The Week: Will The GOP’s Culture War Blow Up In Its Face?

The short answer is no.

Let me repeat: the answer is NO.

The Week:

“With new stories about “cancel culture” and “woke” outrage breaking every few days, it sometimes seems as if the culture war has swallowed up everything in American politics. Yet it’s also the case that over the past seven weeks, the Democrats have passed a $1.9 trillion economic relief package and advanced an omnibus bill to protect voting rights and a pro-union bill that would significantly reform the country’s labor laws.

Political reality in the earliest phase of the post-Trump era somehow combines both of those poles — and gaining our bearings requires making sense of how they can both be true, and might even be connected below the surface. …”


“President Joe Biden has a plan to tackle the rush of migrants at the southern border. But the White House knows implementing it will be political torture, sparking anger from left, told-ya-sos from the right, and endangering any slim hope for immigration reform.

The bind is one that the president and his team recognizes has no quick solution. But, for now, they are looking at a number of new proposals and ideas. …”

In case you didn’t hear it the first time, the answer is NO.

The top three priorities of Trump voters are “people have individual rights” like free speech followed by “secure national borders” and “severely restrict immigration.” Political correctness and immigration are the top two issues that motivate them and FOX News is gleefully covering the border crisis:

Joe is also outright losing the argument on immigration:

Yes, White working class voters who support Trump like the $1,400 and the child tax credit, BUT … political correctness/wokeness and immigration are by far the two issues that resonate the most with them. Whatever credit that Democrats gain from the COVID bill is more than lost with Trump voters because of their reckless position on open borders and their condescending woke messaging.

These people HATE liberal elites and progressive activists. They HATE the media. Curiously though, there isn’t much evidence that their ire is directed at non-Whites. Their racism is exaggerated. They don’t mind at all that non-Whites are getting the $1,400 and the child tax credit. It is the people who attack them 24/7 for being White who all have college degrees and live in fancy neighborhoods back East and who look down on everyone in the middle of the country that is their target.

Millennials went in two directions. One group became the Wokes who swallowed all the anti-White bullshit that they were exposed to in college. The other group either didn’t go to college or went to college and rejected it and defined their sense of identity as being anti-SJW or anti-Woke. This nuance is lost on older people who see “KikeSlammer1488” on the internet and fail to understand that it is really just young people shaking off White guilt and breaking the taboos of political correctness. The avant-garde used to be transgressive in a similar way against Victorian prudery but now those people are all very old.

Look at it this way: imagine a school in which children are taught to be afraid of ghosts. Half the kids take the lesson to heart and become terrified of ghosts. The other irreverent kids relish dressing up like ghosts and scaring the shit out of their classmates because they think their hysterical reaction is hilarious. Finally, earnest old people believe in ghosts and end up shooting the kids dressed up like ghosts. They cause real harm and the whole thing ends up backfiring. It is kind of where this country is at today.

Note: The increased coverage of cancel culture and illegal immigration on the Right is giving Trump voters exactly what they most want. Go look at the FOX News YouTube feed. Joe is getting his ass kicked in wall to wall coverage of immigration and it is inflaming Trump voters!

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  1. @ thee host of this southern intellectual site, nailed it down tight with this one, good work, bravo!

  2. The Democratic Party




    THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY……..and this was the endgame of the Cold War-anti-commie Crusade=JFK….

    YOU DUMB BASTARDS….You should have seen it coming….

  3. This article perfectly analyzes the kind of voter I am – A Dixiecrat, and, as such, no matter how much I may agree with The Democrats on many economic issues, their anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Male, anti tradition, anti-marriage, anti-Southern, pro-regime change, open borders, anti-Fee Speech, anti-history stuff (all of which is profoundly UNAmerican) means that I almost never can do anything but support their electoral foes.

    As I said to a Leftist/Antifa preacher (yes, it’s hard to believe we have one) in my town : ‘When y’all give up trying to screw, submerge, and redesign The White Southerner, we can then get down to dealing with a whole host of issue upon which we agree. It’s y’all’s call : will it be hatred and persecution or mutual help and progress?”

  4. Why did you have to use that cover picture again. It really angers me as I can hear the recent tanned and messy arrival lecturing me in his accent about what a bad American i am

  5. The Trump base can get as angry as they want, it’s not getting them any political gains.
    If the Dems win again in 2024 they’ll just get even angrier and blame election fraud (while national politics shifts even further from anything resembling conservatism)

  6. These portly looking people have hundreds to thousands of dollars to pay coyotes to smuggle them into the United States while many AMERICANS don’t have five hundred dollars in savings to cover an emergency.

    Yet Americans are heartless racists for not seeing the need to let them in?!

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