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  1. The Afghan War made parasites who lived off of the Military very very wealthy….and one of these Chickenhawk Warhawk Parasites is Sean Hannity…a narcissistic grifter Chickenhawk Warhawk fat Irish Catholic Parasite…Jack Kemp another one…

  2. @Brad I am back in high school, (11th grade) and this morning in an elective class I’m taking on early European History. My teacher was talking about all the reasons why the Roman Empire fell comparing it to America. She mentioned a whole bunch of reasons like climate change except the elephant in the room.

    I stood up and said just like America losing in Afghanistan, Empires which neglect their citizenry and stick their nose in the business of other countries to benefit the global elite and military industrial complex will be inevitable to collapse. Rome fell and so will America for repeating the same mistakes.

    History does repeat itself and “war is a racket!”

    (This blog gives me good ammo to use in arguments!)

    • Pilot

      We have moved into the Realm of Cormack McCarthy’s Novel ON THE ROAD….where Bruce Springsteen and his White Liberal Fans will be served in a white wine sauce….And they don’t see it coming….

    • It was never there. The “Real America” was the Jacksonian Era ending at the (((Civil War))). Like post-Weimar Germany the economy exploded without Shlomo’s Usury to pay and the usual selection of favorites like Gates, Zuckerberg and the Google fags that just make everything shitty.

      • I agree. The US must have been such a great place to live and prosper, prior to “The War Between the States”, aka “Civil War”. But I have also read that the “Bank of England” was over here in the late 1700s, after the Revolution.

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