CNBC Poll: Republicans Want Trump To Remain Head of the Party

UPDATE: Mitch McConnell is voting to acquit Trump.

The party of Jeff Flake is dead as a doornail.


“A CNBC survey conducted in the days before former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial finds a large share of Republicans want him to remain head of their party, but a majority of Americans want him out of politics.

The CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows 54% of Americans want Trump “to remove himself from politics entirely.” That was the sentiment of 81% of Democrats and 47% of Independents, but only 26% of Republicans.

When it comes to Republicans, 74% want him to stay active in some way, including 48% who want him to remain head of the Republican Party, 11% who want him to start a third party, and 12% who say he should remain active in politics but not as head of any party. …

The poll shows Trump retains strong support among Americans without college degrees, a key demographic for the GOP: 89% of the group want him to remain in politics, including 52% who want him to stay head of the Republican Party. That’s the highest percentage of any group, and a potential warning sign for Republican Party leaders should they choose to vote to convict Trump. …”

There it is again.

Trump voters are still in charge of the GOP. The 70/30 split within the party shows that the populist and paleocon wing is ascendant. The establishment is toast.

Idiots have been focusing all their wrath on Donald Trump and debating “Trumpism” as a disembodied abstraction instead of thinking in terms of actual voters migrating between the two parties. Disaffected Trump voters have been nursing these resentments for thirty years.

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  1. ANYTHING that pisses off the Left (if not the J-Left) makes me happy. If DJT EVER is allowed in politics, it needs to be said loud and clear, his whoring daughter and Jewish SOB-errr, SIL, need to be NOWHERE near. Impossible? Yeah, probably. But if it ticks off Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, and the other ‘ladies’ in Congress/Senate (Graham) I’m for it. Autocratic Ethnarchic Monarchy for White America. NO JEWS ALLOWED.

    • “ANYTHING that pisses off the Left (if not the J-Left) makes me happy”

      That’s a big part as to how they (Jews & their golem) have played the apparently insurmountably gullible goys for fools, for centuries. Your stance in this regard makes you very vulnerable to being manipulated.

      So, if a news article comes out stating that the Rothschild family has become bankrupt and if a bunch of Jews act like they’re panicking on twitter, you’ll just accept it at face value and assume #WINNING!!! ?

      Or if there’s an article in the NYT seemingly desperately urging its readers to NOT buy a stock because doing so – they claim – would be anti-Jewish (“anti-Semitic”)….would you just rush out and buy the stock without considering that maybe they’re lying & have some sort of agenda to screw the “stupid goyim”?

      Reverse psychology.

      A great example of this phenomena is Jews pretending to “hate/fear” a certain desert death cult from Judea, which they do all the time. Works like a charm on many supposedly “Jew wise” Aryans.

      “Jews mock the rabbi all the time, so the ONLY explanation is that Jews MUST fear & hate the rabbi…not as though the great Masters of The Lie could be doing anything else….the person/ppl/thing that my enemy claims to be his enemy is totally my friend, no further vetting needed…*lots of drooling*”

      You can’t just take things at face value & adopt exactly the same thinking that many generations of previous “Jew wise” Aryans did themselves and expect different results than they achieved (& being defeated is what Jew wise Aryans achieved).

      We are all predisposed to believe what we want to believe.

      Do you think Jews think like you or me? Available evidence overwhelmingly suggests they are an entirely different animal.

      The “Protocols” state that most “goyim” are literally incapable of discerning a difference between words & deeds. And the fiasco with Zio Don proves that that premise is absolutely correct.

      “Ommmmgawd y’all, Trump tweeted he is doing x y & z (as meanwhile, he does opposite of x y & z), BASED!!!”

      Same stupid tricks work over & over. And no, not everything is a conspiracy either. We can only do our best to discern real truth. Jews study us like we are lab rats, and we must do the same with them.

      • @PsychelonB

        You’ve got it right about the limits of reactionary politics.

        “A great example of this phenomena is Jews pretending to “hate/fear” a certain desert death cult from Judea”

        That is the gayest shit I’ve ever read. This sort of thing may have had some merit in 1920. Back in the real world, the world of America 2021?

        No one goes to church. No one takes Christianity seriously. There are no Christian films, or Christian art, that are important culturally.

        You’re beating a long dead horse.

        Why? Because you’re a crank, just like Linder. Just like Pierce whose greatest achievement was starting a little cult of personality in the woods of West Virginia and selling cassette tapes of awful, shitty, unlistenable “skinhead rock.”

        You care far more about Christianity than anyone else.

        You and everyone in your weird little cult are BAD OPTICS.

        Why can’t you just be normal?

        I say to pagans, or anti-Christians, whatever, all the time. If you really want a rebirth of Odinism, or whatever – then write a book, paint a painting, make some art.

        But of course none of you can do any on that, because you don’t really believe in Odin, nor do you even care about European culture at all. You’re just mad your mom made you go to church.

  2. But someone else has to take the role. Trump wasn’t fit to lead such enormous social and political forces.

  3. But Trumpism is bad; it is both ineffective and fully controlled by Zionist elites… it’s a vehicle for exploiting the white masses, not for helping them. It’s a strategy for getting elected, not a strategy for governing. It’s a set of talking points that enable Zionist elites to successful exploit, milk and take advantage of the most marginal and vulnerable elements of White society… and leave those people worse off in the end.

    Therefore populism and the Republican party aren’t going to be effective vehicles for change in the near term.

    In order for positive pro-White change to occur, one necessary (but not sufficient) precondition is that people would need to learn from the failings of Trumpism, recognize it as inadequate and seek to move beyond it.

    This has not happened, quite the opposite and until it does, Trumpism is going to be an impediment to anything good happening. Trumpism grows and prospers at the expense of any kind of authentic pro-White or populist sentiment. It’s a zero sum game and you are losing. Populist energy will be sucked up and used to fuel ruthless capitalist exploitation… and Zionism.

    This should be obvious to you. The change of tone on this site is bizarre.

  4. Yes, Trump had drive and charisma, but now we need someone who has better organizing ability, and knows what he wants, and is a better judge of character. As a Christian, I believe he was meant to be 500 lb gorilla who broke into the clubhouse and smashed it up. Lit a fire in the restroom. Drank the booze at the bar, etc. And left a big stinking pile in the middle of the floor. Rebuilding will take a different kind of person

  5. Blacks and jews were even more empowered under Trump – the guy was a complete disaster – but 10s of Millions of people still worship the guy.

  6. Dump just wanted to win the presidency to fuck up the believed to be in-the-bag ambitions of Cankles, Obongo & all the smug shitlibs who laughingly mocked him. He knew how to beat them by firing up the long-ignored White working class, but never intended to follow through on any of it.

    He wanted to BE something – not DO anything.

    As for his dumb ass nut-huggers, they’re just politicsl sports fans: all they care about is “our” Team Dump “ownin’ the libs” with utterly empty words, as they sit in their recliners watching Fox with their big foam #1 fingers. But maybe they can be inspired to shake off their long Orange jewdas drunk if a new Huey Long type comes along to focus their hatred & desire for revenge on the (((billionaires))) who’ve given their jobs away to spics, chinks & street-shitters, while simultaneously crushing them whenever they say a forbidden word.

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