Jacobin: Capitalism Has Failed the Rural Working Class

No shit.

We live in a wasteland of Walmarts and Dollar Generals.

Why doesn’t the Heartland Working Class vote for the Democrats? Turn on CNN or MSNBC and listen to those people for about ten minutes. It is because of the White upper middle class professional wing of the party and their toxic culture war politics. These people are the libs who Donald Trump was owning. Their idea of political activity is scolding other people and virtue signaling. Try drinking every time you hear “extremist” or “racist” or “white supremacy.” You will find that they can’t go more than ten minutes without talking about themselves and how much better they are than other White people.

They are currently trying to make it out like they are the survivors of Nazi Germany. These people actually believe that Donald Trump is a “fascist” and that what they lived through over the past four years was “fascism.” The other half of it is that Democrat politicians are equally owned by billionaires which we saw on display when Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg spent far north of a billion dollars on their vanity presidential campaigns. What happened to the $2,000 that Neoliberal Joe promised?

Note: Brian Stelter is currently demanding that FOX News and the entire internet be censored because no one wants to watch his show.

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  1. Capitalism has failed? What BS Tripe, socialism-communism has failed EVERYWHERE ITS BEEN TRIED, and capitalism is the only ideology that lifts up everyone and lets them enjoy the fruits of their labours and not eat shat for breakfast.

  2. Re: “Capitalism Has Failed the Rural Working Class”:

    See how it has failed the rural working class in India! The largest political street protests in human history have been going on for months in India, and corporate mainstream news” media minimize or ignore them. Traditional family and communal agriculture, which capitalism is working everwhere to destroy, and replace with factory farming and global trade, is the foundation of nearly every real nation. Blood depends on connection to its native soil. https://off-guardian.org/2021/02/13/farmers-protest-in-india-price-of-failure-will-be-immense/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDp7zk1Yh98 The U.S.-puppet Modi regime likes to call traditional farmers “parasites,” and is de-regulating the big corporate usurers that cheat the farmers and put them in debt and will ultimately take their land.

    • As in Washington D.C., the capital of India is full of barbed wire and soldiers now, to protect the plutocratic regime from the suffering people.

      “It was supposed to be a peaceful protest near the Indian capital, but it turned into an insurrection”: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/26/asia/india-republic-day-farmers-protests-intl-hnk/index.html

      This protest, the largest in human history, is also one of the longest. It has been going on, continuously, for MONTHS, and yet mainstream “news” media barely mentions it, and whitewashes it (with the “fair and balanced” treatment) .

  3. What’s wrong with Walmart, Target, and 99 Cent stores again? I’m against outsourcing and unfair trade but not fair free trade. These chains offer better products at better prices with better customer service for customers and jobs for the community. Same goes with fast food chains. If the public wants more inferior or equivalent products at higher prices, the smaller businesses that these chains displaced would still be around and thriving. In the 1980s Japanese cars surpassed American car sales because American consumers preferred them because they were cheaper, more fuel efficient, and better made. The Japanese were scapegoated for building better cars than our automakers. This isn’t totally the case right now because Chinese and Mexican goods are inferior to American ones, but the consumers prefer them over our own.

    • “I’m against outsourcing and unfair trade but not fair free trade. ”

      I am for fair free trade and against unfair unfree trade. I am for good trade, and against bad trade. I am for good cars and against bad cars.

      “This isn’t totally the case right now because Chinese and Mexican goods are inferior to American ones, but the consumers prefer them over our own.”

      Our competitors are messing up Capitalism. The Chinese are buying the wrong cars. They are engaging in Bad Unfair Unfree Trade not our Good Fair Free Trade.

      Damn commies.

  4. The mystique of Trump is that he pretended to hear us. That was a powerful motivator. Reality is different, but the need to be recognized is strong. That is why the republican party has owned our votes for decades. They pretend to hear.

    We sat out 2020. In 2022, we will vote up & down for the party who will advantage us most economically.

    If they are lying, we will give them the Trump treatment. The fact that republicans are lying about being “the working people’s party” ticks me off. They’ve been trickle-down economy proponents forever.

    The people have figured out it never “trickles down” and what self-respecting working White would wait there with their mouths open for the trickle anyway?

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