Neoliberal Joe Signs Racial Equity Executive Orders

Today is Woke Day.

Just as millions of Trump voters believed in Q’s prophecies and conspiracy theories, there are millions of Joe Biden voters who believe in their own conspiracy theory which is that in America in 2021 racial minorities are being ruthlessly oppressed and crushed by “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” in spite of the fact that over 81 million people voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 election!

This country is so racist that even Richard Spencer voted for Joe Biden because he was tired of Donald Trump. Oprah Winfrey, Don Lemon, Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett can’t get ahead in America because of the color of their skin. Actually, there isn’t any “white supremacy” crisis. There is a political correctness or wokeness crisis that has been spreading like a cancer through our universities since the 1980s that has infected the White upper middle class, college educated professional wing of the Democratic Party and their bastard spawn who are Antifa. The same people believed in the Russia conspiracy hoax. The professional managerial class has adopted the fashionable language of critical race theory and now talk about race in terms of “equity” instead of “equality.” It is a way of demonizing and virtue signaling their moral superiority over other White people and presenting themselves as patronizing White saviors to non-Whites without actually having to do anything tangible that is a real material sacrifice for them personally. Their lives and stock portfolios go up as usual inside their little gated communities.


“In announcing the actions, Biden cited the killing of George Floyd, a Black man, by a Minneapolis police officer last May, which touched off demonstrations in cities across the United States. Biden called the killing “the knee on the neck of justice,” and said that because of it, “the ground has shifted. It changed minds and mindsets.”

The four executive actions Biden signed:

direct the Department of Housing and Urban Development “to take steps necessary to redress racially discriminatory federal housing policies”;

direct the Department of Justice to end its use of private prisons;

reaffirm the federal government’s “commitment to tribal sovereignty and consultation”:

and combat xenophobia against Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

Before the signing ceremony, Biden also called for restoring and extending the Voting Rights Act, but announced no new initiatives regarding ballot access. Some state legislatures are seeking to restrict access in the aftermath of November’s elections. …”

Aside from blood libeling other White people as evil racist oppressors of non-Whites, what do these “racial equity” executive orders amount to at the end of the day? Will any of this nonsense make a real material difference in the lives of anyone? Does it cost wealthy upper middle class professionals anything?

The populist Share Our Wealth program will do far more to advance the goal of “equity” and “justice” every day in America than any of this woke corporate liberal performance art garbage.

Imagine a world in which a constitutional amendment has been passed that places a wealth cap on personal fortunes and annual income and systematically redistributes the wealth of the country to guarantee every American family an annual income of one third of the national average. The billionaire will become an extinct species and their ability to corrupt our elections will be a thing of the past.

What do you say?

Is Corporate America willing to take this step for “equity”?

Note: If you are not a criminal and live in your own private home, these “equity” executive orders will have no effect on your life.

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  1. what this means is that blacks will be unavoidable soon and while that matters little to most braindead whites, many of us cannot be near them AT ALL, me being one.

    I pay a lot of money to live far away from blacky.

    I cannot and will not tolerate congoids for more than a couple mins at a time only when forced.

    I avoid them like the plague.

    They sicken me and are beneath pond scum in my world.

    They are a useless plight forced upon white people and i resent them all for their burdening existence.

    Wont be long now white man..

  2. Lets face it, a racist is a Christian. A racist holds prejudicial views of a particular group based on crimes committed by members of the group. Christians hold Jews as group responsible for the murder of the innocent Christ. Matthew 27:25—-‘His blood be on us and on our children.’ A racist is a Christian and all true Christians hold Jew blood responsible for the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ.

    Biden is no Christian.

    • Yes, Biden is a shabbas-goy who is merely a servant to the hypocrite jews telling themselves it’s just fine and dandy to have goys do things they’re not supposed to be doing, whether it’s lighting lamps on shabbas or murdering an opponent.

      Ever since the early 60s, Vatican II which coincided with the civil rights laws and immigration changes, the Vatican is under jewish control, which is why no Catholic church went to court to challenge the unconstitutional closure of churches for Easter Week. They deposed the Pope to install a fake jew-supported communist.

      But as to whether guilt for a sin can be inherited, was the Saul who became St. Paul, was he and his descendants forever guilty of killing God? I say not.

  3. SUCH an improvement over Trump. Right, wignats?

    Because Trump didn’t try to stop this at all, right?

    Oh, wait.

    Yes, he did.

    Thanks, wignats.

    Bad is bad, but it’s better than worse. We had bad; now we have much, much worse. And no way left to make it even a tad less awful.

    Again, thanks, wignats. How right you were NOT to support the president who — while he could — put an end to at least this specific anti-white policy.

    We’re much better off now, amirite?

    • Yep.

      Blumpf is gone. Neoliberal Joe has taken his place, but only has a 50/50 majority in the Senate and can’t pass his agenda because the filibuster isn’t going anywhere. We now have a great foil for populists to start mobilizing against.

      • Hey Hunter, I agree with you that something drastic has to be done, but I think your proposal for Huey’s program in 2021 is naive and I want to see if you can address the points I bring up to show why that is.

        1 Back when Huey was in office, the nation was 90% white, there was a virtual immigration moratorium that favored Western immigrants, there was a common patriotic culture, receiving welfare was considered shameful, the population was less than half what it is now, and nonwhites had no choice but to assimilate into white mainstream America.
        A social democratic economy was possible then.
        Today, whites are just 59%, we’re overpopulated, immigration is the main driving force behind our population growth, and Americans are increasingly polarized.

        2 There was no Internet and TV and commercial air travel and international calling were in their early stages and reserved mostly for the rich. Today, thanks to the net and fast affordable air travel, the wealthy can merely transfer their wealth and capital so how would Huey’s wealth and income cap work now?

        3 Both parties are controlled by special interests: look at how billionaires got Bernie, Yang, Tulsi, and Warren out of the way for Joe. Look at how quickly Trump caved to party donors. Without third and minor parties winning national races and the EC being replaced with proportional representation, what makes you think either party will even suggest Huey’s solutions?

        4 Don’t you think reversing Reagan’s tax cuts and favors for the rich and corporations is a more feasible realistic solution, especially in an increasingly multiracial multicultural America?

      • The “Populist share our wealth” program is not the one that has been elected. It is not a possibility in America, Inc.

    • Blumpf lost the 2020 election, by following the usual loser Republican strategy of ignoring White voters in favor of minorities. Trump offered blacks half a trillion dollars as reward for burning down America’s cities. Blumpf then set his own movement on fire on January 6th, by inciting his followers to attack the Capitol. He then blamed them for it, and called the FBI on them.

      Grindr Greg:
      Why you no support Trump, wignats? This is all your fault!!!

    • @karsten

      So you actually blame a tiny group of fringe “wignats” for Trump not winning?

      If instead they had posted “yeah Trump he’s our man” on their blogs, then everything would be ok?

  4. “””…..Systemic racism is “corrosive. It’s destructive. And it’s costly.”…..”””

    Yes it is.

    And because of that, anti racists must go where money is . Killing Trump voter somewhere in the Appalachia mountain and getting 2 rusted gun and 1 used bible is not enough. Pawnshop gives 100 USD max.

    This just not enough to cover the costs. So anti racists must find the Trump enablers who are rich enough to cover the costs.

    Twitter, Facebook, Washington or wherever the money is.

  5. The neo-liberal elites dislike colored people more than we do but know how to exploit them for personal gain. Was there ever a more arrogant, dishonest and despicable group of assholes?

  6. In January 2020 you were a racist conspiracy theorist if you were concerned about WuFlu coming to your home town and January 2021 you are a racist conspiracy theorist for thinking it doesn’t exist. Way of the world.

    • So true. Looks like there’s not even going to be much fun to be had in it. Just a slow, inexorable, ugly and depressive rot.

    • IronicSockAccount,

      Why did you change your name from Daedricblade to IronicSockAccount and why aren’t you posting on your Twitter anymore? Trying to save face after you made a complete fool out of yourself after ranting and raving your support for QAnon and Sidney Powell? How much was your bail after the Capitol siege debacle? lol

  7. Will any of this nonsense make a real material difference in the lives of anyone? Does it cost wealthy upper middle class professionals anything?

    “No. This about white upper class leftists feeling morally superiority and pretending they know anything about meaningful progress.” I would have a white tax on these losers and make them eat their shit.

  8. At the end of the day Whites will still be demonized and Biden ,Democrats or Republicans will do nothing to stop it. It’s all a shoah.

  9. Sounds like a restatement of stuff that has been happening already since the civil rights era. It makes DILEs feel warm and fuzzy, but doesn’t do anything to reduce wealth inequality.

    They only want to talk about racial equity, i.e. making people of all races equally impoverished, but never economic equity of taxing all wealth from the upper class to pay for our bag.

  10. At least Trump was looking out for us when he stopped the construction of public housing in white neighbourhoods, thanks again Wignats.

    • If Trump hadn’t ignored white voters for four years, and run such an awful re-election campaign, he wouldn’t have lost.

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