Joe Biden CNN Town Hall

The event was supposed to be about COVID.

We learned that the vaccine will be available to everyone … in late July.

Naturally, the subject was changed by a Jew to “white supremacy.” Afterwards, it turned to systematic racism, prosecuting Trump and weirdly biracial couples in advertising. Joe then went on about all the refugees from different war zones across the world that need to come here. He made news by shooting down Elizabeth Warren’s proposal of $50,000 of student loan forgiveness.

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  1. How is he going to stop “covid”,by bringing in more infected illegal immigrants? Not only are the “covid” cases going to sky rocket, but so are other disease that were once eradicated before they let in sick migrants ans aliens. These scumbags care nothing about “covid”, all they care about is restricting your rights and freedoms. If that means pushing the big lie, so be it.

    • Moron John

      Illegal you moron….what about the nonwhite LEGAL ONES FROM CHINA….They magically don’t bring the corona virus because they are LEGAL….

    • “all they care about is restricting your rights and freedoms”

      You can plainly see what they think of us, razor wire and armed troops surround capitol hill.

  2. Continued: Biden is so concerned about “covid” he is letting in illegals without being tested for “covid” That alone should tell you are being lied to and conned again. Many articles explaining this. I just picked one.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1613556384/RO=10/

  3. This was great. I respect Biden for flat out shutting down the $50k forgiveness thing because it shows somewhere down deep he has a shred of integrity and honesty. He is a garbage professional elite but when his instinct over powers his brain that is a good thing

    Best of all is his comment about race mixing in commercials. Like when Trump let it slip “the only reason we are in the Middle East is Israel” here Biden is showing the cards in a big way. He confirms people are not crazy and this is intentional. This is a lot bigger than you realize. I hope we have four more years of “yes we are trying to replace you” straight comments like this. This whole thing is a big wake up for the normie.

    • I wanted to see the Conservative reaction so I went to the Daily Caller Twitter and was not disappointed. Either they were calling him old and wishing for Trump back or saying “what does that mean? Is he racist? He called them jungles. Democrats focussed on race” and my personal favorite “this is a good thing isnt it?”

      These people are too programmed to gain normalcy again

    • Not forgiving the student loans is not a sign of integrity or honesty. He wants to spend the money on something else that is even more harmful to our interests.

      • I think he’s saying that whites mentally wishing away the Jewish owned school debt is a problem. If not the problem. A lot of white guys with college debt on the left got a dose of Kosher reality.

        • Bingo Captain. Every single dose of reality people are forced to acknowledge about this broken system is inevitably a good thing

  4. “A lot of white guys with college debt on the left got a dose of Kosher reality.”

    They’re too stupid to connect the dots.

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