Secular Talk: New Rising Is Atrocious

I agree.

The decline of that show is off charts with the new hosts. It has gone from an interesting right populist and left populist show to a standard corporate conservative and progressive show.

Note: These people like Brian Stelter or Lawrence O’Donnell are given prominent platforms on television, not because they are talented or interesting, but because they are good little lickspittles who tow the line.

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  1. I agree. The new Rising just ain’t the same. I preferred to follow the original hosts over to youtube. By the way, they have a podcast you can listen to. It’s on apple tunes. I enjoy listening to them at work.

  2. No matter how many blogs or video news shows they buy out, The Ruling Elite will not succeed at this game, if only because, what with The Internet being as it is, an audience of millions of people can transfer themselves, with little ado, within weeks, if not days.

    The strategies the establishment are employing save for the colour revolution bio-attack, are holdover stop-gaps measures from another day.

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