The Marjorie Taylor Greene Panic

Who is Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Why is the media creating a national panic about a freshman representative from Georgia who only arrived in Washington, DC a few days ago? What the hell has this woman done?

  • Majorie Taylor Greene is being singled out and put in the spotlight in order to portray Republicans as a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists. Apparently, the plan is to focus on the conspiratard in the Republican caucus in order to try to hang on to White college educated, suburban voters in 2022 who voted for Joe and the Democrats solely because they disliked Trump who isn’t around anymore.
  • COVID-19 will be long gone in 2022. As we have repeatedly pointed out, conspiratards are the bad optics who cost Trump the election. This has since been confirmed by his own pollsters.
  • The Democrats want to divide Republicans and dupe them into throwing Marjorie Taylor Greene under the bus for being cringe in order to stir up infighting in their own caucus.
  • The Republican leadership is weak and stupid enough to fall for this instead of drawing attention to the nonexistent “insurgency” and all the far more destructive conspiracies that Democrats believe like “systematic racism,” which poisons race relations, or the Russia conspiracy hoax, which poisons foreign relations with a major world power.
  • The Democrats are confident that the Republicans won’t deflect the issue by focusing on the lunatics in their own caucus like AOC or Ilhan Omar.
  • The Democrats seriously plan to run against QAnon in the 2022 midterms which died during the Capitol Siege and will be long gone two years from now.
  • Finally, the Trump Show inflated the Far Left and the ratings of the mainstream media for four years. The former is demobilizing and the latter is crashing without Blumpf around.

This is all about the 2022 midterms and the vulnerabilities of the Democrats who face a tough challenge in trying to hold together their “Not Trump” coalition.

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  1. The idea that wildfires in California are the result of deliberate arson is not a conspiracy theory. Most of these fires are just that. The motives of the fire starters is another question.

    • Greene has said a lot of things that are in no way, shape or form conspiracy theories. It’s like when they went after the estimable Steve King of Iowa for some very mild pro-White statements.

      Kevin McCarthy and the Roman Catholics are moving against Greene for the same reasons they moved against King.

      It’s not going to be as easy this time, as a lot of people are prepared to start talking about the Roman Catholics and their cult.

    • They accused Greene (falsely) of using the term “Jewish Lasers” to start the fires.
      ANTIFA types did, so would that not have been an artfully clever literary term if she had used it?

  2. Wouldn’t you think that the FBI might have identified Q by now if it wasn’t a Jew Op? If Q is a white nationalist surely we would know by now, amiright?

  3. Ironically, on the other end of that spectrum in the House Republican caucus is Liz Cheney. A surname which nobody ever associates with crazy conspiracy theories, cough cough, Saddam Hussein WMD. At least people believing in “Q” didn’t cost the United States one to two terabucks in a needless war slash regime change that damaged American moral credibility, Cheney’s political party for awhile, among many other things.

  4. The Democrats are confident that the Republicans won’t deflect the issue by focusing on the lunatics in their own caucus like AOC or Ilhan Omar.

    The GOP also will not focus on the acts of violence committed by “antifa” and BLM. Unlike Democrats, Republicans like to pull their punches and fight with one hand tied behind their backs.

  5. These same guys saying we should be concerned about the poor Uyghurs in China and about Russia sending Khodorkovsky/CIA puppet Navalny to jail, say they want to treat half of the American population like domestic terrorists and subject them to counter-insurgency tactics. America is a laughing stock.

    • My Catholic friend brought up the poor Uighurs one day. I’m like, where do you come up with this shit? You only mention them because someone told you to.

  6. The Republicans cannot criticize OAC or that wretched Ilhan Omar or the other lunatic members of The Squad because they are chocolate colored people. Everyone knows the chocolate colored people are “our greatest asset” (the guy on TV told me that) and the miserable Republicans don’t have the balls to call them out on their anti-White racism anyway. The Republicans actually share the same anti-White racism with their amnesty for rappers and stupid “Platinum Plan” reparations, none of which was repudiated by the corrupt Republicans after Trump lost.

    The Republicans don’t want to jeopardize that mighty %6 minority vote they have built up over decades, everyone knows that “Democrats are the real racists”. The Republicans are hoping, not without reason too that the House and possibly the Senate will fall into their hands like the rotten fruit they are through Democrat incompetence. The Republicans have nothing to offer except their tired old playbook: “The other guy is worse!” 2022 will bring out the Republican grifters in force just like Trump did.

    • I’ve noticed something sinister lurking about in the POC community. Covid19 has been wonderful for black clout. They really are grinning about the suffering of whitey middle classes. It’s demolished white schooling, retail, gatherings and organisation. Though the blacks have flouted the guidelines and rules whites have adhered to the measures requested of them, yet there have been no reckoning with badly behaved urban populations. I think they want the plague to continue…so it might well do so.

  7. “The GOP is the party of QAnon.” LOL. I almost want to respond “if only” but I cannot confidently endorse Q, as much fun as they were. ,
    Still I’d rather have a republican house full of Marjorie Taylor Greenes than those who are owned by corporations and tech monopolies and have lost whatever soul they had. .

  8. The jews are having trouble keeping their schvartzes in line when it comes to unconditional support for the illegitimate Zionist state.

  9. Does anyone know what the deal with the Jewish space laser is? I have seen first hand dialogues and online exchanges with Jewish people I know and others joking back and forth about the topic. I stay quiet because I am certain they took something she said and probably made it so ridiculous that the original statement did not come across.

    Or is she actually a lunatic? I dont even know anymore and what does that say about me when i hear Jewish space laser and a small portion of my mind goes who knows anymore. They have done a number on this woman though and I agree the Gop should really point out the insanity and idiocy of AOC and Omar. These women are dumbbells and whiners. They would get attacked in the press if they did but who cares the little base they have left would warm up to them again. Mcconell either doesnt care or likes being hated

  10. Seems like it makes some political sense for them to focus on her as a form of divide and conquer, although it will only take them so far.

    There is a real tension between the conspiratards and the GOP’s old suburban college educated base.

    It’s not necessarily correct to compare Q-tards to typical political figures who reinforce a 50/50 democrat vs republican polarization. By now we should all be aware of how that kind of polarization actually reinforces the status quo.

    The GOP already spent a lot of time focusing on particular progressive figures, but the effect was limited because it mostly just reinforces existing polarization. It might have some effect but it’s hardly a game changer.

    Dislike for Q-tards (and insurrectionists) has the potential to cut through polarization and get Democrats and some percentage of Republicans onto the same page. Instead of a 50/50 issue, it has the potential to be more like 70/30 or higher.

    In theory the Democrats could use this bypass gridlock and get things done, permanently winning people over into their camp. But they don’t necessarily want to do that.

    It’s more likely that they will do unpopular woke-neoliberal things and eventually alienate people to the point that the GOP makes a comeback in 2022 or 2024, which keeps the system stable.

  11. These stupid fucking college educated bitches and their house-husbands aren’t put off by Q-anon kooks. They don’t like Christians and WNs, doesn’t fit in with their apple store / coffee shop / BLM aligned wasp civic nationalist identity. No amount of “centrist” posturing can change that.

  12. The Muslims made two attacks on the Twin Towers:1993(seven people died in this attack and 2001. The Democratic Party response:massively increase Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS coming to America so that Muslim “Americans” can vote the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Christian Majority into a violently persecuted White Christian racial minority within the borders of America.

    To quote The Saker:Joe Biden is a FUNGUS….

    In the meantime, THE FUNGUS Joe Biden will start a war with Russia,Syria,…and Iran….massive US Military body count on the first day…Iran sends 1,000 silver coffins back to the US on the first day of war with the US in a US Airforce Transport-the first day in a war with Iran. Biden orders a tactical nuke dropped on Tehran….All hell breaks loose….Possibly a limited nuclear war with Christian Russian…I hope only this….Biden indicted for enormous vaulting monumental WAR CRIMES!!!!..

    I really hope you enjoyed being a faggot cuck in your NFL Negro Ball Worship…..Was it worth it?

  13. I knew this woman would become an issue right away with Trump gone. Just her commercials alone showing herself shooting a gun rather proficiently and her pro Trump support put her in the line of fire. I love her. She’s what Trump should have been.

    The Republican Party is a mess. They do have some authentic patriots. But they also have too many Adam Kizinger types or Liz Cheney types.

    Taylor Greene is basically an Alpha female type in a sea of Beta male politicians.. She shoots guns. She shoots her mouth. She owns a construction company. She lifts weights. She does not back down. Compare her to Mitt Romney or. Pat Toomey. Two typical weak Republicans.

    The Democrats are arrogant because they are filled with Jews, blacks and browns who know the media and Hollywood are always backing them up. Trump had an astounding 92% negative coverage.

    It does not matter what Democrats do. The media will always be their defenders. That leads to insanely hypocritical things like Taylor Greene thrown off committees while moslem terrorist supporters like Omar or anti White racists like Aoc or Maxine Waters having zero problems staying on committees. Being a non White Democrat or a Jew has enormous benefits.

    I expect the Biden administration to be an utter disaster. He is old, slow, incompetent, has early dementia and has sold his soul to dangerous anti White racists. As bad as Republicans can be, I expect an easy recapture of the House in 2022. Heck, they are barely shy of a majority now.

    Republicans always play the sucker to the bitter, cheating Democrats. Taylor Greene and some others are not suckers. This is why the Democrats want her gone so badly.

    But as always, our Jews media is heavily the problem. It’s why domestic terrorist supporter Rep.Busch of Blm infamy, is viewed as a victim in a run in with Greene. It’s why the Squad gets away with one stupid thing after the other with zero consequences.

    Aoc literally looks to defund the police leading to more deaths yet zero happens to her. Omar defends Moslem terrorism, rails against police, the wall and White people while saying zero of all the black and brown crime. This can be said of virtually all the communists in Congressional black caucus.The hypocrisy is so over the top outrageous.

    Republicans have to chase out the Adam Kizinger types now. Let him go be a Democrat.

    Time to act and be tough just like the Catholic fellow condemning Biden’s soul to possibly going to hell upon death. Sure. Why would he say anything else to a fake Christian? I would think the overwhelming majority of Democrats would be part of that conversation too.

  14. Embracing Marjorie Taylor Greene-ism is a mistake for “White populists”.

    It may have superficially “based” elements, but it has a very low ceiling and it carries a lot of baggage. Whoever made these people believe the totally nonsensical Q-Anon stuff can also make them believe other similarly irrational stuff in the future.

    Even if you could replace Q-Anon and maintain narrative dominance, getting the bottom 25% of Whites (in terms of capability) isn’t going to be sufficient, if it comes at the cost of alienating the top 75% of Whites.

    In many scenarios that bottom 25% of Whites will just serve as a punching bag for the rest of society. We don’t want that to happen, but it’s looking increasingly probable. And no, they won’t have some heroic Hollywood style comeback.

    In some distant future the bottom 25% of Whites will be part of our coalition but for now we can’t do much with people who are this bad at observing and understanding reality. They’d be better off taking a break from politics, instead of making themselves into punching bags for the system.

    We need to be getting the higher tier Whites who are more capable of understanding the world and more capable of constructive action within this society. Those people probably don’t like Trump or Marjorie Taylor Greene at this point. They may be giving Biden a chance but he will almost certainly disappoint them in the future.

  15. Repubs need to be flushed with Dems.

    Keep new Greene and Rand, several others.

    Everyone else to Guantanamo.

    And convert DOJ into a prison. Employees become prisoners.

    Barr, Rosenstein, Sessions permanent occupants.

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