House Impeachment Manager Chokes Up Recounting Capitol Siege

He sounds like he is talking to Oprah Winfrey.

Theodore Roosevelt was shot once and still finished his speech. The Rough Rider didn’t cry like a sissy in front of the press. He would have considered it a sign of effeminacy.

Did Winston Churchill ever sound like a wimp like this when the House of Commons was bombed by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz? This guy survived Baked Alaska and the QAnon Shaman.

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  1. funny stuff: congresscritters crawling around on all 4’s and hiding under their desks.

    thanks, Trumpchumps.

      • Free and open media???

        Just try to find the name or picture of the police lieutenant that shot Ashley Babbitt.

        Try it.

      • How about being shocked over the murder of Ashley Babbitt.

        Where’s the congressional memorial and solemn speeches for the murder of an innocent WHITE woman? A fine patriotic WHITE woman!

  2. This guy jewish af, right? Thats a small hat i see, right? You dont point this out i assume to further your narrative?

    Yea, he seems a jew, this is south africa shit, truth and reconciliation stuff. Giving political power to emotional detritus. Pee pee poo poo, more silly posturing. For what tho, for what?

  3. I’m surprised they don’t dig up George Washington and charge with with insurrection for his attack on the British.

    • It’s so obvious that Impeachment II is a personal attack on former President Trump a Protestant, by the Roman Catholics and Jews in Congress!

      A religious war.

      • Roman Catholicism was a chief enemy of the Populist Party in the late nineteenth century. K.W., for your interest, this regarding the advance of Catholicism in the South: the example of Georgia, and the anti-Catholic resistance, led by Thomas E. Watson and others: “Spanish priests came to (what is now called) Georgia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries The Catholic Church established itself in Georgia long before James Oglethorpe founded the colony in 1733 (and) forbade the practice of Catholicism. When Georgia converted to a royal colony in the 1750s, the ban on Catholicism remained. Catholics would not find acceptance in Georgia until the American Revolution (…) a group of nearly 3,900 French, Haitian, and Irish Catholic troops fought for the new nation at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. The people of Georgia did not forget these brave soldiers, among them the Polish count Casimir Pulaski, for whom Fort Pulaski is named. The state constitution of 1777 rewarded Catholics with some rights, although it prevented them from holding political office. Catholicism remained dormant in Georgia until the formal acceptance of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, when Catholics received equal rights under Georgia law….”

        “While the Catholic Church had a decidedly Irish face in Georgia, others, such as Lebanese, Italian, Hungarian, and African American groups, also contributed to the church’s growth. Church leaders recruited foreign priests to address the growing needs of the diocese. French Marists served in Atlanta and Brunswick, Jesuits ministered to Macon and Augusta, and German Benedictines came to Savannah. Protestants greeted this influx of foreign Catholics with alarm. At the same time, Catholics were gaining political strength in the urban areas of the state. Irish communities in Georgia created a powerful faction in the Democratic Party, and Catholic political influence soared. Perhaps Georgia’s best-known Catholic politician was Patrick Walsh of Augusta. Walsh edited the Augusta Chronicle and served in the Georgia legislature for a number of years. When the Populist Party, led by Thomas E. Watson, rose to challenge the Democrats of Augusta in the 1890s, Walsh helped to crush the grassroots movement, often through ballot-box stuffing and other disingenuous means. He was appointed to fill the remainder of Alfred H. Colquitt’s senatorial term in 1894. He then served as mayor of Augusta from 1897 until his death in 1899. Walsh epitomized the rising Catholic power in the state, but the means by which he maintained power made him, and his church, vulnerable to attack. Georgia witnessed a marked rise in anti-Catholicism starting in the late nineteenth century. In response to the incessant corruption of Democratic politics in middle Georgia, a group called the American Protective Association challenged what it claimed were the dangers of Catholic influence. Predominantly found in the Midwest, the American Protective Association came to Georgia and successfully dismantled the Catholic public school systems in Macon and Augusta. They also showed Georgians an underlying resentment among the poor and disaffected that could be tapped. Tom Watson did not openly attack the church until around 1908….” Ibid.

        • Yeah, Tom Watson presented the facts about the Catholic Church, and its actions and scandals in Europe. Watson must have had American diplomats in Europe sending him news and information about the Vatican.

          Twice the Catholic Church had Watson, and his magazines, newspapers and books banned from the US Mail. Something like what’s going on today with the internet. Maybe the mail will be next?

          People are just starting to realize how evil and foreign the Catholics and their cult are…

  4. Our elite are like the Princess and the Pea. You know they are true princesses because they can’t sleep when there is a single pea under a hundred mattresses, that is how sensitive they are.

    Priests in the Temple of Democracy, the Untouchables breached the gates. It just like the storming of Versailles. Ghastly peasants.

  5. What does anyone know about Mike Shirkey? He seems to be a standup guy from the little I have read about him. I am sure he is no great leader but he seems to have at least some balls

    • As retarded shaman with a quarterstaff, you just entered the room of shitty senators who are failures in everything they do. Roll your 1d20 and add your str bonus to your ACC, subtracting the dex of the Senator to see if you hit. Then roll for the senator’s armor save to see if the rat-human takes damage.

  6. I don’t know which is worse, cat lady political theater like this or pseudo-hardass defender of israel stuff you get from neocons like Dan Cringeshaw. If they’re going to feed us nonstop political propaganda, at least they could make it higher quality. Crocodile tear emotional appeals are toddler tier.

    • Total (((media))) lies !

      A citizens rally, with exuberance.

      The only terrorism was the DC cop murdering Ashli Babbitt. The bastard should be tried and executed.

  7. Imagine conservatives getting upset because the billionaire jew Mark Cuban doesn’t want ZOG’s national anthem played before his niggerball team takes the court. Let them play something by The Village People instead, I don’t fucking care! Anyone who still displays any sort of patriotism towards the Jewnited States is a fool.

  8. Weeping clowns! I’m sure Putin and Xi are having a great laugh watching all this with their respective (serious, adult, capable) cabinets.

    • They know that this is just a clown show, for the childish public.
      The real scheming is conducted behind guarded doors.

      • When an innocent , patriotic WHITE woman is gunned down, not a word about the thug cop.
        No talk of defunding the capitol police.

        Why isn’t his picture on the front page of nyt , WaPo etc.?
        Why isn’t all his personal info splattered across the media?

        Ashley Babbitt doesn’t matter, but some black thug dies and it’s a national crisis.

  9. It is very reasonable and will founded to state unequivocably that the Democratic Party wants to EXTERMINATE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS AMERICANS…..

    If you are not sniffing Tom Brady’s jockstrap and counting the multiplying bacteria in Tom Brady’s jockstrap……..then you would know that:WHITE GENOCIDE IS VERY VERY REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t imagine who would brutally rape and then slit the throat of 13 year old Irish Girl Mary Phagan….But you can google on google images the autopsy photo of Mary Phagan’s body laying on the stainless steel Coroner’s autopsy table………..

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