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  1. It’s a part of human life that, when we get on a path, there is that tendency to take it to it’s furthest extreme.

    Eating, drinking, and sexual habits are the most obvious problem areas.

    Yet, even in an outwardly healthy endeavour, something like, oh, let’s say, dieting or collecting, this tendency can morph into anorexia or hoarding.

    Even in business, where a certain measure of this consequential perservering quality can be a boon, if carried to it’s fullest extreme, one sees rapacious individuals like J.P. Morgan, Jeff Bezos, or Hetty Green; they whose entire life become so monodimensional, it ceases to be about anything other than growth and expansion (cancer) in a certain venue.

    And so we have the Woke Supremacists, their anti-White fetishes having so metastasized that, at any moment, we might expect to get news of them petitioning to permanently remove all White or Beige, even, from crayon boxes, or, more fascinating yet : strike the word White from every periodical, blog, or book!

    These Woke Supremacists are going to bump into a wall on this, at which point my only question will be whether that wall be White or not, and, if so, would they admit the former to themselves, or consider that their eyes had merely seen a product of a racial construct’?

    • This is what happens, when the wealth and prosperity developed by a few geniuses, is allowed to flow to the meritless masses.

  2. Anything that reminds Anti-Whites of White people is “racist” and has to go.

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

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