The Second New Deal: FDR Turns Populist to Stop the Rise of Huey Long

Huey Long was the populist that progressives like to pretend FDR was as president. Even to this day, they run on watered down versions of his ideas.

Note: In 2024, we need another Huey Long to run against Neoliberal Joe on destroying the oligarchy, breaking up corporate monopolies, wealth redistribution, ending globalism, restricting immigration, ending American imperialism and destroying wokeness.

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  1. What are the statistical odds that both Huey Long and the alleged lone gunman assassin of JFK would be gunned down by members of the 2% tribe?

    Why would members of the tribe be heavily invested in clearing the name of the alleged muderer Carl Weiss?

    • It’s ok to discuss the influence of Italian Organized Crime in America, but if you discuss Jewish Organized Crime in America, that is an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

      The Anti-Defamation League gives out awards to Jewish organized crime figures such as Moe Dalitz and Barry Krischer, whom the ADL recognized for his role in covering up the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking ring.

      If you think that’s bad, check out the book “Supermob” about Jewish organized crime in California.

    • ‘What are the statistical odds that both Huey Long and the alleged lone gunman assassin of JFK would be gunned down by members of the 2% tribe?’

      There’s a long list of those assassins.
      Killed czars of russia, German diplomats, archduke of Austria, NSDAP Swiss leader, on and on.

      I wish someone would compose a list of all known j assassins.

  2. Don’t ignore the powerful influence of Eugene Debs, a bit earlier than Huey Long, contemporary with Bryan, who left the “Democratic” party and became a socialist while in prison for labor union activity, then ran for President five times, the last time from a prison cell where he was given ten years for “sedition,” for making a campaign speech against Woodrow Wilson and the war. Yet even when he was prevented from campaigning, he still received a million votes, which is comparable to about three million votes today! It was really the high point of anti-capitalism in the U.S., before the “Red Decade” and the New Deal and FDR appropriated and subverted socialism.

    Interestingly, “Debs’ wife Kate was opposed to socialism. The “tempestuous relationship with a wife who rejects the very values he holds most dear” was the basis of Irving Stone’s biographical novel Adversary in the House”: There is a documentary, here:

  3. Furthermore, a RIGHT populist such as W.J. Bryan is about as far from socialist as any ordinary, non-populist Democrat or Republican. Bryan was not anti-war, not anti-military, not really an anti-imperialist (he did not originate but simply followed that trend, when it became popular when the U.S.’s genocidal war in the Phillippines became an international disgrace) and he was anti-science (anti-evolution) and identified with mainstream denominational religion. He was upper middle class; his parents were a lawyer and a law student, involved in party politics, and he was a lawyer himself. Compare to Debs’ real working class experience and courageous resistance to the system, that became even stronger each time he was arrested and imprisoned. Debs’ religious views were more real than Bryan’s. Debs rejected Roman Catholicism at an early age: “I left that church with rich and royal hatred of the priest as a person, and a loathing for the church as an institution, and I vowed that I would never go inside a church again.”

  4. FDR stopped Huey Long with a lead lozenge. And HW,

    here’s some news you can use:

    the Jews are not going to let the Whites vote their way out of the ongoing genocide.

  5. Mark Cuban reminds me of a jew I had to share an apartment with in college. He was so obnoxious we had to draw straws to see who was going to tell him to get lost. I got the honor. It was one of my most pleasurable moments in college.

  6. What Joe Biden should do is focus on a 2021 New Deal that includes Universal Health Care, Universal Basic Income, Free College, a Living Wage, more Public Funding for programs, Delete Covid-19 by way of Vaccines, more Workers joining Unions, strong Environmental Regulations, and things like that. A second bill of rights like FDR supported and Long. However he’s distracted by Black Thugs Matter, Homosexuals, and other freaks in the Democratic Party. Perfect time for a National Socialist President….Vote for one in the future. Deo Vindice !

    • “What Joe Biden should do is focus on a 2021 New Deal that includes Universal Health Care, Universal Basic Income, Free College, a Living Wage (…) and things like that….”

      The Kamala and Joe administration is just like every other U.S. administration, and the system CANNOT CHANGE. Going back to George Washington (and Hamilton) who called New York “the seat of an empire” and spoke of taking of it from Britain as “a pathway to empire,” every U.S. administration has followed the same path that brought us to the precipice of the destruction of all humanity in the present day. It is not the path of liberating the world from war, inequality and injustice!

  7. Screw “free college”: today’s kike-ruled colleges are nothing more than commie race traitor factories. White parents should steer their kids far, far away. Free trade school, why not.

    As for an advanced education in TRUE White history & literature, they should just read the best books.

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