so taken with the pairing that several of you wrote to me to point out that the couple belonged together in the Ain’t That America series as the perfect avatar of Americanism.

Update: I’m told that Spiderman is now black/Hispanic. I’ve never followed comic books, but this is still another cultural milestone in ‘Murika and the ideal it represents.

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Pat Buchanan on Judicial Monarchy

I agree with the point Pat Buchanan is making here, but I dislike Pat’s characterization of the problem as a “judicial monarchy.”

To my knowledge, no monarch in human history, even the Neros and Caligulas (or even fictional caricatures like King Joffrey Baratheon), ever decreed anything as silly as “gay marriage.” It’s unfair to lay “gay marriage” at the doorstep of King George III. Rather, this is the bitter fruit of the proposition nation that the American Founders built on “self-evident truth” that “all men are created equal.”

Note: It’s no coincidence that all the Western countries which are in the throes of cultural decline and demographic suicide are liberal democracies. That’s the inevitable outcome of the republican form of government.

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