Secular Talk: Left Turns On Bernie

I basically agree with Kyle Kulinski.

I’ve made all of these same points myself. Far from getting “socialism,” we are getting the same old shitlib neoliberalism and aggressive culture war politics under Joe Biden. All the things that Kyle ticks off here were conveniently dropped to focus on open borders, “trans,” demonizing the police, etc.

Bernie himself has said that progressivism cannot endure as the party of the PMC. And yet, we saw him capitulate to the SALT Caucus. It feels like populist voters have grown tired of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and there is growing interest on both sides in looking for new leadership.

Meanwhile, a circular firing squad is forming on the Left:

Jimmy Dore and Aaron Maté vs. Young Turks

Kyle Kulinksi vs. Jimmy Dore

Vaush vs. Jimmy Dore

The Left vs. Bernie Sanders

The Vanguard had a good show last night on the drama which has been intense over the past few weeks. It reminds me of the Alt-Right years.

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  1. I don’t blame Millennials that supported Bernie. If we had real media they could have seen he was a fraud.

    • But they oppose Bernie because the current system vampirizes the young and the boomers profit from college loans.

  2. I saw some liberal feminist who also happens to be rightfully horrified by the “trans” thing identify a half dozen autogynephillic billionaires (mostly Jewish) who are behind funding this crazy agenda. 60 year old dudes who suddenly throw on a dress, wig, and string of pearls and declare themselves to be “lesbians.”

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