Merrick Garland Hearing

I’m not seeing it.

How was the Capitol Siege like the Reconstruction era, the Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11? Where are the “insurrectionists” who are engaging in “domestic terrorism” out there? Have I missed something in the news? Baked Alaska and the QAnon Shaman didn’t appear that threatening to me.

It looks to me like 500,000 Americans have died from COVID though. The death toll from COVID is on course to rival the Spanish Flu by this summer which killed more people than any other event in American history. 80,000 people have died since Neoliberal Joe became president on January 20 and the focus is on … “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism”? Is Merrick Garland referring to the “White Nationalists” who are attacking Asians in New York City since the police were defunded?

If there is a huge groundswell of public support for open borders, why isn’t it showing up in the polls? Why are Hispanic Democrats pushing back against Joe’s immigration agenda? Just from my perspective, it also seems like there has been a drop in mass shootings over the past year. Maybe there was enough excitement going on with Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning down the country for six months.

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  1. Black Lives Matter a black racist terrorist organization that engages in the public racial intimidation of White Folks…all of this is caught on video. And Black Lives Matter is funded with billions of dollars by Jeff Bezos…Jamie Diamond….Bill Gates…Mark Zuckerberg……why aren’t they being prosecuted for the racial intimidation of White Americans?

    Didn’t George Floyd make pornos with underage teenage girls?

    • The White Supremacist Charge is the HITLER charge….And this is a declaration of War against 83 million White Americans…and they mean it…’s an extermination campaign……

      To get to this point in time….the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had to be passed to allow for the massive expansion of the Democratic Party Voting Bloc….NONWHITES…NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR US BORN WHITE CHILDREN nullified the White Vote on Nov 3 2020..

      I don’t agree with Richard Spencer that the White Suburban Vote was the most important variable on Nov 3 2020…..The White Suburban Vote was massively amplified by nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR US BORN NONWHITE CHILDREN….and this massively implicates the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT…..

    • Remember these things about OKC bombing. Apparently retaliation for FBI raid on Waco. Branch Davidians mostly blacks. Koresh ran an operation that was a multiracial cult that he inherited from a Jewish founder.

      McVeigh truck bombed Federal Building to avenge the FBI torching a wacky multiracial cult.

      White Supremacy to Blame. As you point out several things don’t make sense here. Mossad Op?

    • Read your blog entry. What’s the deal with Gorelick? What’s your view on foreign involvement in OKC?

      • Jew Op.

        Gorelick is Dershowitz protege and Merrick made sure to pin McVeigh on white supremacy. He was, if he did it, avenging a n FBI raid on a Multiracial Cult. No Supremacist was he.

      • @Mainz Mothmann

        You’ll have to wait for part 2.

        Captain John is more or less correct, but that isn’t the most interesting angle. I am *NOT* suggesting that Israel was directly involved in the OKC bombing.

        In some ways, it’s far, far worse than that. It’s not just “in the past” – this involves ongoing operations.

        Gorelick is Jared Kushner’s lawyer.

        Think of the implications of that.

        Ask yourself why Merrick Garland gets 100% gushing coverage – even from most Republicans. Garland is “trusted” by both Democrats, Republicans, the entire mass media.

        Garland is about on the level of Robert Mueller and William Barr when it comes to “establishment” figures.

        Democrats wanted him on the Supreme Court just as bad as Republicans wanted Brett Kavanaugh.

        Also – what is Gorelick most infamous for?

        The Republicans went after Gorelick HARD – but they were lying through their teeth about what they were actually upset about, because they couldn’t say.

        Ignore all the “conspiracy theories” about OKC, too. Nothing I am suggesting relies on anything but mainstream reports and court records.

      • It just gets so wierd concerning the Branch Davidians and OKC.

        Koresh had a gun battle with the son of the founder of the church…who then went to Israeli embassy for asylum. It’s a totally fucked up situation. What White Nationalist is going to take sides between the FBI and this strange Multiracial Cult?

  2. Libtards are already celebrating calling Garland the second coming of Ruth Bader Ginsberg lol Bill Barr was a facist because Blumpf because of course Merrick looks like he has potato for a face

  3. I see that arrogant little rat-faced yid has come back after being rejected as Barry Soetoro’s SCOTUS nominee.

  4. The main scandal of 2020 is that Israel hogged all the vaccines. They’ve completed the full dose on almost all adults.

  5. “How was the Capitol Siege like the Reconstruction era, the Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11?”
    It wasn’t, but with almost undisputed control of the media, they’ll do everything they can to make a mountain out of their little mole hill and blame White America for everything real or imagined. White America should push back on their fake concern for mental health. If they really cared about “healing the nation” why do they push poisonous ideologies that amount to nothing more than getting normal everyday White people to hate themselves? Why do they claim to care about the opiate crisis while shitting all over Rush Limbaugh’s struggle with opiates, or when they do mention the common man’s struggles, why do they always deflect any concern away from White people onto BIPOC? Make them have to defend their own bullshit. They don’t care at all about the common man, at all.

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