Jimmy Dore Goes Off On Tucker Carlson Tonight


This trick is getting harder and harder to ignore.

Just look at Axios where they are doing it right now in between all the J.P. Morgan ads on “racial equity” and “systemic racism.” There is a reason why this is being pushed so hard.

Who is relentlessly pushing this shit?

It is oligarchs and the PMC class below them. The Top 10%.

Note: In the 1930s, Sen. Huey Long came up with a solution for this particular problem. These people just narrowly missed out on the Long dictatorship.

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  1. The sheenies are vastly over-represented in both houses. There should be a quota of 2% on yids in Congress, in Corporations, in college admissions, and in the media, and law and medicine. Everything. Except rabbis. We can let them have 29% there.

  2. Imagine if Whites (still majority) made up those numbers, it would out and out white supremacy. When it’s other than Whites, it’s diversity.

    Isn’t Dore a liberal?

  3. Ryan Dawson says that Jimmy Dore is going to get “canceled” soon.

    Dore won’t shut up about WARS and while he would never breathe a word about race and certainly not you know who – he is FULLY aware of both of those issues, I can assure you.

    It’s not a coincidence that both Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore celebrate Christmas on December 25.

    It’s for that reason that both Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore connect so well to their audiences by simply telling truths that “their side” usually doesn’t hear.

    • “Who?”

      Jimmy Dore. Here is a recent Jimmy Dore Show episode on Neoliberal Joe’s war on independent journalists, especially Julian Assange. The Kamala and Joe administration is keeping Assange in Belmarsh gulag and trying to extradite him for a show trial in Washington leading to execution.

  4. 1) Is Dore J’osh? that’s the only valid question.
    2) Everyone MUST listen to FTN’s podcast: mega-satanic-pedophile-cabals

    • “Is Dore J’osh? that’s the only valid question”:

      Was the Christ a son of David, of the tribe of Judah “according to the flesh”? Any answer but yes is heresy.

  5. Tucker is running the theme that the “identity politics” craze of the last decade was concocted by Wall Street to divert the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. While there is some merit to this, on the other hand it has been fairly apparent for long before 2011 that racial strife has been the long game of the ruling elites. A Frankenstein golem they wanted to release on “nice suburban people” since the 60s. The Wall Street protests may have just caused them to jump the gun and turn up the plan sooner than intended. There was no “Trump” around when the Saint Trayvon and Gentle Giant mayhem started.

    • “Tucker is running the theme….”

      Carlson’s history lessons are as inaccurate as predecessor Glenn Beck’s history lessons, although Carlson doesn’t use a blackboard.

  6. Last night the Neocon shill Tucker Carlson featured a promoter of the CIA hybrid war propaganda lie that China is genociding Uighur Muslims and putting them in concentration camps.

    Any incidental truths that Carlson, Faux News and the rest of mainstream media tell you are designed to get you to swallow the crucial lies, which are mixed with the truths. Stop giving Carlson views! It is time to ignore Fox News and all of corporate, capitalist-imperialist media.

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