AOC: I’m A Survivor Of Sexual Assault Who Was Traumatized By The Capitol Siege

Who cares?

Where is our $2,000?

Has AOC ever sponsored a bill that became law?

Why can’t AOC push the $2,000 stimulus check through the House right now like she did in January? Congress isn’t a stage for drama, grandstanding babies and empty performance art.

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  1. Graduates of the BU International Relations program, are all kinda fake. She’s no bar tender, more likely a failed CIA applicant or even worse a successful one.

    • She supported the gay American coup in Bolivia, which is suspicious considering she claims to be a “democratic socialist” that cares about indigenous people.

      • That’s a good example,Dart. Also she clearly opposes Chavismo, and Bolivarian and Cuban people’s democracy. When cornered and asked to give a clear, unequivocal answer why she tacitly supports the U.S. war on Venezuela, she says: “I think that, that this is absolutely a complex issue. I think it’s important that, uh, that we approach this very carefully. One I am, um, myself just like anyone else who is absolutely concerned with the humanitarian crises that’s happening and I think it’s important that any solution that we have centers the Venezuelan people and centers the democracy of Venezuelan people first.” She’s an ANTI-communist, ANTI-socialist. Be sure, she was vetted and approved to serve the Empire.

    • Yes, she also got their phone numbers and harassed them until they moved because they wouldn’t violate her “honor” again.

  2. AOC represents the Latin Americanization of American politics. Politics is not based on the constitution, reason, precedent and rationality. It is based on hysteria.

    • Hysteria, nepotism, corruption, threats, bribery, violence, murder, mobs and incompetence. Welcome to the future of the U.S. although one silver lining is that eventually, as the country becomes more third world, overseas wars will diminish because the Empire will be too broke and dysfunctional to constantly meddle all over the world. Unfortunately the Empire will become ever more vicious and repressive at home.

    • @ brian pace, what about the republican culture war against white folks, you giving the party of lincoln a pass?

  3. Hey AOC, having committed sexual assault does not make you a survivor of sexual assault. To be a survivor you have to be THE VICTIM not the benefactor of it!

  4. Does this thing looks like mentally healthy rational person who can understand the problems, has situation awareness and make reasonable decisions ?

    This creature only publicly demonstrated it`s madness but others are not better. Uncle Joe must do some house cleaning but he can`t. Kamala is similar .

    Communism is diagnosis, not worldview . And because of that, The Swamp can`t put them on the line and go back to normal.

    • ”Communism is diagnosis, not worldview,” I like that. The kind of people that one can hang noodles on their ears all the time, not normal people.

  5. Spicasio-Cortez is obviously trying to get as much use out of her “brown victim of white racism” card as she can.

    • @Spahnranch1970

      The ironic thing about AOC is that the actual Black and Brown people of her district voted for the establishment Democrat. AOC’s votes were all the white hipsters that have gentrified Brooklyn.

    • What pitiful, disgusting, cowardly, judeo-tyrants these congressional vermin are. To think of what previous and current war criminals in the synagogue of democracy put civilians of nations through that didn’t play well with the whims and agenda of international jewry, and then some rowdy MAGAtards in said synagogue made them shit their underwear. Their lack of empathy for others and hysterical fictional accounts in regards to the events of 1/6/21 is genuinely pathological.

  6. I’m beginning to suspect that nothing about these people is real, before the new Congress started, AOC had said that Nancy Pelosi should be replaced as speaker, yet none of those ‘squad’ members voted against Pelosi, it would have only taken a handful of House members to stop it, 10 or 15 would have done it. It all seems to be a pretense.

  7. This pathetic bitch was unable to name the three branches of government when she was asked. The fact she is even in our government tells you everything you need to know about this country.

  8. She is lying! We all remember this picture circulating on the right-wing forums of her giving blowjob President Trump!I think it was voluntary and she liked it! Lol!

  9. These mental defectives are nothing but attention seekers. In a sane and healthy society, AOC would be a taking orders in McDonald’s.

  10. [Mis]Representative Alexandria Occassionally Messed-Up Cortez — aka “Donkey Chompers” here.

    Orange Man Bad. Very very bad. I’m glad he’s gone and want him impeached and never able to whup up them racist whigger ZOGtards to where they get all feral ever again and even think of grabbing muh beaneress pussy. Bad bad Orange Man & Pussy Grabber !!!

    When them White Devils broke into the Grand ho-House of Democracy, I remembered how my daddy and bros and uncles, well like Orange Man they grabbed muh little pussy as well. So I hid in the bathroom. But what if they needed to pee and decided to not to first lift the seat? Bad bad bad Orange Man following White Devils !!! So I went and hid in the closet with the rest of the trannys, where it was safe. Sorta safe. Good thing they don’t like us wymyn. Especially beaneresses.with offset donkey chompers, oy vey !!!

    I am still shaking at my narrow escape. Bad bad Orange Man. Bad bad.

    I think he needs to get impeached a third time, ay, yiy, yiy yiy !!! I am the Frito Banditess !!!

    I just had to share this shit with you all. Itz no fun bean an illeagul alien.

    [Mis]Representative Alexandria Occassionally Messed-Up Cortez — aka “Donkey Chompers” (D-Bronx)

  11. Nina Simone every libtards favorite singer…. I’m sure Ms. Nina Simone loved how the music industry treated her before she died of breast cancer.

    She loved the music industry so much that she almost shot one of her music executives for stealing royalties from her then high tailed it to france. I hate Robert Christgau massive cuck for rap music in the 90’s despite being a rock n roll reviewer. I hate his music reviews most of the time but he was pretty much bang on of his description of her improvisational jazz singing

  12. Empty performance art and grandstanding is EXACTLY the function of Congress in the current era.

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