Post-Trump Populism Has More Room To Grow

I was tired of the Trump Show.

I agree with Donald Trump on one thing though. We will be back in some form. Hopefully, we have learned some important lessons from what we just experienced and can find someone who is competent and who can tap into both the cultural and economic sides of populism in 2024. The job description of our Help Wanted ad: someone who sticks up for ordinary White people against the cultural elite which relishes tormenting them and who also pledges to redistribute their wealth to destroy the oligarchy.

The Guardian:

“If this were a horror flick – and, Lord knows, these past four years have felt like one – we know what would come next. We’d be at that stage of the movie where the monster has apparently been slain, when the hero stands amid the rubble and the ruin consoling those who have survived, calm seemingly restored – only for the audience to gasp as the demon stirs back to life, rising from the dead to inflict one last blow.

Joe Biden is certainly well cast as the steadying presence come to clean up the mess. But the fear persists that the villain who created it will return. Donald Trump threatened as much in his last public statement as president, uttering the chilling words: “We will be back in some form.” …

Still, this might be to take the threat too narrowly, too literally even. What were Trump’s words? “In some form.” The monster might resurface in a new guise in 2024. In traditional Hollywood style, that would mean a sequel starring Son of Trump – or even Daughter – or it could mean someone from outside that desperate clan. This is, surely, the greater fear. That US nativist populism will find a new messenger, one free of the personal defects and grossness of Trump, one who has the quality that Trump lacked: the self-discipline to be a competent authoritarian. So often Trump’s autocratic impulses were thwarted not by the system but by his own ineptitudeand the ineffectiveness of his fifth-rate team. What if next time the US – and the world – is not so lucky? …”

Look how far we got with a blustering idiot like Donald Trump. The 2016 campaign started off as a big joke with the cuckservative meme. I think we can do a lot better than the host of The Apprentice. We need a Huey Long 2.0 to step up to the plate and run against Neoliberal Joe.

By “Drain the Swamp,” we now mean draining the billionaires of the overwhelming majority of their money. Confiscate their wealth, give that shit away and impose a wealth cap on them. No one should be able to spend $900 million dollars on a vanity presidential campaign. The problem is this concentration of cultural, economic and political power. The job of the next president is to break that up.

Some people will object that giving away the wealth of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg is anti-Semitic because of the disparate impact of redistributing the wealth of America’s billionaires. Forcing these people to live off only $50 million is the equivalent of Auschwitz. I think promoting the idea of a wealth cap will be a lot funnier than gas chambers memes. Just as Neoliberal Joe has what he calls “racial equity,” the Share Our Wealth program is the populist version of “equity.”

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  1. Read the Tweet responses under the Washington Examiner. It is cult like. Twenty so responses all “FAKE NEWS”, “Trump is beloved and there are 75 million of us waiting for him” and “its not his fault. It was the swamp. He fought for us”. I am going to quote myself here “Rudy could kick out their legs and Trump could then piss on them then they would thank him claiming they were somehow on fire”.

    It is frightening

    • It is encouraging.

      When this happens what I think and enemy goes full communism, then it is necessary to have leader who can rally up people for resistance.

      Normal politician can never do that. And normal people never do revolution. Somebody must rally up millions and those millions must be not rational but they must believe.

      Rational normal people and rational normal people only talk and never do. This how commie revolutions always working out. Commies take over, rational people talking about laws and constitution until they get arrested and shot.

      Because of that, Donald is so hated. When worst happen, he is the only one who can pull up the stunt what Yeltsin did.

      Bad news is that when Donald is really compromised and calling people to calm down, then people calm down and commies can do what they want.

      • Juri these people are backing a man not an idea. They are still chanting “lowest black unemployment” to anyone who will listen. His populist victory was very promising but it has not only been squandered it has been diluted and mutated. Those red blooded decent Americans have become tainted because they parrot Trump position.
        More immigration but legal
        We need to protect Israel
        Democrats are the real racists platinum plan

        Where we sit now is frightening.These people believe in nothing but Trump and his positions have made formerly Alt Right positions unworkable. I have been called a Democrap or racist leftist by these people more times by Mags people than I can count. Disparage Dinesh Desouza and his lecturing of white Amaricans about history and you will get a Maga wave of displeasure

        • Jared Taylor was thrown out from Hungary by the very same reason that he promoted ideas.

          We have seen those ideas at least 70 years. Wise men talking boring stuff and endlessly arguing until everybody get bored and goes back to normal life.

          People win, not ideas. Orban fan club drove him to power, ousted all Soros shill ,s closed the border, put economy back in track.

          And now comes Mr. Taylor and want to turn successful movement to US white nationalism. Very much wise people endlessly arguing and nobody cares.

          You can promote ideas but after 70 years you are exactly the same position as now. Small readership and audience and nobody outside this small club cares.

          First we need fanatics who drive our guys to power. After that we can have chance to push our agenda. People will not listen boring stuff and just leave. Learn from Lenin who said that you will never every win a revolution with academic tractates.

          Alt Right biggest mistake was that they failed to run under Donald agenda to every electable position . Now you could have hundreds of county municipalities with our guys. Soft action first, hard stuff later. If they like to hear support Israel then tell them that you support Israel and later in the office you may think that problem is not your first priority.

          We need power not decade long arguing with people who do not understand and never will. Magi cult and Donald platform at the moment best way to get actually elected. We need that at least local levels are enough ours.

        • The core problem is a belief system/cult that totally devalues reality/this life insofar as it can be perceived by our senses. For the avg victim indoctrinated since before they can remember (like i was), it’s harder to break than a Heroin addiction. When you sincerely convince yourself

          That said, emotion is where the power lay. These ppl who got conned by Zio Don (as was I, till early 2017) aren’t motivated by logic, it’s an emotional thing. Point of point being, don’t focus primarily upon logic. Most people are weak rather than evil. Weakness is what drives most evil, so…attack!

          Ignore their fallacious nonsensical nonsense and plow on. Try to frame your arguments as questions whenever possible. When someone is highly emotionally invested in a certain position, s/he will shut down immediately if you threaten what they’re invested in believing; but, there’s a chance they might actually use their mind if you ask questions. If that doesn’t work, then outright attack.

          Ask yourself, what do they gain by believing the delusion? Why would someone continue to believe Zio Don is still, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, just about to jump out of a helicopter to drain the swamp (or something)?

          I can think of a few reasons off the top of my head. Not wanting to imagine even momentarily Enoch Powell’s prophecy might be unfolding before our eyes. Fear of losing their status, friends, etc.

          • “””…..aren’t motivated by logic, it’s an emotional thing….”””

            Emotion give you strength, logic gives you fear.

            When the child is in burning house, then logical father thinks that let child burn, he can always make a new child.
            Emotional father rushes into house. There is a big chance that father get killed in the hopeless attempt but there is also a chance that father succeed.

            With every risky thing all your logic tells you that better not try, risk is too big. Fighting with communists is risky business.

            Enemy knows it too. Commies are winning because they are on the moral high ground and right side of the history. Nobody tell them logically that all attempts to put leftist ideas into real life had every single time ended up with disaster.

  2. Traitor Dump’s nut-hugging MAGA monkeys were satisfied with mere empty words from a cowardly faggot who never once even mentioned them by name:

    “Oh, he CAIN’T ackshully SAY ‘Whites’ cuz them damn Demonrats’ll scream ‘RACISS!!’ – but WE know he’s on our side!”

    The poor dumb bastards need someone who’s competent & deadly serious.

  3. Trump is going to start a new third party which is going to split the GOP right in half, finally, destroying that enemy of the people, the Republican party of the tyrant Lincoln, once and for all. It will be glorious.

    So get in early: register as a Democrat and start voting for the least anti-white Democrat. Fight like hell to stop any more immigration.

    There is no future for the Greedy Old Pedophiles party.

      • Correct his only leverage is to not split the GOP.. What he will do is damage anyone like Hawley. Out of spite.

        • Well, he has money…if Trump puts up money for others to run, it could be interesting. We need someone with a lot of money, and most of the millionaire or billionaires are liberals. So Trump proves something, that we need some really rich people on our side.
          But I don’t think most whites are ready for a pro-white candidate. I think most whites are still living a lot of guilt trips and would shudder to hear someone talk about a white nation.

  4. The only people whose “wealth” is going to get redistributed is that of Middle- and Upper class Whites. ZOG oligarchs are not “sharing” their wealth with anyone. The very idea is a fantasy.

  5. Trump’s populist revolution was the murder of General Solemani nearly starting a war with Iran that could have resulted in Trump ordering a tactical nuke dropped on Tehran…all with the support of Trump’s chicken hawk…war hawk White Male voting bloc…..

  6. “Hopefully, we have learned some important lessons from what we just experienced and can find someone who is competent and who can tap into both the cultural and economic sides of populism in 2024.”

    How? Seriously, how? So what if we “find” someone with those characteristics? We have ZERO LEVERAGE (no money, no influence, no power, and not enough numbers to have someone even win a primary, let alone an election).

    This is all just a larping pipe dream.

    • Yep. We have no rich people who could influence politicians on our side. We have no one in our corner supporting us in any way.
      Anyone who IS for whites is quickly out of the game, or they “scandalize” him.

    •–my_first-days.html. The book is available online in PDF format. If the link fails, Google” Huey Long Book My First Days In The White Hoiuse” PDF. Enjoy.

  7. Authoritarian has been used by various democratic groups that want to shut down their opponents for whatever power and dominance they want under the rhetoric of rights and freedom.

    A real Authoritarian has no qualms about being called such. It’s an actual philosophy about duty and discipline. It’s really aggravating.

  8. People have attention spans of goldfish today. If Blumph isn’t impeached and decides to run again in 2024, the people who were hurt and conned by him will buy his lies again. Next time he will jerk you off even harder.

  9. Attention to those without God : Your intellect will never be even near perfect … in fact it’ll be useless and your opinions and perceptions not worth the time of day. Your psyches are incomplete without the spiritual component. Soon you’ll need mouth wash from the crow you’ve eaten and a wet rag to wipe the egg off your faces. Will you learn even from what’s about to happen? I doubt it. Trump will be in for at least another 4 years which gives us a last last last bit of time to create a very enlarged all white 2nd Confederacy from which to give antichrist the finger … cause he’s coming on scene right afterwards.

  10. Any post-Trump so-called “Populism” allowed to develop in the U.S. will probably REALLY be just more anti-socialist Libertarianism, as Wayne Madsen writes so well: “Lying at the heart of (…) Trumpism is the bankrupt politics of libertarianism. Like the old joke about the dog chasing the car and finally catching up with it, the seething crew of armed and deranged Donald Trump supporters who managed to temporarily seize control of the upper and lower chambers of the U.S. Congress on January 6 were unsure of what to do with their briefly captured prize. Some decided to rifle through Senate desks in search of some holy grail of secret documents. Others were content with snatching laptop computers from offices. A few felt encumbered to aim canisters of destructive caustic bear spray at priceless oil paintings of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. Libertarians have as their heroes some of the most deranged economists, philosophers and politicians in recent history. At the top of that list of deplorables is sociopathic writer and godmother of modern libertarianism Ayn Rand. A critic of programs she deemed “socialist,” including President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Social Security system and President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Medicare, she did not hesitate to avail herself of both ‘socialistic’ federal programs in the 1970s. During the 1973 Israeli-Arab War, Rand said that the war involved ‘civilized men,’ Israelis, fighting ‘savages,’ the Arab nations. Rand also justified European colonialists seizing the land of the indigenous native peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Even though Rand was a supreme hypocrite and racist, her vile beliefs seeped into the Republican Party’s libertarian wing, partially represented by Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and President Ronald Reagan, and which later developed into the Tea Party movement and Trumpism. The Libertarian Party of the United States represents nothing more than parlor room discourse by major political party rejects. Libertarians have only achieved political power by nesting themselves inside established political parties having a record of electoral success and governance. This has been the case with Trump, disgraced House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Paul’s father, Ron Paul….”

    • “Rand also justified European colonialists seizing the land of the indigenous native peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Even though Rand was a supreme hypocrite and racist, her vile beliefs seeped into the Republican Party’s libertarian wing, partially represented by Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and President Ronald Reagan, and which later developed into the Tea Party movement and Trumpism.”

      You STILL don’t get it. You don’t like her because she’s “racist”. The whole “racism” thing is just to keep us from being a group and powerful. We have a right to associate with, work with, and live near, who we want.
      We have a right to hire who we want, based on who is the most qualified. We have a right to NOT have other races shoved in our faces via the media. We have a right to our own nation.

      Second, most countries lived BETTER because of colonialism. There was NO nation in North America until the United States became one. There were tribes, and they warred with each other.
      In the thousands of years of history, “seizing their land” meant if you could conquer another place, it was YOURS. It’s just trendy to cry over what happened here, but most lands on earth are conquered lands. This is where knowing HISTORY comes in.

      Thirdly, there are NO people native to North America. The Amerinds came over the Bering Strait, and there are evidences of Europeans, such as Norsemen, having come here too.

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