Neoliberal Joe Signs Climate Change Executive Orders

Today was Climate Day.

Joe Biden saved the planet today.

The polar ice caps were on the verge of melting, the hole in the ozone layer was expanding and the planet was boiling until these executive orders were signed and we rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — In the most ambitious U.S. effort to stave off the worst of climate change, President Joe Biden signed executive orders Wednesday to transform the nation’s heavily fossil-fuel powered economy into a clean-burning one, pausing oil and gas leasing on federal land and targeting subsidies for those industries.

The directives aim to conserve 30 percent of the country’s lands and waters in the next 10 years, double the nation’s offshore wind energy, and move to an all-electric federal vehicle fleet, among other changes. Biden’s sweeping plan is aimed at staving off the worst of global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. …”


“Today is climate day at the White House, which means that today is jobs day at the White House,” Biden told reporters as he sought to tie his environmental push to American job creation.

Here’s the executive action Biden took Wednesday and what each item does:

Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.’ This order seeks to cement the climate crisis at the center of US foreign policy and national security. Most notably, it directs the secretary of the interior to pause on entering into new oil and natural gas leases on public lands or offshore waters.The order also:

Instructs Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to prepare a national intelligence estimate on the security implications of the climate crisis and directs all agencies to develop strategies for integrating climate considerations into their international work.

Establishes the National Climate Task Force, assembling leaders from across 21 federal agencies and departments.

Commits to environmental justice and new, clean infrastructure projects.

Kicks off development of emissions reduction target.

Establishes the special presidential envoy for climate on the National Security Council.

‘Executive Order on Establishing President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.’ This order reestablishes the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Moving forward, the council will advise Biden on policy that affects science, technology, and innovation.

Presidential Memorandum on Scientific Integrity. This memorandum charges the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy with the responsibility of ensuring scientific integrity across federal agencies.

Agencies that oversee, direct or fund research are tasked with designating a senior agency employee as chief science officer to ensure agency research programs are scientifically and technologically well founded. …”

It was also White upper middle class, college educated, professional liberal day.

Now that I think about it, Trans Day (Monday), Woke Day (Tuesday) and Friday (Open Borders Day) are all White upper middle class, college educated professional liberal days. As I have been stressing lately, the Democratic Party is two different parties with two different agendas.

The White professional wing is the governing wing of the party which is why Neoliberal Joe is going scorched earth on the polarizing culture war issues and backtracking on $2,000 checks. There is too much agreement on economic populism where half of Republican voters agree on most issues. You want to front load the most unpopular parts of your agenda so that nothing gets done for the working class. The Republicans do this with tax cuts and health care. The Democrats do it with open borders.

Younger and Older Conservatives rank the environment and climate change as their #19 and #20 and #21 and #22 most important issues respectively. It is not an issue for them.

The Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWCs) rank the environment and climate change as their #9 and #12 most important issues. Their top issues are health care, Social Security, Medicare, the economy and jobs. They want a strong government and a strong social safety net.

The Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs), however, rank the environment and climate change as their top two issues. They rank the economy and jobs as their #12 and #13 most important issues. These people are well off metropolitan liberals. Unlike all other groups, they can afford to vote on the basis of class identity which is why their focus is on trans, woke, open borders and climate issues.

In the United States and United Kingdom, the Democratic Party and Labour Party has increasingly become the home of these White professional metropolitan liberals since the Bill Clinton and Tony Blair era. They’ve antagonized and driven out White working class voters with extreme culture war positions.

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    • I can’t interpret the 80,000,000 votes he got as a support for this sort of stuff. Most people will mouth platitudes about Climate Change/Globohomo Temperate Reset around the kids or boss and still drive to work, shops, holiday in Florida or crank up the thermostat or run the air conditioner all day. It’s a little like lockdown. Few are really doing it properly but like to play gotcha if they can.

      80,000,000 did note vote for this, they voted against a persona.

      • I think that many of these people succumbed to blackmail. They realized that the Usual Suspects were going to keep the economy locked down and loot it like the locusts that they are until the people voted Trump out When Antifa and BLM rioters were allowed to run amok and honest people who tried to defend themselves from assault or property damage or death were prosecuted, they saw the writing on the wall.

        I don’t think that the Stable Genius was capable of reading the tea leaves that, no matter how much pandering he did to J Street and AIPAC, TPTB wanted him out and that was all there was to it. When Barr became attorney general, all of the people who bragged about setting up Flynn or other highly dubious antics were walking around free. None a single one of his enemies were arrested and any investigations were to be put on hold until after the election.

        He should have seen what was what when he was impeached over nothing. Though, I can never figure out why he lunged at the bait Biden set up by bragging about having that prosecutor from the Ukraine fired for investigating Hunter. He should have left the crooks in prison. He didn’t have to bribe Blacks and Latinx to the tune of a half a trillion each.

        He could have saved himself, his most loyal supporters, and the country, at large, a lot of grief if, after the Senate narrowly refused to convict him, he announced that he would not be running for re-election again EVER and handed the baton to Pence who, I seriously doubt, would have shut down the economy over CoVid 19. Pence would have told Fauci to put a lid on it and followed the Florida governor DeSantis prescription, by putting out government advisories for the elderly and those with serious comorbidities to social distance and wear masks.

        What is so tragic for Trump is that, as a REAL “lame duck” president not running for office again, if he had just stopped tweeting, he could have actually put through much of his 2016 agenda without interference. He could have finished the wall. He could have used all those worker visas and issued them to White South Africans White Rhodesians while issuing the rest to the DACA brats, instead of allowing all the Hindus to get them and pardoned all the Pro White activists his rogue DOJ agency had prosecuted. Last but not least, put in an order rescinding all student loans, because they had already been paid and then some with interest with the Porkulus Bills he had been forced to sign. Left office with both middle fingers and his head held high.

        Trump lost a golden opportunity to go from the ignominious position of a weak president who was constantly harassed by his political opposition and sabotaged by members of his own cabinet and party to that of a powerful Kingmaker who still commanded a lot of popular support for his platform by the vast majority of Americans across the board.

        I will never understand why he thought his safest course was to give everything they want to the very same people who are used to getting everything they want no matter whether the office holder wears a blue tie and calls himself a Democrat or wears a red tie and calls himself a Republican. Why would they reward a Red Tie Republican’s loyalist when they had scores of Blue Tie Democrat loyalists waiting in the wings?

  1. None of this is about protecting the environment. “Green energy” is just a scam to keep nuclear down. The goal of energy oligarchs for the past 50 years has been preventing the use of nuclear because it is too cheap and efficient. The scam recently turned to promoting insufficient garbage alternatives like wind and solar. We could have moved to a plutonium economy and the energy and environmental problem would have been solved more or less permanently, but the oil companies drove it into the ground.

    If they really wanted to lower CO2 in the environment, they would invest heavily in development of carbon sequestration technology, not scam “green energy.” They give the game away when none of their solutions even solve the problem.

    • “Climate change” is just another way the global elites control us and get richer at our expense.

    • There’s no such thing as “green energy”, because every physical action results in the production of waste. And wind/solar power will never provide more than a fraction of the world’s energy needs. I wonder what would happen if we had the ability to develop nuclear fusion (as opposed to our present fission reactors) ? Would Big Energy and the extremely powerful “environmental” lobby allow it?

    • “We could have moved to a plutonium economy and the energy and environmental problem would have been solved more or less permanently”:

      We already have a “plutonium economy,” with literally hundreds of tons of deadly, cancer- and mutation-causing plutonium, and millions of tons of other “eternal” (very long-lived) radioactive nuclear industry waste products already dispersing through the environment, accumulating in topsoil and in our bones – and you have been fully programmed to ask for even MORE of it!

  2. Armchair environmentalists pro-climate change activists are worse than the reactionaries who deny it even exist, because they take real energy away that could make more meaningful change.

    The Paris accord allows the 3rd world to continuously industrialize and become just as bad as the 1st world. Which makes me take antiracists white hating losers not seriously. They complain about how destructive the first world is and sacrifices need to be made, but they want to, out of humanism, allow the 3rd world to develop (white man’s burden) and become just as damaging? I tire of Greta screaming at a bunch of old white people “how dare you,” but wouldn’t dare in China (they wouldn’t put up with her shit). It’s a way to feel like you’re fighting for change, but you really don’t go against the status quo. Everyone knows Europeans are the beating bag. You’re not a real badass for attacking the one group that can be attacked (even if they have a big role). I have some real problems with the Paris Accord, and while Trump mentions the contradictions, he throws the baby out with the bath water and abdicates all responsibility to do anything. Biden is arguably worse because he creates the illusion of change; reducing carbon emissions is just superficial meaningless bullshit. The aim not be reduction but an attempt to eliminate as much as possible.

    Macron did the same thing with taxing gas which only put pressure on the working class who are already living paycheck to paycheck. It help spark the yellow vest movement. These policies mean nothing and do little. Gas will still have to be used. Taxation does nothing because people have to rely on transportation. It’s virtue signaling. The savings of electric would save working class people thousands a year vs gasoline (the infrastructure needs to b there). The program would allow everyone vehicle owner to switch out their car under a certain salary amount. A new “people’s car.”

    Also other public works such as the beautification of cities (trees and erasing graffiti) with a people’s corps that provides a living wage, shelter, etc, for those kicked out of a job. Architects, paid by the State, create aspirational buildings, new statues, meant to inspire the population. Intentional policies to diminish Africa’s birthrate via sanctions, birth control, etc (along with India, etc). Sanctions and/or working with China to end pollution, etc. We need to diminish urbanization and preserve the wildlife. New national park initiatives should be created (with wild life protections).

    I do have to agree with the “elites” that the environment and Earth is the biggest issue- bar none. The workers are not always right; or can’t always see what is further out (I’m sure Hunter disagrees based upon his phrasing and the way he talks about this). However, this case a crisis can be turned into an opportunity to really help the working class. The State can provide both an income (UBI type initiative) and a real purpose to the white working class. This should not be a culture war position but it is. Real change and progress demands sacrifice and hard work. For too long slogans of “progress” has become an empty platitude that Starbuck goers use to signal their meaningless shit. Taking control of the car industry and creating a state owned car industry to put people to work (along with gas stations to turn them electric) would reindustrialize the the environment, clean up air pollution (for health especially pulmonary diseases), and give purpose to people’s lives. Other car companies around the world selling gas cars, banned. There is huge untapped labor force waiting to be tapped into. Plus the jobs wouldn’t be able to be moved to China due to a capitalists greed to hire the non European 3rd world for a fraction of the wage. This will create thousands of jobs in Middle America and workers. Everything is organic and interconnected.

    • The first mistake was making such a big issue about Obama’s birth certificate – I always thought he had been born in the USA. I suspect the birth certificate flap was a deliberate ploy on Obama’s part to distract the public from what really disqualified him to be president. And yes, I’m aware that his Chicago mayoral campaign stated that he had been born in Kenya, but that was to market him as an African-American hybrid without all that Muh Slavery baggage to guilty White liberals.

      Under Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican Party back conservation. While I DO get as annoyed with the Climate Change hysterics as anyone else with a brain, I don’t get why Republicans mount such knee-jerk opposition to anything that deals with being better stewards of the planet. Had Trump modeled himself after Teddy Roosevelt, he might still be president.

      The Paris Climate Accord agreement could have easily been watered down into simply another Feel Good, Raising Awareness About Whichever Cause That Doesn’t Hit Elite Pockets du Jour but Trump could have actually incorporated it into his jobs program. How?

      Well, I’m dating myself, but when I was little, smog and acid rain were causing a lot of problems thanks to the pollution belched from factory smoke stacks. Clothes dryers were mass-produced, because if you lived in a city, you could not put your clothes outside on the line to dry. Companies, facing fines for pollution, got their brightest minds to work and they created various scrubbers to reduce pollutants from the air.

      So, he could have really stressed environmental science where the brightest minds come up with a way to get rid of water pollution and landfills, and air pollution. He could have related the importance of upgrading coal mine production to power the electricity needed to recharge cars. Use the steel mills to push the pipeline to keep powering the cars that still ran on gas and then sell that fuel to countries who couldn’t afford to go to all electric, like India and China.

      Trump also could have stressed conservation, i.e. the end of any school busing and re-imposition of neighborhood schools. I knew a bus driver who said that a lot of these builders had not planned their communities to include a way for kids to walk to school. So, because the builders had to squeeze in an extra house here or there, a bus had to pick them up less than half a mile away from their schools. All those school bus drivers could have kept their pay, but functioned as neighborhood monitors and crossing guards to keep any kiddie predators at bay.

      For some odd reason, the Left really loves commuter trains, so Trump could have upgraded Amtrak and added a lot more commuter trains for those areas in the Southwest which are sprawled out. “Nudge” essential workers to take those trains to the city by turning the downtown into pedestrian malls with parking designated only for emergency vehicles. Otherwise very expensive parking garages.

      The pandemic scare proved what I always suspected; people have the ability to telecommute and by mandating that all companies start moving their workers home to cut down on the carbon emissions that auto-commuters generate would have fit pretty painlessly into any Paris Accord schemes. A lot of these big office buildings could have been transformed into fairly inexpensive but profitable apartments for young, single workers and trainees.

      The one thing I noticed at the height of the pandemic was how nice it was to drive with most people off of the road. Road construction could be done without endangering the workers by forcing them to dodge traffic and traffic didn’t have to come to a standstill because roadwork caused the lanes to be narrowed to one or two.

      So, I don’t see why incorporating the Paris Climate Accord couldn’t have created more jobs for the Trump Administration even if, God forbid, he was forced to allow Obama to claim a lot of credit for any success. Indeed, having to give Obama credit for anything would have been a lot less expensive and a whole lot less alienating to White blue collar workers than a trillion dollars to promised buy Black and Latinx goodwill.

    • @Aspire
      You talk a lot of sense there. You’re position on this issue is by far the most logical and sensible. Keep saying it to everyone you come across who will take note. This issue could have been solved by now.
      Like you said, unless China and India are on board, our contribution alone won’t change a thing. Australia and New Zealand barely make anything these days, and are sparsly populated. Not real sure how they can possibly make difference, yet the left are all over them, whilst China escapes their radar.

  3. You know neo-liberal = fascist, it is the same thing, rule by big business. Funny the neo-liberal/fascist street armies of BLM and antifa call us fascist, ain’t it?

  4. Every Israeli appears to have been vaccinated while the EU and British manufacturers can’t get them out to Europeans.

  5. As President Biden’s policies begin to drive up energy costs, it is going to be a problem for The Democrats in 2022 that cute Woke phrases will not cure.

    Most folks are right fond of most of President Trump’s energy policies, with the possible exception of fracking, though, even that, has as many supporters as detractors.

    • Trump had an “energy policy”? I don’t think he had a policy for any damn thing. Except to let Jared and Ivanka run whole the shit-show.

      • @Spahn…

        Yes, Sir – President Trump campaigned on making America energy independent and to bring home cheaper energy costs to folks.

        On that score, he was true.

  6. Seen on a bumper sticker in the 1970’s: “Environmentalists let the bastards freeze in the dark”.

  7. The first step to halting climate change is an end to immigration to America and Europe. More people = more carbon dioxide.

    If the Democratic party will not halt immigration, they clearly do not care about climate change.

    • You are right that more people from the 3rd world leads to more people living 1st world lifestyles and increase urbanization (creating more cities, etc). This is one issue of many.

      The biggest boom in birthrate will come from Africa over the next century. This is a serious problem for multiple reasons. Hilariously, Bernie did wanted to reduce Africa’s population. Idiot Conservative pro-lifers said this was “population control.” I mean, Bernie comes at it from liberalism and feminism, and is nowhere near the hardcore belief that these Conservatives try to portray him as, but whatever.

    • “The first step to halting climate change is an end to immigration to America and Europe. More people = more carbon dioxide “

      The vast majority of migrants are economic. With the US dollar going the way of the money in Zimbabwe, we ourselves are going to be reduced to third world status very soon.

      I guess some kind of global currency will be installed, so I don’t understand why TPTB didn’t just set up smaller factories all over the globe and, instead of importing Hindus and giving them small business loans and grants why they didn’t finance grants in their own countries.

      I don’t know why “equity” always involves tearing something beautiful and established in one place rather than simply leaving that as is and just building up the other places.

  8. “The first step to halting climate change is an end to immigration to America and Europe. More people = more carbon dioxide “


    Must shut down goy think !

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