YouGov Poll: We’re All “Extremists” Now


For those who are blackpilled by Blumpf losing after blowing a winnable election, pick yourself up off the floor. Get a grip, man. We’ve got good news for once.

Yahoo News:

By the numbers: Asked to respond to a statement once considered Republican Party orthodoxy — “Cutting the rate of taxes paid by the richest Americans helps to increase economic growth for all of us” — 46% said they disagreed.

One-third disputed whether cutting taxes on large corporations helps increase economic growth for everyone.

60% said foreign trade helps the U.S. economy while 40% said it hurts.

40% said foreign trade creates more jobs for Americans while 60% said it reduces the number of jobs for Americans.

55% said controlling the cost of Medicare to taxpayers is more important, but 45% said it’s more important to ensure seniors get the health care they need regardless of cost.

63% said it’s more important to keep Social Security benefits at current levels even if it means raising payroll taxes, but 37% favored keeping a lid on payroll taxes even if it means cutting benefits for future retirees.

But, but, but: Nearly nine in 10 supported construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall, supported U.S. employers certifying workers’ citizenship, worried about rising anti-white discrimination and said Christian faith is essential to American greatness but under attack.

Between the lines: There’s real division inside the Trump coalition about the future of the GOP.

66% said they’re more supporters of former President Trump than of the Republican Party.

37% said the party is on the wrong track.

40% said Republicans care more about helping people make more money than helping people live decent lives.

54% said they’d definitely support Trump in 2024, if he ran again.

“But economics definitely divides the Trump coalition. … All the things that defined economic thinking before Trump are now a complete split.” Shifting back to conservative economic ideas could be “like opening a door for the Democrats to run through.”

I can’t wait to dive into the details of this poll.

If this is true, then 9 out of 10 Trump voters support immigration restriction and feel threatened by anti-White discrimination and the growth of secularism. 2/3rds of Republicans identify more with Trump over the GOP establishment and 1/2 of the party is populist on economics.

In other words, the Republican donor class, the conservative establishment, elected Republicans and especially the Republican policy agenda is RADICALLY out of alignment with their own voters who are much closer to people like us. The exodus of middle class suburbanites to the Democrats and the influx of more White working class voters has changed the demographics of the Republican Party.

No, this has nothing to do with “metapolitics.” Instead, the actual constituency that voted for Donald Trump has a different profile because the electorate is resorting:

If you were to go back 10 to 15 years ago to George W. Bush’s second term and Barack Obama’s first term, these two groups of voters – the “American Preservationists” and “Anti-Elites” – used to be in the Center of the electorate. The GOP was the Free Marketeers and Staunch Conservatives. This is why conservatives say there is a “populist wing” and “classical liberal wing” … of mainstream conservatism.

In the 2016 election, the significance of Trump was that his base of voters which became MAGA was among the “American Preservationists” and “Anti-Elites.” He brought those groups into the Republican Party and now they comprise half the party and 2/3rds of the party when combined with the “Staunch Conservatives” who are basically the paleocons. There are now four core Republican groups, not two.

This is where MAGA was before Trump in the Obama years. This distinct cluster of voters has been around for over thirty years now and only recently joined the GOP en masse:

The media is hyperventilating about “the rise of extremism.” The Solid Liberals or DILEs continue to anchor the Democratic Party and alienate and drive Democratic voters out of the party. The “rise of extremism” is nothing more than disaffected voters reengaging in politics.

The prehistory of MAGA shows that this group of Independent voters has been “disaffected” and angry about mass immigration, free trade, political correctness and cultural degeneration since the 1980s. They were devastated by the 2008 financial crisis and voted for the Tea Party in 2010. Over 60% of them voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. Until Donald Trump came along in 2016, they were Independent voters who were the most weakly attached to the Democrats.

In Barack Obama’s second term, what we now think of as “Trump voters” or MAGA and Bernie Sanders voters were Democrats. There is not an enormous ideological divide between the two groups. Both groups are extremely disaffected with the status quo. The difference is that the Trump voters are more disturbed by mass immigration and cultural change. Otherwise, the two groups largely agree on economics.

5% of Market Skeptic Republicans believe in the fairness of the U.S. economic system.

94% of Market Skeptic Republicans believe the U.S. economic system unfairly favors powerful interests. 65% of the public believed that in 2017 including 99% of Disaffected Democrats.

As of last month, 76% of voters now believe that the U.S. economic system favors the rich and the powerful. 78% believe that “traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me.” The people who feel the most strongly about that issue are concentrated in the middle. It is the “Solid Liberals” and “Core Conservatives” who feel represented by the two parties.

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  1. Good news indeed, but does any Republican have the courage to run on a platform of ‘whiteness’? The Right needs a new unifying civil religion and MAGA/Qanon won’t cut it.

    A tall order; but nobody seems to realize that the Left has done us a huge favor by 1) defining whiteness to mean public order, the nuclear family, science, individual initiative etc (the Smithsonian poster); and 2) asserting that anyone who opposes them is embracing ‘whiteness’, regardless of ethnicity.

  2. MAGApedes voted for 2016 Campaign Trump but they got President Trump instead – their cognitive dissonance has lasted for 5 years.

  3. Trump had open access to the hearts of Americans.
    He did so little, when he had the opportunity to do so much.

  4. All this may be true, but be skeptical of all polling data.
    Often, polling data is skewed by the agenda of those doing the poll.
    The BIG dirty secret is, most people don’t respond to polls, just hang up or walk away.
    Just be skeptical, hold all results provisionally.

  5. It will take an historic failure on the part pf the U.S. Government, perhaps in foreign policy similar to Vietnam in 1975, economically like the hyperinflation of the late 1970’s or social disintegration like the race riots of the 1960’s to get the attention of White people. Only a disaster (or more likely multiple disasters) that scare the Hell out of people will motivate White people to publicly break with the anti-White governing ethos of the establishment. We aren’t there yet although the strains in the economy and society are pointing towards an historic failure or multiple concurrent failures in the country.

    Added to domestic troubles is the U.S. Government’s constantly screwing with big, powerful countries like China in their own backyards thousands of miles from the U.S. for no good reason. Blowback from this policy is inevitable as was the 9/11 terrorist attacks but the foreign policy “experts” in the U.S. are incapable of learning or changing, they are hopeless. The U.S. Government is courting failure with its idiotic policies but until disaster strikes nothing can change, the country has to hit rock bottom first and we are miles away from that right now.

  6. BMMRA2Z
    Thank you HW !
    .re – polls : ‘ . Hold all results provisionally ‘
    ; the truth perhaps : ‘ the electorate is resorting ‘ –
    Suppose you voted for DJT, once or twice –
    did that make you a Repoob – did you ‘feel’ like
    a Repooblican ?
    Who will stand with “us”, down the ‘Line’ : Ivanka ? Nimrata ? DJT ?
    Maybe M.T.Greene ; Louie Gohmert ; Jim
    Jordan ? Maybe . Who can say ?
    Can we stop supporting the Repooblican
    party with scarce wH dollars ?!?
    Let’s ‘resort’ some of our own ideas .
    Are we -DISAFFECTED- ?!? Perhaps that
    LaBeL is as good as any . We are definitely
    the Past ( THEY so hate ‘us’ for that ! )
    AND until ‘they’ start putting us in camps,
    WE remain, The Future !! This is OUR Time !
    Time to be more wH ; Time to be more
    Fruitful & perhaps, Time to be
    more disaffected !
    Please, keep on keepin’ on ! GOD SAVE
    The Queen ! TO LIVE & DIE IN DIXIE

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