The Conservative Case for a $15 Minimum Wage

I support the idea in spirit.

I’m not sure if $15 is the right amount for every state in the country. The federal minimum wage needs to be raised though. The ideal should be to have a Universal Basic Income that puts a floor under the working class and a Universal Maximum Income which puts a cap on the wealthy with plenty of space in the middle left for ambition and competition. No one would be too rich. No one would be too poor.

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  1. “No one would be too rich. No one would be too poor.”

    Your idealism is sincere, but unworkable. 15 an hour min wage will just lead to inflation, so 15/hr will only have 8/hr purchasing power. We’ll never regain our purchasing power.

    Without a stable currency, we’re in a rigged game, the card sharks winning, the workers losing.

    The forces of inflation and deflation are increasing every day. One or the other will win, ultimately. The economy becomes increasingly brittle , only to resolve in debt failure.
    With fiat currency and undisciplined politicians , money will just become a speculative game, eventually becoming worthless.

      • Every other minimum wage before it, irrevocably has led to inflation, even when ‘Money printer go brrrr’. You are an ass.

        • @John Anon.

          “Every other minimum wage before it, irrevocably has led to inflation,”

          No, it has not. Not a single time. Even libertarians agree that inflation is a monetary phenomenon.

          Do you people literally just make up bullshit that you think sounds good?

          “Money printer go brrrr”

          I see you are familiar with monetary policy. Tell me, what is your M1 target for 2021?

          • Why the hell should I have to believe a Jewish Usury scheme, is a valid means of having honest weights and measures? We need to return to a gold standard, we need to abolish fractional reserve banking, the Federal Reserve, we must eliminate all debt off the books – no repayment, no interest, no Jewish control AT ALL! The only people that have to pay interest at, oh, 25% (minimum) per annum, are the Jews-for eternity. Oh, and Israel? She has to pay every dollar back we have ever given her, with interest.

          • M3 was the realistic measure.
            That’s why they quit publishing it.
            M1 is only a small portion of the supply,
            Easily leading to misdirection.

          • @Arrian

            “M3 was the realistic measure.”

            Before they stopped M3 publication – in 2005, I just looked it up – they stopped selling 30 year treasuries – all the way back in 2001, the month after 9/11, incidentally.

            If they did still publish M3, instead of people being terrified of inflation, they would be terrified of deflation.

            Because as soon as one big bank is allowed to go bankrupt – they are all bankrupt – the whole thing crashes in a deflationary cycle.

            These facts – which you are aware of – are why people arguing over the minimum wage is just bullshit distraction.

            That is why I say $20 minimum wage and $1k monthly UBI. If that leads to some inflation – it almost certainly will not, but on the 1% chance it does – well, GOOD. The Fed can’t print money fast enough to stop the deflationary collapse.

        • Just look to Seattle.

          Seattle has mandated 4$ an hour increase in ‘hazard’ pay to supermarket workers.

          So, Kroger is closing all their stores in the affected area.

    • I disagree.

      I am 100% behind this idea of wealth distribution and “socialism” or whatever you want to call it.

      I used to work for a company where 90% of our customers were Europeans. What struck me was that NOT ONE of them ever wanted to immigrate and become “Americans.” Their reasons for not wanting to move here and live in the US was universal and simple: They had a cradle to grave welfare system in their home countries of Germany, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands.

      Each of them all told me that America offered them no protection from predatory corporations and the cycles of a market economy. These Europeans saw no “up side” to moving to the US and becoming American.

      I want what Europe already has in terms of wage support and “socialism.”

      • Geir- as long as it’s NATIONAL Socialism, I’m all for it.

        But we DO NOT GIVE OUR INHERITANCE TO THE XENOS- ever. And THAT is what this godless, corrupt, demonic, and faggoty FEDGOV has done- the US is not just a whore, but a slutting sodomite, lusting after Black figurative (C*ck). MILO is in incarnation of this mindset. Utterly irredeemable. And Ready for the stoning.

      • The problem is that Western Europe has high unemployment and workers tend to be lazy and entitled. The American work ethic – even among Blacks – is far superior to W Europe. Some Brits are an exception because of Thatcher’s reforms and the hospitable small business climate for those who want to earn money.
        This is why Poles and other Eastern Europeans do well in the West.

  2. The problem is, and always will be, the class of citizens wholly dependent on government subsidy to survive forfeiting your rights and turning a blind eye to political corruption to keep the paychecks coming.

    Now, if anyone receiving the UBI was stripped of their vote, that may change my mind…

  3. Imagine conservative Republicans actually giving a damn about working and middle class Americans. When has that ever happened?

    And the argument that raising the minimum wage will force employers to automate is kind of weak. Supermarkets introduced automated check out registers in the 1970s, but gave up on them by the early 2000s because customers preferred interacting with humans instead.

    • “force employers to automate”

      Good. Great! Automation is what finally slowed down illegal immigration of agricultural labor in the 80’s.

      The fewer low paid jobs, the fewer “immigrants” needed to fill them.

      We want LESS people in America, not more. We want ZERO immigration, legal or illegal. In fact, let’s start sending some of the back.

      I want $20 an hour minimum wage and $1k a month UBI.

      • BH: A $20 an hour minimum wage and 1k a month in UBI are excellent proposals. So naturally they will never be implemented, at least not under the present ZOG capitalist system.

      • ” In fact, let’s start sending some of the back.”

        Oh, how I dream, that would come true.

        With the malevolent forces in control and the sob sisters falling for the lies, it’s only a dream.

      • “The fewer low paid jobs, the fewer “immigrants” needed to fill them.”

        Zig will just give them welfare and free housing.
        Refugee rights, free gobs.

    • Automated check out is everywhere now, unless you have hundreds of items in a full cart where the weighing fraud check part of the machine would slow stuff down to a crawl I always used them. Plus I was thinking that as the years go by and if you end up needing Depends…the automated checkout would be a lifesaver.

      • @Nightowl

        I use automated checkout, even with a full buggy. The large number of items don’t seem to slow things down for me. It’s quicker than waiting in line for a live cashier to ring up my purchase.

  4. They can raise the minimum wage to $100 for all I care. Unless supply & demand of labor is addressed, raising the minimum wage will do very little about poverty. Like the Rockefellers admitted, they helped normalize women into the workforce as part of an effort to not just double the size of the workforce, thus causing an explosion in supply of labor for the management and ruling class to exploit, but also to undermine the traditional family, gender norms, and force families to rely on 2 or more incomes to live. The Hart-Celler Act, mass immigration, and granting amnesty to illegals every 10-20 years, all play into destroying the value of labor. They want to eventually see us at the living standards of India.

    A better place to start would be to begin a real crackdown on immigration, such as a serious mass deportation program and begin sending the H1-B’s back, so that qualified high-skilled US citizens can take those jobs. This would also solve the student debt issue because white collar and STEM grads would finally be able to find work in their field, and blue collar workers would have fewer “no habla ingles” illegals to compete against for in their trades. Eventually we could build toward pro-natal government policies that would encourage women to stay married, stay home with children, and government programs to encourage home ownership, raise native birth rates, and a moratorium on all immigration for a minimum of 10 years. But we’re not a serious country anymore so I guess we can’t have serious solutions.

      • “The Sephardic Jew Aaron Russo lied about them saying that, and he was lying to cover for his fellow Jews:”

        While it could also be true that Russo was lying, David Rockefeller’s memoir from 2003 makes no mention of Jeff Gates. Rockefeller’s memoir does describe many Jewish causes he worked on, such as meddling in the Middle East, groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, and he also talks about Nazi oppression of Jews and the Holocaust. In general, he sounds quite fond of Jews based on his memoir, and dedicated much of his work for Jewish causes. It seems very likely that he did work with Jewish film directors, possibly including Russo, although the book does not mention Russo by name either, so one can only speculate on that, pending other sources. Do you have a source that mentions Jeff Gates and a member of the Rockefeller family’s intention to get out in front of the Israel Lobby? Would be interested to see it.

        • @Moosedrool

          So we are agreed that your talking point comes from the Jew actor and Hollywood producer Aaron Russo.

          The larger question of the Rockefellers is just that – a larger question.

          But it’s not a good idea to repeat smears against White people by Jews like Aaron Russo. Russo is a filmmaker that deals in fantasy and his series of “Conspiracy Theory” videos where he “reveals the Rockefeller New World Order” is a bunch of Jew tripe.

          Aaron Russo wants us to believe that the Rockefellers did 9/11. Not the Israelis, mind you – don’t pay any attention to Larry Silverstein. No, it was really the “WASPs” … in “Skull & Bones” … from Yale (and don’t you know Yale is full of anti-semites who kept Russo’s grandparents out of the golf club!)

          See how that works? It’s a great scam they got going, you gotta give the Jews that.

          • “So we are agreed that your talking point comes from the Jew actor and Hollywood producer Aaron Russo.”

            “My ‘talking points'” don’t come from any one source. I will neither agree nor disagree that Russo was lying, as there is no way to tell without a written/documented source. I think he was being honest, but hey that’s just my… opinion, man.

            Anyway, one thing I do find interesting that you sort of brought up was all the “conspiracy theory” documentaries that were being pumped out in the 2000’s, such as Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism”, Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist”, Alex Jones’ plethora of videos, “The Esoteric Agenda” (not sure who made it), and then later Kony 2012, which convinced millions that we needed to go to war in Africa to overthrow some African warlord no one had heard of until watching said 30 min documentary.

    • “. They want to eventually see us at the living standards of India.”

      You are so right !

      It is already starting, all the people living in tents and cardboard boxes covered with tarps. Proto-slums of Asia.

  5. So, we are supposed to pay Negros and other nonwhites $15 hr so they can screw up orders in fast food restaurants and spit in the White man’s food? These wages can’t be sustained. Working in menial jobs is supposed to be a starting point, not a career.

    • “Working in menial jobs is supposed to be a starting point, not a career.”

      That’s how it used to be, when we all shopped at Sears, watched The Carol Burnett Show on our Admiral color TVs and drove Ford Country Squire station wagons.

  6. Raising the minimum wage would be a huge boost to the working poor, as long as companies can still get rid of bum workers who spend the whole day preoccupied by their Iphones. Yes I know there are a lot of bum blacks, we would get them cycling through the temp industry and we had a “Louis Gosset Jr.” type tough black boss who knew his own people pretty well and would send the “criminals” as he called them packing at the end of the day and was able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. Something a white girl like Jen Psaki would be unable to do were she in charge of the facility. I’d also like to add a lot of the young whites are lazy entitled punks as well who spend more time on their phones than working. None of them choose to be “regular” and take their dumps at home. They all spend a half hour on the clock sitting on the filthy public toilette goofing off on their phone. I don’t get it, I’d much rather be working than inside that slimy, filthy toilette stall. I want to get sandblasted by that decontamination shower that James Bond and Honey Ryder had to go through when entering Dr. No’s facility if I was forced to go into one of those smelly filthy stalls.

    This service industry shift due to the treason of our elites with sending our manufacturing to China has wrecked the middle class. Gone not only are good wages, but benefits and a 40 hour week. A national health care system like Canada would fix the second, but another huge problem is all these chain store service employers refusing to give their employees full time employment. I’ve talked to a lot of people who came into our company from the service industry and they are thrilled to get a 40 hour paycheck. They run whole mega grocery stores on all part time workers. They will cut your schedule off at 28-32 hours a week. In Union areas where the United Food and Commercial Workers hold sway these companies can only have a small % of their work force “part time” the majority have to be full time 40 hours. In Conservative INC. Paul Ryan type controlled areas they will run an entire grocery store of 100 employees almost wholly on part time workers. A federal law forcing UFCW type regulations as the national norm would end this predatory practice of not offering full time jobs to a whole workforce.

    • Agree. Total sellout of American workers (especially in the last 20 years) by a ruling class symbolized by Paul Singer.

  7. The right way to raise take-home pay for the working and middle class:

    1. An immigration moratorium.

    2. Working class people shouldn’t pay any payroll taxes. Make the first $30,000/person or $60,000/married couple completely tax free (no federal income tax, no social security tax, no Medicare tax, no state income tax, no unemployment insurance tax). Also, eliminate excise taxes and sales taxes. Essential government programs (ICE, border patrol, social security, Medicare, infrastructure) should be financed entirely via vastly increased income and asset taxes on the wealthy.

    3. Increased infrastructure spending.

    The wrong way to raise wages:

    UBI, minimum wage, and labor unions all have serious downsides. Every conservative criticism of these “solutions” is entirely valid.

    • Also some kind of tax on outsourcing abroad. There seems to be no disadvantage for companies that fire America workers and move their back office/IT to India or factories to China.

    • All good ideas, well grounded.

      “1. An immigration moratorium.”

      Sadly, that’s the last thing zog will allow.

      Their greater plan , to destroy gentiles, hinges on that.

  8. A regional minimum wage might be a better idea.

    “The regional minimum wage would ensure that all minimum-wage workers, regardless of where they live, receive a fair and appropriate wage. It would also minimize reductions in employment and economic distortions in low-cost areas. This policy would ensure that cashiers working in Manhattan and Carbondale, IL, could buy the same goods and services. It would finally quell the oft-cited fear that a big city minimum wage would destroy jobs in small towns while at the same time allowing workers to earn a good life.”

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