FT: Big Tech Needs To Tackle The White Supremacists Of Generation Z

I have my differences with the Groypers.

They are America First paleocons. I’m obviously more of a populist. We were divided over Donald Trump. We can agree on some things though like the need to regulate Big Tech:

Financial Times:

Just click through to read this trash article.

The Financial Times is “the world’s leading global business publication.” It is read by the business establishment and corporate elites. The professional managerial class are the enemies of nationalism and populism and the wealthy and upper middle class constituency for neoliberalism and globalization. They stand for open borders, cheap labor, a deregulated financial system, modernism, political correctness, cultural degeneration, oligarchy, etc. Instead of an Open Society, we want a Closed Society, so we naturally find ourselves on opposite sides of the political divide from them.

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  1. There’s a fight on for university places at Harvard Cambridge Oxford Yale Stanford etc. We can’t let ourselves lose this fight to both the pajeets and the Jew. Simple as. I feel a lot of sympathy for our young lads in that cohort.

    • The pajeets as you call them are being groomed to replace the Irish as henchman for the Jews.. God knows no way in hell the Jews are going to trust blacks or Hispanics with anything.

      • Unlike the descendants of the Whites who created those universities who obliviously allowed control of them to be taken from their weak grasp, the current kike controllers are obsessively vigilant: no non-shitlib Whites will be allowed in.

  2. Just a very gentle reminder gentle OCCIDENTAL DISSENT Lotus Eaters:

    Leo Frank

    The photo of the autopsy corpse of 13 year old Irish Girl Mary Phagan….on Google Images…Raped and throat slit….


    • Tom Watson never described Mary Phagan as “Irish”. Neither did anyone else connected with the case that I am aware of describe Mary Phagan as anything other than a young Georgia girl from a good family.

  3. Im sick and tired of these generation crap. Generation is not real, their nothing special about X Y Z (wonder why the names are arbitrary?), literally no justification for their supposed existence, pew has done surveys of people self categorizing what generation their in. No one can do it, only boomers (who are actually defined by something real, a demographic anomaly), only 40% of millennials could identify themselves as millennials.

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” FT im gonna fix your retardation, “Big tech needs to censor YOUNG PEOPLE”. Sounds like your a oldie ranting about the whippersnappers because that is what you are.

    • Young whites vote Republican at almost the same rate as Boomers. 53 V 59

      They talk about age because they can’t say anything on race.

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