Reddit and Discord Ban Wall Street Bets For “Hate Speech”


It appears to be back up now on Reddit.

It only took a week to drop the neoliberal mask after Trump left the White House.

As long as progressives were fired up about Blumpf’s “fascist” America, the orange lightning rod could be used to distract attention away from the big boys who were making a fortune and Neoliberal Joe could be propped up and pushed through the Democratic primaries and into the White House.

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  1. How long before the FBI starts arresting reddit spergs and accusing them of being “Anti-Semitic White Nationalists” for the beatdown of the Wall St Protected Class?

  2. Glenn Greenwald put it best:

    “- Politics is to be manipulated only by K Street.

    – The stock market is to be manipulated only by Wall St.

    – Dissemination of information is to be manipulated only by corporate media outlets.

    Those are the rules.”

    It is now being made clear that it you don’t have an ivy league degree and aren’t a member of their clubs then you have no say. The veil of liberalism is being lifted to expose the oligarchy underneath. Making it explicit is good for us.

  3. Whenever a social media platform starts to compete with Google/Youtube, the Anti-Defamation League will accuse the competitor of “anti-semitism” and “hate” then demand advertisers and investors boycott them.

    When the Winklevoss brothers went to Larry Summers to complain that Mark Zuckerberg stole their work, Larry Summers implied they were “anti-semites” and sided with his fellow Jew, Zuckerberg.

    See how this works?

    But you are not allowed to boycott Israeli companies because Donald Trump decided that was “anti-semitic” and made it illegal.

    • “When the Winklevoss brothers went to Larry Summers to complain that Mark Zuckerberg stole their work, Larry Summers implied they were “anti-semites” and sided with his fellow Jew, Zuckerberg.”

      The (((courts))) also ruled against the Winklevoss twins, denying them legal redress for being cheated.

      I’d really like to know, how a certain (((group))) can do ‘naked’ short selling, not delivering shares when doing a short sale. (The potential for massive economic ruin of innocent investors being sucked into a vortex of financial failures.)

      ‘naked’ shorting is a fuse on an economic bomb.

      • Yeah, this whole GameStop short covering scandal has noting to do with individual investors or even large groups of individual investors. Only governments (sovereigns) and large scale institutions can force short selling.

        My guess is Hong Kong/China and other Asiatics are showing the Biden/Catholics/Jews how smart they are…

      • Short selling itself is fake capitalism, frankly – it is relying on the government to cover infinity bets – it is pure rent-seeking, pure subsidy.

        But naked short selling? That is just straight up financial fraud, but it is quasi-legal. Who is going to stop them? They own the politicians and they own the regulators and they own the media.

        • How can anyone trust Anglin after he shilled for the convicted rapist Weinstein, shilled for Trump AFTER Trump proved himself to be a complete fraud, shilled for multiracial American Nationalism, removed sections from his forum dealing with the JQ and racial issues, black crime issues, etc., right before Antifa and BLM rioting blew up last year, etc.?

          Anglin is clearly a performance artist shill who doesn’t actually believe anything he is shilling for, and he is working under the direction of his Fed handler (((Weev))). Don’t be fooled by Anglin jumping back on the WN bandwagon now that Trump is gone; he is just looking for his next grift.

          Anglin shills are still showing up here trying to fool people, again. And some of you are just aching to be fooled by him one more time. It is disgusting.

  4. This is going to be pretty easy to control and subvert. You can tell that it’s infiltrated already. Just another tool in the box within a month or two. Also a good way to get people putting money into the casino again. It’s still a roulette table goys.

  5. Funniest headline on this topic was that the Biden White House was “monitoring the situation …”

    So that part of the Trump legacy has endured

    They seem to be openly humiliating Biden a bit, here using the same technique as on Trump a few weeks ago –

    Having Biden sit embarrassingly at what appears to be a little boy’s desk, with the presidential seal stuck on the front, as if it was bought at a toy store … Kamala Harris behind him, like an indulgent mommy guiding him … Seems Biden is little more than a face for however long he remains in that job

    • Could you imagine Nixon, Eisenhower or FDR allowing themselves to be seated at a dinky little card table like that?

      You’re right, this is a not-so-subtle attempt on the part of President-in-waiting Koonmala to make Batshit Biden look small and weak, so that when she takes over in a few months she can portray herself as strong and confident by comparison.

  6. We need Occupy Wall St. 2.0. The alt-right needs to regroup around anti-Wall St. activism. We also need to be be ready to protest on the street if Biden pulls any neocon stuff in Syria.

  7. The system (including the stock market) is NOT “rigged.” It is working beautifully, exactly as it is intended to work.

    Friedrich Engels called stocks “fictitious capital,” and Marx borrowed and developed the idea in volumes two and three of Das Kapital: ““While the stocks of railways, mines, navigation companies, and the like, represent actual capital, namely, the capital invested and functioning in such enterprises, or the amount of money advanced by the stockholders for the purpose of being used as capital in such enterprises (…) this capital does not exist twice, once as the capital-value of titles of ownership (stocks) on the one hand and on the other hand as the actual capital invested, or to be invested, in those enterprises” (but) “exists only in the latter form“ (and) “is merely a title of ownership to a corresponding portion of the surplus-value to be realised by it (…) With the development of interest-bearing capital and the credit system, all capital seems to double itself, and sometimes treble itself, by the various modes in which the same capital, or perhaps even the same claim on a debt, appears in different forms in different hands. The greater portion of this ‘money-capital’ is purely fictitious.”

    “Marx’s talk about fictitious capital is also philosophically important to understand capitalism as a whole. Fictitious capital is extremely important to Marx’s theory because it is the part his demonstration of capitalism as a historical period comes full circle: it shows how monopoly of violence is the ultimate guarantor of the system. By explaining fictitious capital, Marx finally puts capitalism in History. History is the saga of class struggle, and the decisive factor of class struggle is the monopoly of violence. In capitalism, monopoly of violence is in the hands of the State (justice, the judicial system, Law). And it is only in the form of fictitious capital that capital gains a purely legal form. Capital then fuses with the State, which is violence concentrated. The system is not rigged. It is working as intended: the politicians, as the personification of the State, put their services in the free market, which were bought by whoever could pay the price. Wall Street had the money and bought those politicians in the free market, therefore buying the State, therefore buying monopoly of violence. They used this bought monopoly of violence to freely squash their competitors. The free market is not only functioning perfectly – it is also in functioning in its most beautiful and evolved form in the USA, which is the Mecca of Capitalism”:

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