Black Lives Matter Has Been Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

America is divided into normal people and those people.

Law & Liberty:

“Lasch inverted Ortega’s thesis, accusing American elites of rebelling against standards, and thus debilitating culture. Lasch’s targets were “upper middle class liberals” who, in his view, better exemplified the self-satisfaction, incuriosity, “radical ingratitude,” and hatred for anything not itself that Ortega found in mass man. …

In Lasch’s view, American elites have come to loathe their fellow Americans who do not share their rarefied progressive morality. What can any decent man (or woman, or Genderqueer-American) owe to a country and a people who are a stinking mass of bigotry? Revolt can be read as a defense of the white working-class Americans that would later come to be called “deplorables.” But it is also a defense of minorities, who, in Lasch’s view, are victimized by managerial elites in the name of kindness. …”

Last year, I wrote about the rise of modernism and the professional managerial class at length. I plan to return to this theme soon and carry on the story from the 1930s through 2020.

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  1. Now that Ol ‘Cornpop Joe is in office the nibbas may have gotten too lazy to riot – the bootlip USPS mailworkers on the South Side of Chicago haven’t delivered the mail for weeks.

  2. Not really surprising. You have to remember that millions of upper-middle class Whites genuinely believe that these people are just protesting systematic oppression. We know their grievance is phony and their cause is disingenuous, most people do not.

  3. Why hasn’t the KKK won the Nobel Peace Prize? Must be systemic anti-white racism.

    So go ahead and give the middle finger to the white race.

    And ALL LIVES MATTER even the 62 million unborn children you Lefties have slaughtered or approved of destroying … your payback is coming rest assured …

    May God Save the South!

  4. Apparently only purveyors of left-wing violence are qualified to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Greg Hood: Besa mi Blanco cuolo, puta!

  5. Who the hell said Hispanics weren’t natural conservatives!

    Actually, if they could find it in themselves to shed their ancestral/familial subservience to the Democratic Party, they could present a greater danger to what the Dem’s expect as unqualified support every election.

    If not “conservative,” Hispanics definitely have a strong cultural distaste for identity politics.

    • Hispanic peoples should be allowed to live in peace in their own countries. No more U.S. colonialism, no more U.S. coups and election meddling, proxy wars, sanctions and blockades!

      Where Hispanic immigrants are now the majority in the southwest U.S. they should have full control and independence, or let the land that was taken by force from Mexico be returned to Mexico.

      • Mexico is a white supremacist state. I’ve never met anyone from their utter caste who wasn’t a German, Anglo, French or Spaniard.

      • @ anonymous, here is a better idea brilliant sir, how about the u.s. invade and conquer thee ” baha peninsula”, then we would have a place to deport and exile , thee marxist element in our republic too, they.dont fit in anyway .

        • If the US had annexed Baja California after the Mexican War it probably would have become an urban/suburban sprawl like SoCal, instead of the uninhabited sand dune it is now.

  6. Could liberals imagine race relations would be this publicly poisoned 12 years after they gushingly elected the first black president? Don’t they get it yet that lots of blacks are simply dummies and losers and that’s why they don’t get ahead? 56 years of gushing over them and giving them everything they want and they make it sound like it’s still 1864. Of course this is crap going on since Saint Treyvon got his Halo is not really blacks fault, it’s the utter irresponsibility of the liberals for massive media propaganda to agitate blacks that dwarfs the Q crap stuff they so loathe. They choose to run the Saint Floyd crap 24/7 until they got their desired riots, no responsible media 100 years back would ever so publicize a potentially inflammatory story that could cause race riots. You could see the plan for a long hot summer was in the works for several years when they tried to start the Floyd riots a month earlier with the copper pipe thief they ran the big lie “was just out jogging” story. They even had a Chicago Seven movie filming in the studios in 2019 ready to roll in 2020 to glorify their color coded revolution protests. So, no the Emperor has no clothes, BLM is a nasty disruptive organization a thousand times worse than the Q anon crap that the left is so obsessed with, giving those commie bums the Nobel Peace Prize basically shows the thing is a gold plated political turd.

  7. Don’t forget to mention Jared Kushner has also been nominated for his genocidal “peace” deal:

    However, John Bolton, Max Boot, Victoria Nuland, Miriam Adelson, Sheldon Adelson (posthumously) and many others equally deserve to be nominated for their “peace”-making activities in service of the Almighty Dollar (and shekel) Empire. At the opposite end of the scale of injustice is Julian Assange, a true peace hero who was supposedly set free after months, years, of torture, who still languishes in the U.S.’s REAL gulag.

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