Project Veritas Has Been Banned From Twitter

Who isn’t banned from Twitter these days?

I got banned again myself two days ago. I’ve since gone back to Gab. It seems like virtually all of rightwing Twitter is there now. The algorithm isn’t rigged either.

I’m following Jared Holt’s recommendation and getting active on Telegram and Gab which are hitting a critical mass. Most people also now chat in encrypted apps which has cut out these faggots. It is worth noting that Bolsonaro used WhatsApp groups to get elected in Brazil.

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  1. When lockdown ends in the UK I expect there will be a replay of the peasants revolt. Tory Party have gone fucking locco.

  2. And where is the new John Ball, the HONEST priest, to inspire it? Who will be the new Wat Tyler? Without Ball and Tyler the revolt collapsed. I don’t see any such leadership, and unlike 1381, the peasantry in Britain are thoroughly multi-ethnically mixed, atomized and divided.

    Yes I know you didn’t mean it literally.

  3. Project veritas is useless. All they do is make videos on YouTube saying they caught this one and that one but no one ever goes to jail or get fired. Exposing is one thing but if nothing comes of exposing these scumbags, why bother?

    • “…but if nothing comes of exposing these scumbags, why bother?”

      To have a record of crimes, when the Restoration happens, after the w-word that HW doesn’t want us to mention….. Payback’s a b-word, too. And the J-Left is GOING TO PAY BACK TO THE LAST FARTHING, ‘on earth as it is, etc.’ All they get to keep…. is NOTHING.

  4. GAB is working like it should, but, Handy Andy Torba is bound to add another add on, and cause all kinds of problems for GAB and himself.

    Now Torba’s tinkering with GAB TV that you will be able to receive through your TV, but will outfits like LG play along? I kind of doubt it.

    Anyway, GAB is going gangbusters.

  5. Yes…Reverend Ball’s sermon a monument of inspiration…..Don’t forget Bill Blizzard and his very brave men.

    The anti-commie crusade ultimately was about gunning down the Native Born White American Working Class in Cold Blood.

    I laugh when some people call the Democrats Communists….The Homosexual Pederast Anal Sex Democratic Party are CAPITALIST PIGS-through-and-through.

    They are as rancid and smelly as a great big fat ass Liz Cheney fart…..

    • Patrick, many of the Democrats are communist based on what they say and their agenda. I would say 85% of the black and latin caucus are communist or at least socialist.

      I do get your point regarding money. The leaders of these bowel movements are often very into money. Look at Michael Moore. He pushes communist ideology 24/7 yet is worth around 50 million. Jews are notorious for leading socialist and communist movements yet are worth a great deal of cash. The money makes things happen and organizes large groups of people.

      Hollywood is another example of a love affair with money while pushing leftist ideology.

      It’s probably about control. So while most under communist and socialist governments may not have tons of cash, the leaders do. The Democrats are a perfect example of this.

      It’s pretty obvious the attack on wealth is to make Whites poorer while redistributing it to non Whites. Race is a huge factor why an Aoc, a Corrie Bush and so many non Whites run for office. It’s to take from Whitey while throwing it down the biggest hole ever- the welfare/reparations/low income housing hole. Without Whites, many of these mostly Democrat ” co- moon- eee- dees” could never exist..

      • In Raspail’s Camp of the Saints the economics of Left Wing Punditry are discussed in depth via one of the characters. Leftwing punditry sells quite well if you can crack the code.

      • Jeff

        “COMMUNIST!!!!” is such an ill-defined word…..Jeff Bezos who funds BLM is brutally squashing a nascent union movement in Amazon Warehouses hiring retired FBI agents who are Amazon’s anti-Labor goons. This tactic goes back decades…This is how long the Capitalist Pig Class has been doing this….They called Labor activists COMMUNISTS!!!…White Labor activists were highly restrictionists when it came to LEGAL IMMIGRATION……….Two Socialist Labor Leaders….Samuel Gompers and Dennis Kearney……gave us the wonderful Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT….and there was a SIKH EXCLUSION ACT ALSO……….


  6. Free speech is the alternative to violence. Those who ban free speech are practically inviting violence.

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