Neoliberal Joe Ends Border National Emergency

Neoliberal Joe is already off to a great start doubling down on all of the political mistakes of Barack Obama’s second term that sent MAGA voters fleeing into Donald Trump’s arms.


“President Joe Biden on Thursday formally terminated former President Donald Trump’s two-year-old declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border, calling the order by his predecessor “unwarranted.”

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris, in her capacity as president of the Senate, Biden announced that government funds would no longer be diverted toward construction of a border wall and that he was “directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or redirected to that end.”

Biden’s proclamation represents his latest effort to undo some of the previous administration’s most controversial policies in his opening weeks in office, many of which were related to immigration and law enforcement at the southern border. …”

The immigration issue for Democrats is like the Iran issue for Republicans.

Donald Trump had to end the Iran Deal because Barack Obama was for it. Similarly, Joe Biden has to end Donald Trump’s border policies because immigration enforcement is “xenophobic” even though there is far more to gain politically by letting the issue rest. As David Shor has pointed out, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because of the salience of the immigration issue with the Deplorables.

“Finally, if you look at 2016, I think people want to tell this story about values. But ultimately, if you look at what the biggest predictors of voter preferences were … there were just a lot of voters who agreed with us about health care but not about immigration. Obama got something like 60 percent of those voters; Clinton got roughly 40. And I think the reason why that happened was that both parties talked about immigration. So I think it does actually matter. …”

In the 2020 election, COVID was the more salient issue and concerns about immigration has subsided thanks Trump’s bandaid fixes. Joe has decided to heat the issue back up again.

“In 2016, we didn’t lose because our get-out-the-vote lists were not sorted well enough. And it wasn’t that we had the wrong kind of digital targeting. We lost because, big picture, we ran a campaign that increased the salience of immigration at a time when marginal voters in swing states in the Midwest disagreed with us on immigration. That’s why we lost. Obviously, it was a close election, and maybe you could have done something different and gotten 0.4 points more in Wisconsin. But big picture, that is what happened. And I think it’s important to not miss the forest for the trees. There are reasonable debates people have about the cost-effectiveness of canvassing or how much we should be spending on digital ads, but ultimately, that’s not what determines elections.”

There are lots of moderate Independent swing voters like me who supported the Iran Deal and who want a more universal and affordable health care system, but who also really do not like open borders.

The “Latinx” voters who live along the border didn’t like the endless waves of illegal immigration, “Abolish ICE” or destroying oil and gas industry jobs. Hispanic voters aren’t voting on the basis of immigration. There is evidence that the political correctness is a bigger issue for them.

“Latinx” voters dislike political correctness and Black Lives Matter. In fact, they were alienated by wokeness all over the country.

The people who are the most fired up about immigration are Republican and Independent voters. There is also clear evidence that Neoliberal Joe’s open borders executive orders are his least popular actions.

Democrat Leaning Working Class voters (DLWCs) considered immigration their #20 most important issue BEFORE the economic collapse in 2020. It ranks up there with gay rights as one of their least important priorities. It is a mistake for Joe to focus on woke, trans and open borders issues.

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  1. I don’t know where they come up with some of these pools—like support for transgendered military. C’mon. Even recent immigrants hate immigration. Heck, Brad, immigration steals from Americans!!! Always has, and always will.

  2. Biden is a disaster , for this nation.

    We will be the ones to suffer most.

    (Oil , already at 60/bbl. Under a travel restricted lockdown !)

  3. “doubling down on all of the political mistakes of Barack Obama’s second term”:

    Like the “mistakes” of the first term, the decisions and actions were not accidental, but deliberate. And remember that Obama deported illegals more-than-ever-before, but he was coy, discrete about it, and the corporate “news” media didn’t mention it either.

    Under the Kamala and Joe administration there will be as many deported, or admitted, as the plutocrats desire, as many as are needed, for the benefit of the plutocratic elites. As long as the plutocratic system exists it will do exactly what it wants with the borders and citizenship.

    The system cannot be reformed, so why try to imagine ways to influence or reform it?

  4. These aren’t mistakes. Machiavelli wrote that it was far easier to colonize conquered territory than leave a standing army.

    • Machiavelli had the real example of Venetian so-called “republic” nearby, that ruled the eastern Mediterranean and had influence as far as China for more than a thousand years, using mostly non-military hybrid war tactics to defeat its enemies and rule its financial colonies,

  5. “The system cannot be reformed, so why try to imagine ways to influence or reform it?”

    If Trump couldn’t do it in his first two years with a Republican Congress it just is not going to happen.

    Populists may need to make a tactical retreat to focusing on the state and local level issues.

    The Establishment has pretty much closed off national politics to Populists as Time magazine revealed.

    For example here in Oregon half the state is Red and I can help organize folks there plus we have a strong militia movement that can help defend local communities as Open Borders Biden floods the Nation with 3rd world refuse.

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