Neoliberal Joe Signs Open Borders Executive Orders

Today was Open Borders Day.

After he was criticized by the New York Times for issuing so many executive orders, Neoliberal Joe took a day off on Friday. He resumed work on opening the border to illegal aliens this afternoon with three new executive orders. Aside from progressive activists and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it isn’t clear to us who is demanding these changes. No one else appears to be strongly for open borders.

FOX News:

President Biden on Tuesday signed three executive orders on immigration, including one to create a task force to reunify migrants separated under the Trump administration — part of a sweeping push by Biden to roll back his predecessor’s immigration policies.”I’m not making new law, I’m eliminating bad policy,” Biden said from the Oval Office. …

A second order will implement a three-part strategy to address “irregular migration” at the southern border. It includes the development of a strategy to tackle the instability and other factors that drive migrants north, in collaboration with other countries.

It also directs the Department of Homeland Security to review the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) which Biden promised to end. The protocols, known as the Remain-in-Mexico policy, keep migrants south of the border while their immigration hearings are underway rather than admitting them into the homeland. …

Finally, on legal immigration, the third order signed on Tuesday will set up a review of Trump-era policies on that form of immigration, and will “streamline” the naturalization process and instruct agencies to review the public charge rule – which limited green cards to immigrants are deemed likely to be reliant on welfare. …”

The biggest swing in the 2020 election against Joe Biden was among Hispanics who live along the Mexican border who warmed to Donald Trump. In fact, Joe cratered with Hispanics all over the country. Trump only lost the 2020 election because Jared Kushner alienated White male Indies.

Before the 2020 election, Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters ranked immigration as their #20 most important issue. Even DILE voters ranked immigration as their #18 issue. The only people who are really fired up about immigration and vote on the basis of that issue are Trump voters.

In the latest Pew poll, immigration ranks behind “reducing budget deficit” on the list of the public’s top priorities. Among Hispanic voters, strengthening the economy (83%), dealing with COVID (82%), improving the job situation (69%), addressing issues around race in this country (68%), improving education (66%), improving the political system (64%), dealing with the problems of poor people (64%), terrorism (63%), reducing health care costs (63%), reforming Social Security (59%), reducing crime (55%) and addressing issues within the criminal justice system (52%) all rank higher than immigration (47%). Hispanics aren’t voting on the basis of immigration. They rank terrorism higher than immigration.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2020 election, a Morning Consult poll that found that open borders wasn’t anywhere close to being a priority for the general public or Democratic voters. It is a losing issue for Democrats that polarizes White Independent swing voters against them.

If immigration is a losing issue for Democrats which doesn’t motivate either wing of the party to show up at the polls and only fires up the Right and created Donald Trump, why are they pushing it? You could ask the same question about why they are focusing on other polarizing woke, trans and climate issues instead of delivering the immediate $2,000 stimmy which is hugely popular. No one except the media is demanding establishing a progressive dictatorship and police state either.

Something else must be going on here. There has to be a reason why Joe is focusing on some of the most unpopular policies in the Democratic playbook. He isn’t catering to the priorities of his voters by moving on things like trannies in women’s sports. Does Joe’s agenda strike you as corporate neoliberal shit? Is he catering to his donors? Are Citibank and Bank of America impressed by Joe’s first ten days?

Note: As with the previous executive order on open borders, these will be challenged in federal court as well.

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  1. Dementia Joe, in those rare and fleeting moments of clarity does what his owners tell him to do. The rest of the time he sleeps on the couch in the Oval Office while his staff takes care of things. President Kuntmala is busy pulling out her yardstick to measure the office for the new drapes she has already ordered.

  2. So Biden is going to make Covid-19 worse by opening the borders to even more immigration? Are they even going to test these people to make sure they are not infected with coronavirus?

    • Its surely a miraculous miracle that influenza virions have been blasted out of reality since the deadly & very real menace that is c-19 emerged.

      Heard that specialists at the Mayo Clinic partnered with those rascals at CERN, who had discovered that while burning pictures of Adolf Hitler a quantum shift occurred wherein influenza simply disappeared.

      Via satellite uplink, the specialists at Mayo Clinic & rascals of CERN held a 30 day seance throughout the month of February in 2019. As some speculated, this noble effort required copious amounts of Adderall & novel amphetamine alkaloids.

      Covid 19 is really a real menace to the entire public writ large. Only most the above s*** is satire. Wear your face diapers with Pride.

      • “a quantum shift occurred wherein influenza simply disappeared”:

        Influenza being less infectious than SARS CoV-2, it is not surprising that hygienic measures insufficient to contain the latter are sufficient to control the former.

    • Biden is hoping the migrants will bring new stronger vaccine resistant mutant strains. Like the South African variant.

      • It appears that “conventional” vaccines confer immunity to at least one of the mutations while the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines do not confer sufficient immunity, appear to be more narrowly-targeted.

        • The vaccines like Pfizer can recalibrate the MRNA in a week or two. It’s related to crsprcas9. The turn around will be spectacularly fast if needed at this point.

  3. There is a knee jerk take that Biden is the third term of Obama’s presidency, but I would make the argument that Biden is closer to being what Hilary’s first term policy objectives would have been.

  4. Well, we knew this was going to happen when people decided not to support Trump. The argument was that sacrificing on immigration would be worth it because the Dems are better on economic and labor issues, including the stimulus checks. So far, that hasn’t panned out, but it’s still very, very early. And for those that think Trump would have been just as bad on immigration, his supposed “amnesty” was related to DACA which is only about 1.8 million people. With 20+ million illegals in the country and his disdain for enforcing our borders, Biden definitely has the potential to be much worse. Here’s hoping he mellows out, and we get those stimmies soon.

    • I’m covering all the things he is doing. These executive orders will get challenged in federal court though. It is a big splash like always, but we will see how it shakes out.

      • The “children in cages” hasn’t changed at all. Remember, Obama deported more than any, but he was coy, discrete about it. The borders will be as open, or even closed, as needed to support the system. The parasite system does not thrive on Mono-ethnicity with cultural solidarity and true Christianity.

  5. Open borders is bipartisan policy and has been since 1965. In fact every White nation on earth opened it’s borders after WWII, that’s how you know it’s a Jewish conspiracy. It’s not a left vs right issue, it’s a Jew vs Gentile issue.

    • The Roman Catholics are pushing as hard or harder than the Jews. That’s a fact.

      In Hart-Celler, Philip Hart was a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer and the US Senator from Michigan.

      • The 1965 immigration surrender might as well have been called the Catholic-Jewish Immigration Act. The White idiots voted “yes” in large numbers, though. Thanks for giving our nation away, traitors. Eternal Shame.

  6. You have got Mexicans in the work force now getting higher pay and now the hungry Hondurans are coming to work for half. Why else do you suppose Mexicans don’t like immigration?

  7. Joe Xiden the Chinese puppet is complete trash. He is another fake catholic, aka, cat lick. Sorry kitties, I still love ya.

    Xiden Biden is nearly 80 years old. That means he is lucky to squeeze out another 10 years of life. Over the next 4 years expect his health to deteriorate quickly. His brain disease for sure will. He always sounds like he has a Kazoo in his mouth or is talking under water.

    Him and his fake doctor, community college wife, are among the greatest killers of the unborn. Nearly 80 years old and he has the massive backing of Satan worshipping Planned Parenthood. This while Jewish New York Times splatters some nonsense of how Biden is the most ” religious” president in ages. What a filthy, disgusting lie. CHRIST said you will know his followers by ” their fruits.” HE also said, ” Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” I would say pushing the mass murder of the unborn and promoting homosexuality as the same as heterosexuality along with getting in bed with domestic terrorist group, Blm, is totally opposite of being a CHRIST follower. At the end of the day and the end of our lives the saying. “you can run but you can’t hide” is 100% on point. All shall stand before GOD like It or not.

    Biden is a vile sellout. He is simply pushing what has been going on for decades- bringing in new non White populations to turn America into a communist one ruled by Democrats permanently.

    As I have said here several times, America’s end comes through black people. Be It the constant worshipping of them, the constant covering up for their high crime and welfare use, the truly comical fake news promotion of blacks as ” religious”( religious like Biden? Lol) while most far and away vote for baby killers, domestic terrorist supporters and homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality.

    Blacks are the number 1 communist group. Black women are on the top of the garage heap when it comes to voting to ruin America. When I read weak knee socialist Whites always praising black wahhhmenzz for their Haiti like voting patterns, it’s truly sick.

    While the Maga movement was more like a C level term paper, the Democrats are literally pushing to legalize voting fraud. HR 1″ For the People Act” is a death knell for this nation if it becomes law. But what were you expecting from an overly diverse nation? Diversity is a strength for communism once again. Let’s quicken it all up and end this sham marriage already!

    • Demography is destiny. This country’s fate was sealed in 1965 when Emmanuel Celler’s so-called “Immigration Reform Act” was signed by LBJ. The intent was to swamp the country with the hideous Third World types and the plan has worked to perfection. The vile Republicans had many opportunities to reverse the damage but instead we got the likes of the good “conservative” Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty which made everything worse.

      The amazing thing is these scumbags who have turned the country into another Third World Hell hole expect the country to perform to first world standards. They expect the U.S. military to perform as though it were 1945 and intimidate serious countries like Russia and China. The ruling class’s disconnect from reality is amazing but that is what happens when these people live in their own little bubbles protected from their own policies.

  8. Many people moved out of California to escape the diversity which has overwhelmed the state, particularly in southern California. Now they will find the already bad diversity in places like Texas and Arizona gets swamped with new stone age savages from south of the Rio Grande. It’s possible the border states get so much enrichment from Dementia Joe’s amnesty that government services such as law and order just collapse.

    Perhaps that is the intent here, to use the “new Americans” to simply collapse the country. Dementia Joe’s paymasters in Peking may find that with the country in a state of anarchy they can recover Taiwan without interference from the U.S. Government. The most likely explanation though is that Dementia Joe has no idea what he is doing. He just signs what is put in front of him then goes back to sleep on the couch in the Oval Office while President Kuntmala Harris waits outside with her yardstick to measure the drapes for her Oval Office.

  9. “Diversity is a strength for communism”:

    In reality, the exact opposite is true. It is the Usury system that creates and thrives on multi-ethnicity, multi-culturalism and atomized, individualist, rootless cosmopolitanism.

  10. Can we open our eyes and turn the lights on? All of the “Biden” EOs were written by Jews. Biden is less than a puppet at this point. The Jews killed Huey Long, get over it and wake up to our reality.

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