60 Minutes: The QAnon Shaman Interview

The QAnon Shaman is a harmless kook who was trying to promote his own brand. The same is true of the “white supremacist” Baked Alaska who ran into the U.S. Capitol to chase content and get clicks on his livestream. As usual, it is the media which is lying and spinning a false narrative.

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  1. Guys like cucked Alaska, Shaman and many others care nothing about saving this Republic or the White race. The only thing they care about is now many likes they can get from their live streams. We better rethink our strategy or we will continue to be victims of the bullies in charge.

    • @John

      They are just social media stars – low rent versions of Kim Kardashian. Back when Trump was a new thing they did that gimmick, then moved on.

      I’m not going to watch the video because who cares? But I liked the QAnon Shaman pictures – it was fun optics. He’s a nut – I bet he’s fun to have beers with. Or doobies I guess.

      • What if…

        A few Senators had refused to budge and had met the Shaman, chatted for a moment and told him to lay off the mescalin and get some sleep?

        Not one of these morons had the presence of mind to make like Mark Anthony at the Senate steps and turn the crowd to some other task.

          • The most terrible type of a king is one who is afraid of our people and being afraid of the people they live amongst is a thousand year old defining aspect of the culture of the ethnic group that makes up the majority of the ruling elite.

  2. Why is he talking this cynical kike? She’s loyal to Israel First and Last.

    • The “Shaman” is a typical White guy who ends up in the county lockup. He will get out on time served in a couple of years. He will have plenty of company with all of the karate experts, electronic & computer experts, and other scientists in jail.

  3. So the senate was in session and these guys spoil their party.Senate was going to certify Biden anyway even though there was voter fraud. Held without bond and for what,they’re going return with tanks at the Capital?they were merely protesting in the house of Satan is their offense.

  4. @ him and a few of thee other ” leaders”, lame , but too lock them up and let antifa and blm slide?! What more can be said.

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