GOP Proposes $1,000 Stimulus Checks

Apparently, the Republican Senate still hasn’t learned its lesson.


“The next stimulus checks could be smaller than $1,400 and reach fewer people if a new plan put forward by some Republican senators is approved.

The new proposal from a group of 10 GOP lawmakers calls for $1,000 checks per person, rather than the $1,400 sum proposed by President Joe Biden. …

Individuals earning up to $40,000 per year would be eligible for the full payments. Those with incomes at that threshold and above would see payments gradually phase out, and eligibility would be capped at $50,000 in annual pay.

For married couples who file taxes jointly, the payments would begin phasing out at $80,000 in income and be capped at $100,000. …”

The biggest myth in American politics is that these “deficit hawks” are “moderates” or “center right.” Maybe that was true back in the 1990s. It isn’t true anymore today. They represent the middle class professional wing of the Republican Party. 76% of Georgia voters want $2,000 checks.

Ask Sen. David Perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler how their voters feel about the issue. They didn’t show up at the polls after that shit Mitch pulled with the $600 stimulus check. The $2,000 stimulus check has a +56 approval rating in Georgia. What do you think it is elsewhere?

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  1. Good. Great!

    Now let’s see the Democrats raise the offer to $2,000.

    I will vote for whoever sends me the biggest check.

    As long as the borders are open and foreigners are allowed to become citizens and vote, “democracy” and citizenship itself are meaningless.

    So just send cash.

    • Why $2,000? Did you pull that amount out of your dimwitted ass? Let’s have $100,000 checks to soothe our White genocide. Some many idiots in our camp….

      • @MPO

        Here are the two choices:

        1. White genocide.

        2. White genocide plus $2,000.

        It is not the White Genocide you object to – it’s the $2,000. It really drives you nuts, the idea that Americans can get money from the US government, as opposed to JUST Israelis getting money from the US government, eh?

        If you Republican shills are worried about “government spending” and inflation (snicker) then stop the mass immigration.

      • I agree with you. While we are placating to the party that pays off in peanuts,the same politicians are getting rich off our misery. It’s isn’t the conservatives that always lose,it’s our side also.

  2. Brad you may not have heard: Our friend Congressman Jim Jordan in NOT going to run for the US Senate!

  3. Sure – because a couple of Middle-class White suburbanites with kids pulling down a combined $110K+ couldn’t use a few extra grand. Of course- that demographic is the one that swung the vote to Biden but the Repubs continue to play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

    • c d,

      Those “colorblind” egalitarian White middle class suburbanites are about to be ‘enriched’ by section-8 housing filled with their beloved POC. Karma.

  4. A Monetarily Sovereign entity cannot unintentionally run short of its own sovereign currency. These “deficit hawks” are either incompetent or malicious.

  5. What Republican Senators “want” is irrelevant. The Democrats control Congress, and they’d rather not pay. They were all about blowing up the filibuster to get things done until they actually have to get things done, then it’s the tried-and-true blame game and do-nothingism that’s crippled the country for decades.

  6. The Democrats have been right on this issue from the very beginning. It’s always been the Fiscal Conservatives that keep fighting back on Covid-19 Stimulus Money, Masks, and everything else. President Trump was all for Economic Stimulus and keeping the economy open. Doing both at the same time. Great idea! However the establishment in the Republican Party are just wrong. Just being greedy rich snobs that care nothing about the American People. What a find interesting about these people is the whole debate in itself. It’s very obvious the Federal Reserve Notes are funny money anyway. Why even keep up with the National Debt anymore? A different story is told by State and Local governments that stick with a budget and don’t have a FED that will print them money all the time. The Federal Government on the other hand has a private bank (the FED) that prints them money 24/7 if needed. Just print it and don’t keep track….if it’s paper money it has no real value anyway. Speaking of money….the Confederacy printed it’s own money based really on nothing….maybe Cotton. Kind of like the Federal Reserve Notes. Guess my point is if you “Secede” you (a State or Region) can get with a Bank and print all the money you want. It’s worth is based on you I guess. Print the money needed and lets all get through this Covid-19 Pandemic and hopefully the Vaccines will work. Deo Vindice !

    • hey “we’re all in this together” dingbat: the overall US death rate was precisely the same in 2020 as it was in 2019 as it was….etc.

      IOTW, the Kungflu killed almost no one EXCEPT those about to drop dead anyway of a co-morbid condition.

      and BTW, the (((Rothschild))) Third National Bank, alias the Federal Reserve, keeps careful track of every penny of debt owed it by the money-printing Treasury Department. Because debt

      is the ultimate source of the Jewpower.

    • What’s this ‘Americans support a 2000 MONTHLY check’ ?

      They are only talking a one time check, not MONTHLY!

      A 2000 MONTHLY ck would be about 3 trillion in added deficit.
      What are ppl thinking ?

  7. The money these politicians on both sides are trying to bribe you with won’t pay most peoples rent or mortgage (depending on where you live). While they pretend to fight over the scraps you will get, they’re getting millions on the return. When do we say no more, we can;t be bought?

  8. They gave the finance assholes at least $6 trillion, no whining about the national debt or balanced budget bullshit – works out to just under $20,000 per person.

    I want $20,000 checks for everyone.

    If $6 trillion for the finance assholes isn’t a problem, $20,000 for each of the rest of us isn’t either.

  9. So long as we are shoveling money to other ((countries)), the ‘fiscal conservative’ argument holds NO water.

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