Thomas Edsall: Biden’s Honeymoon Is Over, and He Knows It

Thomas Edsall is worried.

We’re at the point where the COVID relief band aid – the eviction moratorium, unemployment insurance, student loan forbearance, increased EBT – is about to be ripped off. The effect of the one time $1,400 stimulus check which fewer people qualified for has also long since worn off. The child tax credit is still going out through next year, but that reaches fewer people and goes to families.

At the same time, Joe is confronting the worst immigration crisis in decades, the biggest crime spike in decades and the worst inflation in decades. Gas prices have also gone up. In addition to all of this, there is a bonfire of other issues like censorship and the assault on civil liberties – the polls show Republican voters care more about the assault on their rights than any other issue – which are firing up the opposition. Throw in the backlash against CRT and “trans” and wokeness in general and the people who are still pissed off about the lockdowns and Trump and the 2022 midterms could get ugly for Democrats.

New York Times:

“The first seven months of the Biden presidency have been easy compared to what’s coming down the pike.

Key provisions of Covid relief legislation came to an end on Aug. 1, with more set to follow — including a cessation of moratoriums on evictions and mortgage foreclosures, termination of extended unemployment benefits (which carried $300-a-week supplemental payments), and a stop to enhanced food stamp subsidies and student loan forbearance.

The prospect of millions of families forced from their homes as Covid variants infect growing numbers of people provoked frenzied attempts by the White House and congressional Democrats to take emergency steps to halt or ameliorate the potential chaos and a possible tragedy of national proportions.

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered a 60-day freeze on evictions — although the order faces possible rejection by the courts.

“Any call for a moratorium, based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision, is likely to face obstacles,” Biden told reporters, adding that the “bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster.”

In a June report, the Census Bureau found that 1,401,801 people 18 and older living in rental housing were “very likely” to be evicted and another 2,248,120 were “somewhat likely. In addition, 345,556 people were “very likely” to lose their homes through mortgage foreclosure and another 746,030 were “somewhat likely” to face foreclosure and the loss of their homes. The combined total was 4.7 million adults.

The eviction crisis has come at a time when an additional series of potentially damaging developments have come to the fore. …”

Surely, there is more than enough there to piss off enough Republican and Independent voters and to deflate Democrat voters to lose control of Congress. There is no shortage of ammunition that can be used against Joe Biden and the Democrats. They are blessed though with the feckless, corrupt and incompetent Republican leadership which does not share the priorities of voters.

Edsall gives the game away here:

“Cain argues that …

the best defense for the Democrats is to go on the offense in 2022 and remind voters about who Trump is and what the Republican Party has become. The resistance to supporting vaccination among Trumpist Republican officials could hurt the party’s national image substantially in 2022 if the unvaccinated are to blame for our inability to put this issue behind us. …”

This is exactly what they are doing.

For lack of better options, the media is ginning up hysteria over the Delta variant in an attempt to polarize the electorate along vaccinated vs. unvaccinated lines because the polls show that swing voters favor vaccine mandates. It worked for them with Independents in the 2020 election. The problem with the strategy of demonizing the “unvaccinated” though is that there are too many vaccine hesitant blacks and Hispanics and especially young people who tend to be Democrats.

“The Senate Minority Leader abandoned his Dr. No stance toward all things Democratic and joined 16 fellow Republicans in support of a key motion to take up a $1 trillion infrastructure spending bill. If enacted into law, the measure would legitimize Biden’s claim that he is capable of restoring a semblance of bipartisanship in the nation’s capital. McConnell has not fully explained his political reasoning …”

No one cares about hard infrastructure.

Most people support infrastructure spending on things like roads and bridges. Passing a popular infrastructure bill won’t change anything. There are far too many other polarizing issues.

“The trickiest issues facing the Biden administration are crime and urban disorder because these are issues that play to the advantage of conservatives who have demonstrated expertise in weaponizing them. …”

In light of the assault on our civil liberties by the Biden administration, we’re doing our part to create, cultivate and help spread these damaging narratives as a FU to the Democrats. In fact, we do most of the heavy lifting in this area. We create the ammunition that is used against the Democrats.

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  1. The country will be in a shambles by the time 2022 rolls around and much worse in 2024. It’s a shame the Republicans will profit off of these troubles though because they will only serve their oligarchical owners and screw their base again. The Republicans helped cause many of these problems too such as Reagan’s 1986 amnesty bill.

    The Government will never allow a real third party to arise, even if such a thing were possible. Third parties like the Greens or Socialists can campaign all they want because they cannot win. Screwballs like Ross Perot can run on their own dimes because they are one shot wonders and they work against one party while aiding the other party. Ross Perot helped defeat the Horrible George Bush the First and elect that notorious scumbag Bill Clinton then disappeared from the political landscape.

  2. “Immigration crisis”? The US military is actively going to every shithole on the planet and Jewish NGO’s load the planes. Can you plan a crisis?

  3. Surely, there is more than enough there to piss off enough Republican and Independent voters and to deflate Democrat voters to lose control of Congress. There is no shortage of ammunition that can be used against Joe Biden and the Democrats. They are blessed though with the feckless, corrupt and incompetent Republican leadership which does not share the priorities of voters.

    Hence the Democrats’ obsession with quashing election integrity laws. If honest vote counts are allowed, the Republicans will win a few elections in spite of themselves.

  4. “What Biden knows” is of NO consequence, even if he were not demented. He is a mere puppet-figurehead, like all the top leaders of the U.S. They are all hollow, and expendable, easily replaced with hundreds more well-vetted candidates who “believe in” the system waiting to climb the ladder.

  5. When Trump was in, he didn’t pull troops out, do anything about rioters or end third world immigration. He was just a useless windbag who said all the right things. He over promised and under delivered.
    Conservatives who don’t stand by their principles are as bad as leftists who DO stand by theirs.
    In any case, if Biden loses it, the Harris experiment will begin.
    If America is finished, then the West is probably finished.
    ‘Progress’ always means progress only for the…….err…….’minorities’. It never benefits us.
    And to think, people like us have always been here, trying to warn those who would listen.
    You have about twenty years left………..and that’s NOT a long time.

    • Re: “If America is finished, then the West is probably finished”:

      “America” that never really existed. Almost, but not quite, in the original settler population of most of the thirteen British colonies. But elsewhere, in the wreckage of world-wide empire, real peoples do still exist and are NOT finished – “Yma o hyd ei gwaetha pawb a phopeth” – still here, in spite of everyone and everything:

      • @Anonymous,
        Nice scenary and good song! I hope there’s some truth and substance in the words.
        I have Scottish, English and some Welsh ancestry……..and I’m damn proud of it!

    • The West is going down because of America. The West’s only slim remaining chance is if the American Empire breaks apart, or goes insolvent.

  6. WHY VOTE? As the old graphic says:

    “Don’t be fooled- Politics is no longer RIGHT vs LEFT
    It has always been JEW vs GENTILE.

    SECESSION is the ONLY CHOICE LEFT TO US. The Antichrist Regime of the ‘current year’ has made clear, that their hatred is: Racial, Religious, Economic, Sexual, and Historical.


  7. Gropey Joe takes it to a whole notha level. Race traitor AND traitor to whatever civic values remain of this country.

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