New Rising: Matt Taibbi Defends Glenn Greenwald Against Critics

Good conversation.

Liberalism has been cancelled.

Woke progressivism is the new ideology of the Democratic Party.

White males are out. Women of Color are in. Equal justice is out. Social justice is in. Freeze peach is out. Censorship is in. Tolerance is out. Repression is in. Non-violence is out. Violence is in. Objective facts are out. Storytelling is in. News is out. Narrative is in. Equality is out. Equity is in. Populism is out. Technocracy is in. Reason is out. Faith in the new emerging religion of wokeness and its martyrs is in. Civil liberties are out. Government surveillance by the “intelligence community” is in.

Where do the libs like Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Andrew Sullivan, Thomas Frank and others fit in under this new order? These people were all celebrated 10 to 15 years ago on the Left. Today, they are objects of contempt and suspicion on the Left on the grounds of their race and sex. According to the gospel of Ibram X. Kendi, they are as guilty as the rest of us of white privilege and oppressing people of color through the systematic racism and white supremacy which pervades our society like luminiferous aether.

This website has always been skeptical of liberalism. For years, I criticized liberalism for 1.) recklessly undermining social cohesion and 2.) creating the space for degenerate trends to flourish and 3.) the assumption that its foundations were abstract and universal rather than concrete and peculiar to the historical experience and preferences of Anglo-Americans. Now, we can say that liberalism has been finally eclipsed within the walls of its own citadels by its leftist allies. It is died on us.

Note: Undoubtedly, there will be people in our camp who object that Greenwald is a gay Jew or that Sullivan is a homosexual. While that is true, their own side looks at them and just sees “privileged White men.” Woke progressivism is synonymous with anti-whiteness. The White homosexuals like Sullivan are only slightly better off in the progressive stack.

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  1. You only have to read of The Pharisees attacking Chryst, in The Gospel of John, to know how those with little or no integrity are unwittingly compulsed to attack the one who dares to appear in their midst with what they lack.

  2. I first became aware of Taibbi when I read his evisceration of (((Goldman Sachs))) in Rolling Stone over 10 years ago: while it was obvious he was coming from the left, it was also obvious that he was very smart & interested in the truth.

    But the truth is of no interest to the jews & the Cultural Marxist race traitor scum who’ve usurped the levers of control at virtually all levels; they are interested only in controlling the “Flyova white trash” so that more Dumps – and far worse, ones who might actually follow through on what they promise – can never rise to threaten their exclusive play house.

    And that’s why yesterday’s lauded liberals like Taibbi & jewfag Greenwald are today’s condemned “right-wing allies”.

  3. Hitler and former OD commenter Denise were right about the Jews. Segregationists were right about African-Americans.

  4. Still don’t trust them. I do, however, think the reaction is going to be more like the socialist movement of Eugene Debs and Huey Long than the kosher conservatism of Jonah Goldberg. Amazon and Walmart are just begging to be unionized.

  5. jews and homos are not allies. They may be considered “White” by the establishment but at the end of the day they have their own lobbies to fall back on if under attack.

  6. I’ll always support anyone in the media that dares to speak the truth as they see it. We should all be all clear of the fake Liberal vs Conservative divide.

    We should all be out of the Conservative inc sandbox – it’s been pooped in so much it’s just kitty litter now.

    Here’s Matt Taiibi’s heritage – very mixed, but with some interesting ethnic White and Lebanese genes:

    “Matt Taibbi was born in 1970 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.[2] Taibbi’s father, Mike Taibbi (né Loren Ames Denny), is an NBC television reporter of mixed Filipino and Native Hawaiian descent[11] who was adopted by an Italian-American couple.[12] According to Matt, the surname Taibbi is a Sicilian name of Lebanese origin; however, Taibbi is neither of Sicilian nor Lebanese descent because his father was adopted.[13][14] Taibbi is also of Irish descent through his mother.[15]”

    I fondly remember that it was Matt’s father Mike Taibbi that led the successful fight to expose the Al Sharpton led Tawanna Brawley racial hate crime hoax.

    Here’s Mike Taiibi’s great book on the Tawana Brawley hoax.

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