Neoliberal Joe Caves On $15 Minimum Wage


It might not be a lost cause.

“Some Democrats are discussing the possibility of capping the increase at less than $15 an hour, to possibly $11 or $12, Yarmuth said. Such a move could satisfy wonky Byrd Rule restrictions that constrain the projected cost of the pandemic relief proposal outside of a 10-year budget window, he said. …

Manchin has previously said that an $11 minimum wage hike, adjusted for inflation, would make more sense for his home state of West Virginia. Sinema’s support for any wage hike would likely be harder to win, since she told POLITICO earlier this month that the increase is “not appropriate” as an add-on to the Covid-19 aid bill.”

If necessary, go with Plan B.

Sorry folks!

We can’t get this done because the PMC wing of the Democratic Party is too culturally toxic to working class voters in Middle America for the “Coalition of the Ascendant” to assemble a viable congressional majority. The Republican wing of the Democratic Party also opposes it.

Note: If a $15 federal minimum wage isn’t the right number for every state in the country (this is a valid argument), why isn’t Joe pressuring Manchin and Sinema to agree to some smaller amount like $11 or $12 in order to get something done right now?

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  1. Dementia Joe doesn’t know what day it is and forgets that he is President half the time. The Democrats have their scumbag plutocrats just like the horrible Republicans and all the plutocrats agree on at least two things: 15 cents an hour is too much pay, never mind $15 an hour and the only debts that get forgiven are their debts, everyone else has to pay.

  2. Speaking of raising the minimum wage, you know what the U.S. did to the first democratically-elected and first socialist President of Haiti when he committed the crime of waging the Haitian minimum wage from $1 per day to $2.50 a day:

    • “Neoliberal Joe” ordered federal flags to be lowered for five days, and is doing a candlelighting ceremony at the White House to celebrate the half million U.S. citizens murdered by Neoliberal deliberate neglect, while semi-socialist Vietnam and socialist Korea (the independent, unoccupied northern half of Korea) have had NO Covid deaths at all! Meanwhile the criminal U.S. government has racked up a bill for ONE TRILLION DOLLARS that we owe to the people of Iran: When the cost of our imperialist crimes are paid someday by order of an international court, we will lose everything we have. The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedig fine….

  3. Get rid of the Fed. Print real money. Give Yankeedom and the Left Coast their own governments and let us return to a civilised, Jeffersonian republic, with an honest money system.

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