Donald Trump’s Last Day In Office

This video is a gut punch.

Has any leader ever been so unworthy of his supporters?

How much did the Trump presidency cost? What were the benefits?

Donald Trump has less than 24 hours left as president. Either Q will make his move or it will be proven to be a massive hoax that swindled and pacified Trump supporters.

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  1. His most loyal supporters will suffer decades-long prison sentences, financial ruin and suicide. Meanwhile, Trump, Giuliani, Jr, Stone and Kushner may suffer some financial and legal headaches, but none will spend time behind bars despite their irresponsible incitement and will continue to live in luxury the rest of their days. Trump’s legacy is that of a selfish, hateful betrayer of everyone but jews and his immediate family. Trump did more damage to heartland Americans than any president, ever.

    • As first-rate as most Occidental Dissent commenters are I doubt any of ’em could add anything of value to what you’ve already said, Mike.

      • Funny, they all worship a jew and think a jew is God!! Totally reconstructed Europeans and worse, believe in totalitarian centralizing global commie monarchism to boot! We’re all fraken cucks and most will still kneel to a jew man-god…

        Now onto Valhalla … cucks

    • I believe the majority of the heartland, coal fields and rust belt would disagree with you on that statement. Liberals have done nothing in the last 4 yrs but obstruct and lie at every turn. I am in no way President Trump’s biggest fan. I am however capable of doing my own research. And the saddest thing in all of this hip deep horseshit is. NEITHER side gives a flying crap about any of us. They use phoney headlines to drum up anger an hatred between the people. Seriously ask yourself, How or what has made my life better or easier in the last 10yrs? Has anything changed? Are your paydays larger? Insurance cheaper? Do you spend less on groceries? More then likely No, No an No. If the American people do not wake up and bring washington under control. We will be controlled.

      • What a moron you are Dana howard. Only two choices Trump or Biden. That’s a choice between oblivion and oblivion.

      • 10 Years? How about a much longer perspective?

        I am 62, I first voted for Reagan in 1980.
        I watched as a teen the Jimmy Carter years: I remember his election in 1976 well: I was 17.

        As a young kid I remember the 1960s. As a teen, I remember the day Nixon resigned in disgrace and departed the White House. Only his VP saved him from a 25 year prison sentence. Nixon had ordered a break-in burglary of a psychiatrist’s office in order to steal mental health files to use as blackmail against the Democrats.

        No, nothing has changed in 50 years…. except for the worst.

        In 1978 I knew a Greyhound Bus driver who made $56,000 per year with a full retirement package and fully paid, no cost health insurance. Today, bus drivers get about $12 per hour and shitty or no benefits.

        And yet….. every 4 years we are told that “America is getting better and better.”

        Really? Seriously? Better for who?

      • you still don’t get it, do you Dana? There is no “either side”, “America”

        or “American People” anymore. 36 years of an anti-White Zionist Uniparty

        have seen to that, and Trump

        was more of same. Worse, with his fake-populism,

        Trump cost White ‘Murkkans 4 more years of lost demographic time

        that they’ll never get back.

        • Just look around. Blame Trump all you want, but Whites have only their own foolish selves to blame. Four years is nothing. We’ve been marching toward oblivion for a long time now.

    • He certainly didn’t deserve to have any fanatics willing to enact his demands. We knew that watching the beat downs of people at his rallies in the later part of his campaign. We had to be sure of it after Charlottesville. These loyalist followers of his in DC are just catching up the the overwhelming battle that a ragged skirmishing line of pickets had already been fighting for a couple of decades. Many of them were cops, ex army, doctors, lawyers, politicians. Not all of them are misfits and bums. Now they are terrorists.

      Trump certainly didn’t deserve their love and fanaticism but radicalization is well on the way with or without his persona manipulating it for person political gain.

      • I wonder about that. To be a TRuMpCHuMp in the first place you had to be awfully, awfully stupid.

        and I fear that White stupidity will continue and worsen:

        “Josh Hawley in 2024! MAGA!”

  2. At some point you have to cut the magatards loose, they’ve had hundreds of examples of Trumps treachery over the years and yet they still go back to him like a battered housewife. I’ve got no more sympathy for them. They’re as much a part of the Zionist regime as Trump is himself.

    • Hilarious hubris. They cut YOU loose a long time ago when the Anti-Whites were just warming up.

  3. The only good things to come out of the Trump presidency are that the social and racial divisions expanded and deepened, and that he helped sow distrust of the mainstream media. That’s not nearly as much as was expected of him, but it’s not nothing either. (Although I concede that much of it would have probably happened even without Trump.)

    I think Hunter’s best criticism of Trump is that pro-whites bore all the costs of having a “white supremacist” president while enjoying none of the benefits. Then again, you’d have to have rocks in your head if you think the anti-white status quo can be overturned without experiencing at least a little bit of pain.

  4. One thing you can say about Trump:- he was different.
    He got the conversation started. He forced the insiders in media, government and libtard fraternities to reveal their true positions and beliefs. He exposed their true side. Everyone has an opinion about him. He made it ok for outsiders to question what the insider is doing.
    If nothing else, he did those things.
    With Biden, it’s back to the status quo, and business as how it’s always been. Things will look stable from the outside, whilst deep within, they continue on with the business of destroying America and the West.
    People like Biden spit on people like us. They don’t give a shit about you. It’s a heads up a few days in advance. Please enjoy…

  5. ‘Some people did something’

    “Many people expect our community to feel like it needs to hide every time something happens.

    We are not to be bullied. We are not to be threatened. We are not to be terrorised. We know we have a right to a dignified existence and a dignified life

    Some people did something, and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

    – US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

  6. One thing that you predicted wrong about Biden winning and it will haunt you to a degree is the idea that Biden will rein in his leftwing fanatics. I expect to see them unleashed and bloodthirsty in summer. We will get a few more dead blacks and more rioting. There will be cheographed raids on nominally rightwing religious and political groups with mass casualties. I expect Drone Strikes domestically. There will be no effort to go after Anarchists Antifa and BLM who murdered, burned and maimed. Hopefully Rittenhouse can win his case. Trump will avoid all consequences of his last few weeks of incitement and betrayal and will remain a thorn in the side of anyone pustiraing as a populist or man of the people. Last but not least Biden will do nothing much to distribute cash and resources to hard pressed white working class people. His constituency is the blacks wedged in the urban core.

  7. It’s stuff like this why people get out of politics particularly as they age starting at late 40s/50s or just view it as a passing interest.

    I read something actually intelligent politically from George Clooney. He said: I don’t want to spend the final third of my life( he’s 60) fighting politics. This was said when he was asked about a political run. He’s even burned out and being a leftist he literally is handed everything.

    I pushed voting for Trump here many times even though he is a blowhard and b.s. artist simply on the basis Biden is a 78 year old with mild dementia who is determined to destroy this country. He will be dead most likely within 7 to 10 years. Same for the wicked wonder, Pelosi. A bunch of old farts acting like they are even 50 years old in the political world.

    Bum rushing the Capitol for Trump is like beating up a pimp because you are attracted to a user prostitute. It’s like ” why?” What pissed me off, though, is this sudden interest by the Fbi to go after all right leaning people while doing little on the blm and antifa lunatics. It’s disgusting and sickening and adds even more mistrust.

    America is obviously breaking up. What it takes to push it over the edge was clearly not that frat party invasion of the Capitol. People believe Trump more simply because he was better than a Bush or a McCain or Romney. But as stated on this site many times, Trump is as loyal and trustworthy as telling a mobster to watch over the gold. But he did start something. A key into a door no other president in ages has done.

    Biden will be a disaster. All of Central America knows he is giving the green light. But the beauty of life is reality eventually just takes over your wants, dreams and schemes. Biden is gross on countless levels as well as Blm terrorist supporter Harris.

    America needs to keep sliding and it will. A nation that is overly diverse that has Jews mostly running our media promoting black worship( Mlk, anyone?) is a country living a massive lie.

    Those ” Republican” pricks who spent decades importing cheap labor are every bit as seditious as your typical gross communist Democrat. We’ve become an ugly country on many levels. A decaying Heavyweight champion against the ropes ready to be knocked out big time!

    • Clooney realized how shit the leftist causes he’s pushed are? He was always being quite cynical IMHO.

  8. Does anyone remember a radio preacher named Harold Camping from the 80’s and 90’s?

    In the 80’s he started predicting the Rapture would happen in 1996, and he wrote books detailing various Bible verses and news stories, etc. So when 1996 started, his fans started selling their houses, quitting their jobs, and giving him the money – some of them moved to the parking lot of the radio station in RV’s to be near the preacher for the Rapture.

    The Wall Street Journal got an official spokesman for his ministry to say, on the record, no – they wouldn’t be giving any of the money back, because it was a gift.

    Eventually everyone left the parking lot and that was it I guess.

    • . . . so you mean, the “Rapture” didn’t happen? Or did it happen and I missed it?

      I am shocked! Shocked though that the good “Reverend” didn’t give back the dough but I guess it was gift so FU to them.

  9. Prepare yourselves from going bad to worse. The silver lining is that Biden/Harris will be so blatantly Anti-White “normies” will wake up faster and in greater numbers.

    • Maybe some of the old ones. Schools and colleges will keep churning out hordes of weak-minded, brainwashed whites.

  10. But you still don’t understand! Trump stabbing his supporters in the back IS PART OF THE PLAN!
    It’s to get them to return to Washington with guns and overthrow the Biden Presidency, and restore the God Emperor to the throne! – (Vox Day post on Thursday.)

  11. Well, living in the same courtly with 100 million and growing nonwhites and millions of communists in charge was never viable idea.

    Before Donald, secession was only wet dream . Now when they coming after any Donald supporter, some kind of Donald Voter Defense Zone will be very much an issue soon.

    Like in every ethnic conflict or civil war. Only confirmed Donald supporters can enter the enclave.

    There is a new movie in the internet

  12. Trump does have one major achievement, he got ASAP Rocky out of a Swedish jail cell.

    Oh, and he dumped a couple hundred thousand black felons back on the streets with the assistance of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

    Trumps greatest achievement is having more rapper pals than Obama.

  13. Nick Fuentes doesn’t have power to “demand” anything. He doesn’t have any power at all.

    Go over yourself, you skinny little Mexican faggot.

  14. There is less than 24 hours left to declare martial law and save the Yankee Empire. In a few days or so if everything goes as planned Biden will unleash the 11(or is it 30+?)-million-headed illegal alien and kick down all border restraints “kraken” and that’s all folks…

    May God Save the South!

  15. “Bum rushing the Capitol for Trump is like beating up a pimp because you are attracted to a user prostitute.”

    Is this Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) rescuing Iris (Jodie Foster) from her pimp Sport (Harvey Keitel) in Taxi Driver? Does this mean Trump is Jodie Foster and Jared Kushner is his pimp? Hold on – the Jan. 6th mob wanted Trump to remain in the White House with Kushner not rescue him. So the mob at the Capitol was more like Sport’s pimp goons trying to stop Bickle (Joe Biden?)

  16. It’s “Joe and Kammy Regime Change Show” time, in Baghdad-on-the-Potomac.

    “The Blue Zone is now protected by a massive 26,000 plus troop surge (…) The Forever Wars have come back full circle. Just like an ordinary Iraqi is not allowed inside the Green Zone, no ordinary American is allowed inside the Blue Zone (…) Only satire is capable of doing poetic justice to what is, de facto, the Potemkin inauguration of a hologram. So welcome to ‘the most popular president in history’ being inaugurated in secret, and fearful of his own Praetorian Guard”:

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