Politico: Mitch McConnell’s Next Chapter

We are ruled by politicians who are on the cusp of senility who represent a shriveling suburban base in the GOP that have either died or gone over to the Democrats.


“Mitch McConnell voted to acquit Donald Trump, then publicly torched him — encapsulating the dilemma of the man who now must guide a GOP riven by infighting over whether it’s the party of Trump or the center-right party he wants them to be.

McConnell is the de facto leader of the GOP for at least the next two years, as Trump remains exiled in Florida with no real public platform. And though McConnell is done talking about the former president after giving his most critical remarks ever about Trump on Saturday, he’s well aware that they may be on a collision course. …”

Diane Feinstein is 87 years old.

Mitch McConnell is 78 years old.

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old.

Bernie Sanders is 79 years old.

Joe Biden is 78 years old.

Donald Trump is a youthful 74 years old.

Chuck Schumer is a relatively young man at 70 years old.

What the hell is the “center right” these days? Has that term been updated since the 1980s? How many people on the Right actually feel represented by the politics of National Review or George Will?

Check out these numbers on racial equality: 40% of older conservatives say racial equality is a very important issue, but only 3.8% of younger conservatives say it is a very important issue to them. 20% of moderate younger middle income voters say it is a very important issue. Younger conservatives are defined by anti-political correctness or anti-wokeness.

Check out the YouGov poll:

In light of these numbers, how can you say that Mitch McConnell is “center-right” and our views are “fringe” when 4 out of 10 Trump voters say their race is “extremely important” or “very important” to their identity. The number rises to 6 out of 10 when “somewhat important” is included.

It is true that Turtle is currently in power.

It is also true that he is a walking dinosaur that represents the ideology and demographics of the Republican Party of forty years ago. The same is true really of nearly everyone in power in Washington. Turtle is the actual “extremist” whose views on everything are hopelessly antiquated.

Note: Blumpf was just the tip of the iceberg.

The collapse of Conservatism, Inc, the Wokelash and Post-Boomer America is coming in this decade.

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  1. McConnell might be head of the Dead Party.

    Trump is head of the Not DeepShit State Party of America.

    Many faults but he exposed the lizards
    and he is the only one really feared.

    Only Trump will talk to N. Korea, Russia,
    not attack Syria and Iran, call out the Generals
    and MIC.

    Lotta negatives, lotta positives no one else has.

    Overweight but healthy and will live a long time.

    And in ’24 will not be beholden to anyone.
    And he will have better understanding of the depth of the ShitState.

    • Trump did attack Syria risking conflict with Russia. The Syrian chemical attack was faked to provoke a U.S./French/UK attack and intervention. Trump was an idiot.



      Trump did talk to N. Korea but there was no follow through, typical of Trump.

      Trump sanctioned Russia repeatedly and withdrew from cold war era nuclear treaties with Russia increasing tensions. He also provided advanced weapons to Ukraine after BHO had instigated the Maidan Coup in the Ukraine. He also approved repeated military maneuvers on Russia’s borders. All this antagonized Russia and soured relations.


      Trump nearly caused war with Iran and greatly increased tensions, all for “Our Greatest Ally”, not for American interests. He ordered the assassination of a top Iranian general visiting Iraq.


      He didn’t pull troops out of anywhere, just talked about it.

      Trump did not expose “the Lizards”. He didn’t pardon Assange who helped him get elected in 2016 through Wikileaks nor did he pardon any of the Jan. 6th supporters who walked around the Capitol. He did pardon traitor Jonathan Pollard and Sholom Rubashkin and others of the Usual Suspects who committed egregious crimes. He also pardoned various blacks such as “rapper” Kodak Black. The blacks didn’t return the favor by voting for him.


      Trump also proposed reparations i.e. his “Platinum Plan” for blacks who didn’t vote for him.

      Trump had Executive Authority to declassify anything he wanted which would have devastated the Deep State, yet once again, he did nothing. He could have had published details of the overthrow of the legitimate government of Iran in 1953 leading to current troubles there, details about the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by “Our Greatest Ally” or BHO’s plans to fund and arm ISIS and the overthrow of the legitimate government of the Ukraine but he did nothing, the guy had feet of clay.

      Trump’s greatest failure was probably a wall on the southern border that didn’t get built, now the invasion of squat monsters from south of the Rio Grande is starting again.

      Trump did nothing but tweet while BLM/Antifa mobs destroyed and rioted all last summer.

      Trump had some successes, true, but his failures, mostly to act were egregious and probably the main reason he lost enough White votes to lose the election. He won’t be coming back again as President, that ship has sailed.

      • Certainly many literal truths in your reply.
        I think you miss the forest for the fake trees.

        Trump did what he could with the wall and removing troops.
        You forget the opposition. The Generals admitted they lied about
        reducing troop levels. Just moved ’em like furniture.

        Even if wall and more completed wouldnt matter.
        Biden would have illegals escorted into US through front door.

        Trump was under attack by CIA, others from 2015.
        Releasing too much would probably be assassination not just stolen election.

        Not pardoning Assange, according to Carlson, result of a McConnell threat.

        Last: What Trump had attacked in Syria, after notifying Syria and Russia,
        were chicken coops and sand hills. The Soleimani assassination, criminal,
        was most likely trickery by Pompeo and Esper. Trump asked the Iranians
        to respond but do so within reason so war doesn’t explode.

        Understandable you dislike Trump. Right now I see him as the best.
        Look at all the republican sell outs, traitors, liars. Same other parties.
        Some have few good positions but Trump the strongest most honest.

        As I see it.

  2. “”… racial equality is a very important issue….”””

    Could anybody explain what this thing mean ?

    For me, racial equality means that when blacks or Muslims fight white communists as bravely as Waffen SS volunteers, we must rewarded them with Iron Crosses and they must get same pensions and privileges by the same standards as ethnic Arian race Germans.

    In the Europe is the same problem. Frau Merkel brought the 5 million strong army in the Europe but whose side this army will fight, this is not very clear yet. Eastern European nationalists have some good ideas.

    Russians also. Quantum physics is maybe is not the strongest part of Chechen Muslims but when you need non violent protest, those guys are just perfect.

    And seems like Donald understands this too. He let a lot of black opposition politicians out of prison with his pardons.

    Racial inequality is horrific thing and people must made equal. The problem is that white Donald supporters have not enough money to compensate racial inequality. But white communist Donald haters have.

    Donald is the the greatest leader, West ever had.

  3. You keep saying this, yet the most establishment of Republicans have been winning pretty easily while the Nick Fuentes endorsed ones have mostly lost.

    Blomph lost, Witzke lost, Kobach lost, Sessions lost, Loomer lost. Only in deep red areas like Paul Gosar or Marjorie Taylor’s districts are any “populist” leaders elected, and even then they’re still far right on economics.

    • Sessions lost because he was a traitor. Voters showing support for Trump.
      Loomer, a Yid not conservative, to shore up Yid control. No one wants her except AIPAC.
      Trump WON election by 15 – 20 million votes minimum – maybe 110 million to 40 million.
      Trump lost the coup because of traitor, snake republicans, e.g. GA, Pence, FOX.

      • Trump sure as hell didn’t get MY vote last November. And there are literally millions of other white guys like me who also stayed home rather than help to re-elect that BUM.

  4. Mitch McConnell

    Enjoys anus sex with Filthy Fucking Cockroaches

    In DuPont Circle Gay Men’s bathrooms

    Behind the filthy toilets

    The toilets of DuPont Circle

    The toilets of DuPont Circle

    The disgusting stench behind these toilets

    That’s where you will find

    Mitch McConnell

    Fucking filthy cockroaches….in the ass…


  5. War. Don’t forget the coming wars, and how that will play out….all of us will be condemned as traitors. The rigged elections will go badly. We will be further isolated and cancelled.

    False flags and war. Factor that in. It’s the ace in ZOGs hand.

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