Huey Long Seen As A Threat To FDR

FDR was an establishment Democrat.

We had to terrify the political establishment and build unusual coalitions in the Great Depression to get anything done. The elite strategy is to divide and conquer the people by making them terrified of each other. When Huey Long was assassinated in 1935, the Share Our Wealth Society he built had 7.5 million members and 27,000 clubs spread around the country. He didn’t have social media.

If Huey Long were alive today, there is no doubt that 2024 would be his year. He would build his own media and small dollar donor network and leapfrog the oligarchy into the White House. Bernie Sanders was too chickenshit and didn’t have the balls to run on checks and the wealth cap in the 2020 Democratic primaries. Bernie went woke and went broke and became a pushover trying to appeal to Elizabeth Warren’s White upper middle class professionals.

Note: Virtually every popular idea that is pushed by “progressives” and which still haven’t been realized because of their toxic culture war priorities was proposed by Huey Long.

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  1. Upton Sinclair was much more of a concern to FDR than Huey Long. Sinclair was a socialist running as a Democrat in California.

    • but Long was a country-wide threat. That’s why FDR

      had him killed. Assassinating populists was the in-thing during the mid-1930’s:

      FDR x’d Long, Hitler x’d Roehm and Strasser, Stalin x’d Kirov.

      • Where’s your evidence FDR was behind it and not just Weiss? In your mind FDR allowed Pearl Harbor, Eisenhower was a dupe for the commies as the JB Society claimed, Oswald was actually a patsy, Raul was behind MLK’s death and not Ray, and 9/11 was a government plot with Bush at the helm.

        Oh and brabantian, you misspelled your name. It should be barbantian.

  2. Hunter;

    Don’t forget, February is Black History Month, a whole month to celebrate the many and varied contributions of some of the colored folk. If Black History Month lasted 10 minutes that would be 10 minutes too long.

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  4. We sure need his political and economic ideas in 2021. That’s especially true with Automation going on that will soon put 40% plus out of Work. It will be all the more reason why his ideas are needed for the Working Class and those who just might stay at home in the future..Homeschooling…and so on. Deo Vindice !

  5. Note the mocking, authoritative tone of that hack narrator in the Long bio clip: amazing the people can be led by such (((cheap tricks))), but they can.

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