The Bellows: Technopopulism and the Online Class War

The front page article on TAC last night was a plea from Rick Santorum for conservatives not to use state power to crackdown on Big Tech.

The Bellows:

“The events of recent months contain many lessons for popular political movements in the future. In the age of COVID-19, much of American politics has migrated from “real life” onto the internet (which is just as real). More than ever, it is becoming clear that populist movements of either the left or the right—or some combination thereof—must seek to reclaim control of the digital network, which now constitutes a substantial part of the political and economic infrastructure of the neoliberal order. Populism must find some way to develop a form of technocratic expertise if it is to have any hope of controlling the digital network. In other words, as the Marxist scholar Edmund Berger has written, populism must become technopopulism.

The 2020 election revealed Trump’s most formidable enemies to be, not the Democrats who sit in the Senate or the House of Representatives, but the CEOs of major corporations of Silicon Valley. As election season approached, the political motives of these tech lords–and the extent of their power–began to emerge more clearly. When the New York Post published an article detailing evidence of corruption in the Biden family, social media companies like Twitter and Facebook responded with shameless censorship, making clear whose “side” they took in the coming electoral battle. When the election itself finally came in November, and Trump began to make accusations of election fraud, the tech giants didn’t hesitate to fact-check his claims on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

The media immediately characterized the whole event as an attempted coup d’etat. Trump had clumsily given them the perfect reason to portray him as the fascist villain they have always claimed he was; an instigator of violence, a threat to American democracy. Suddenly, the tech companies could seize the opportunity to discredit and disempower him, with an apparently good reason to do so. Thus, they went in for the kill, banning him on practically every major social media platform. Donald Trump, still the sitting President of the United States, was now completely disabled from making his Presidential voice heard in America’s public sphere. Nominally still in office, he was no longer in power.  …

This was the real coup: a technological coup—one accomplished behind the scenes by the omnipotent technocrats who manage the digital network that is effectively America’s commons.  …”

No wonder they have been losing.

The consensus among idiots like that for the last fifty years has been that what conservatives need to do is pass huge tax cuts, deregulate everything, import cheap foreign labor, remove every obstacle to the growth of monopolies, undermine unions, keep wages as low as possible, etc. It was so powerful that even Donald Trump’s signature legislative accomplishment was a huge corporate tax cut for his biggest enemies which had the effect of making them richer and more powerful than ever before.

Here is Blumpf the plutocrat, demogogue and fake populist making a gigantic fool out of himself less than a year before these people banished him from the internet:

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  1. Trump was too backward.

    He should have set up his own website that emulated social media capabilities.
    Then used the existing social media to redirect ppl to his website.
    If executed with enough skill, he might have displaced big tech.
    With his fame and popularity, he could have been 5he biggest hitech billionaire.

    • Q was right. Trump was a genius chess mastter and there was a plan. Unfortunately for Trump’s supporters, they were the pieces being played on the chess board. Much like trade unions that historically donate to the Democrat party and get nothing out of it but getting screwed.

    • Trump is a pressure release valve. The goyim were waking up, so they sent an orange clown to lead them down the wrong track.

      Trump just posted at gab again. Gab doesn’t want you to read it if you are using torbrowser to protect your identity, and it doesn’t let you read the comments underneath a post, unless you log in. WTF? Gab is looking like an even worse honeypot than Parler was.

  2. The use their billions to enslave and murder the Native Born White American WORKING CLASS whose taxes subsidized the DARPA programs that created the technology that made the Greedy Cheating Class murderous demigod Tech billionaires. Their billions belong to the NATIVE BORN WHIITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS the historic racial majority of America.


    • None of them care about whites anymore. They court the brown vote. Like the other groups really contribute to this nation, but the politicians don’t care. Look at the average conservative politician, who favors immigration, amnesty, and has a couple of nonwhite kids in the family. These politicians are taking this nation from us.

  3. The money classes are a bunch of decedent screwed up assholes. They think homosexuality and sexual confusion are good. They think baby killing is good. They are ashamed of Christianity and the achievements of western civilization. They’ve laid a terrible guilt trip on the American people and western Europe. And they’re greedy and selfish to go with it.

    This is what the right needs to oppose, the crappy negativity of these jerks and their shit lack of faith in Christian society.

    White people need to stop this bullshit saying they aren’t predjudiced every few minutes.

    • I don’t disagree with everything you said, but a LOT of Christians worship that democratic ally in the middle east, and a LOT of Christians want more and more third worlders to come here and live off of us. Christianity used to be a good thing, when it represented whites and white interests, and protected our own lands. Not anymore.

  4. I’m curious what the hate-driven mentally-ill trannies and their H1-B slaves at big tech will do to try to make crypto inaccessible to dissenters and dissidents. Their crowd seems to think everything, from food to blockchain and encryption, isn’t for “nazis” and “hate”. Daily reminder, that the crowd preaching the loudest about “tolerance”, “love”, “kindness” wants the exact opposite for you.

    • I thought they might ban Bitcoin this year, as they have in China and India, but now I don’t think they will be able to, as the billionaires are buying it big time. It is the billionaires that rule this country, not whiny middle class liberals.

      “I’m curious what the hate-driven mentally-ill trannies and their H1-B slaves at big tech will do to try to make crypto inaccessible to dissenters and dissidents.”

      Exchanges are the centralized weak point for crypto. People use them because they are lazy. If they weren’t lazy asses they would meet locally to trade their crypto for cash. Call the meet ups Bitcoin Club. You pay $5-$10 to get in. The organizers pay for the room, and bouncers at the door.

      • “Exchanges are the centralized weak point for crypto.”
        I completely agree. The AVERAGE normie doesn’t have standard data integrity practices to maintain their own local bitcoin wallet over the long term. This is just one reason why all tech is going back to a centralized mainframe design from the pre-1990’s, which (((they))) intend to control.

  5. They should just ban the Republican party from the Internet. They should declare the Republican party an illegal terrorist organization.

    Then arrest all of the Republican politicians and send them to Gitmo and waterboard them until they confess.

    I’d vote for that.

    GOP Delenda Est.

  6. Wait, that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon photo was real? I thought it was a joke photoshop.

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