The Establishment Plot To Destroy Bernie Sanders


The “Solid Liberals” or Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) or Professional Bourgeoisie or Democratic establishment preferred to lose to the “fascist” Trump in the 2020 election rather than lose to Bernie Sanders. Trump voters succeeded in toppling the True Cons or the Republican establishment voters. They are now in the process of consolidating power on the Right.

Note: Rose Twitter is drawn from the Hub City Working Class/Disaffected Dems. The Solid Liberals/Professional Bourgeoisie are their rulers.

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  1. Bernie Sanders is a communist jew. Just because he says he doesn’t support Israel ,doesn’t make him your friend.

    • @John

      Bernie Sanders has a near 100% record of supporting Israel and AIPAC going back decades. When he ran the second time he said he didn’t support Netanyahu because Netanyahu was the “Trump of Israel” but he is a Zionist and he support a Jew state – he is a Jewish Nationalist. A Zionazi. His 30+ voting record proves it.

      Bernie Sanders makes some noise about “populist” issues like Medicare for all, but he never actually spends any political capital to get any of those things.

      But Bernie HAS voted for Medicare for all Israelis … paid for by working Americans. That is his actual record, as opposed He is basically a foreign agent.

    • “he says he doesn’t support Israel”:

      Attacking or silencing Palestinians amounts to the same thing as supporting Zionism. See what happened when Indigenous Palestinians showed up at his rallies.

    • “Sanders is a communist”:

      Nonsense. He is no communist. A capitalist through and through. “Social democracy” is not socialism. “Populism” is not socialism either, just capitalist reformism that makes it even stronger.

  2. I know plenty of rose twitter types in real life ; they’re mostly upper middle class and college educated. They tend to be some combination of : ultra woke, LGBT and polyamorous

  3. Bernie wouldn’t have done anything if in power. He has no spine. Even if he did, the entire party would coop him like Trump (if Trump was genuine at all).

  4. Bernie is about the same age as Scumbag Joe, but he still has all his marbles. Yet the DemonKKKraps decided to go with Biden. Probably because he’ll sign whatever they put in front of him without any back-talk. And they got him seated at that little card-table with the presidential seal on it, while Mistress Kamala stands nearby waiting for him to keel over. What a fucking shit-show.

  5. When Bernie won Nevada caucus last year, the Establishment Democrats and the liberals were in total meltdown. A lot of them said on twitter they would rather vote for Trump than vote for Bernie.

    That tells your something about Trump and the liberals.

    Despite their hysterical screaming about Trump, they did not actually see him as serious threat. After all, they became even more powerful and wealthy under Trump and consolidated their control over all the institutions. It was all performance art of “resistance”.

    By contrast, the billionaires and their upper middle class liberal allies viewed Bernie as a genuine threat to their power. Even though he was coward who bowed down to Establish Democrats at every instance, and transformed into ‘Woke Bernie’ to please the liberals, they still did not want to risk it. They forced all other candidates to drop out and rally behind Biden to screw Bernie.

    The only way to defeat the liberal elites is to take away their wealth. Everything else is distraction.

  6. Bernie Sanders was a lot like Trump in the sense that they were both “celebrity” politicians with cult followings. In both cases, they were either starting as legitimate actors or false-dissenters from second one, and both movements very, very rapidly turned into a financial brand/grift moreso than an actual political movement. Despite all of his democratic socialist pretensions, Sanders would almost always bend the knee to the neoliberal wing of the democratic party that him and his supporters claimed to hate so very much.

    Just recently, Bernie Sanders actually sided with Republicans, his alleged sworn enemy, to not raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars despite his advocacy on that issue for a very long time. When the chips were down, he’d rather not make a fuss than do anything for his own support base, just like Trump did.

    In both cases after his primary defeat in 2016 and 2020, Bernie Sanders decided to back the neoliberal democratic candidate that went out of her/his way to shaft Sanders at some point in the primary. In this way, Sanders served his true purpose: taking left wing discontent with the system and funneling it back into a useless, system approved playpen in the DNC or the beyond faggot-infested DSA conference.

    The rose twitter people were always more concerned with boutique social issues than any genuine class analysis, they just disliked capitalism because they saw it as too straight and white, not because of any deep genuine concern.

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