Thomas Frank on Populism

None of this is news to me.

Everything is “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” to the Far Left. It is simply impossible for them to wrap their minds around the idea that you can be a social conservative who is a moderate on economics. They deny to this day that Trump’s appeal ever had anything to do with economics. The only thing these people tend to know about American history is that it was “racist.”

Note: The interview begins at 17:30.

At 47:00, Thomas Frank talks about the Center Left to Far Right pipeline, which was caused by the rise of neoliberalism and Modernism in the professional classes, particularly since the 1960s, which alienated socially conservative, White working class traditional Democratic voters in the South and Midwest.

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  1. What we generally see on populist demonstrations, marches, from the Right in America are people sporting beards, tattoos, clownish clothing and costumes, brandishing weapons, plus gross obesity.
    The chaotic physical appearance reflects the chaos in their minds – already severely damaged from crude idiotic religious beliefs, sportsball, hollywood and porn – populated with all kinds of delusional fake beliefs, shallow thoughts and theories, and no clear idea whatsoever on where to go and what to do.

    Those simpletons that somehow think they can defy and win against an armed to the teeth hostile powerful smart Jewish system or build from scratch an “ethno-state” (not aware that anything of importance is or will be allowed only as a trap), even lack the will to reduce a bit their consumption of hamburgers and ketchup and at least show to the public a more clean and decent image.

    If there are no Jews guiding them – showing them an enemy to hate and destroy (generally one of their own or a potential friendly ally), something to believe in and a direction (both always against their own interests) – they are completely lost.

    Tacitus’ definitive diagnostic almost two millennial ago “a people without either natural or acquired cunning, they disclose their hidden thoughts in the freedom of festivity.”

    • Nemo I go on normal message boards and comment sections everyday and no matter what the topic is. Football, rap music, oceanography a good 1/3 of the comments will be “Must be Democraps” or “Thats Liberals right there” with no context. It is strange and I dont see it changing anytime soon. My parents and family have reached the point that they curse at the TV when a picture of Pelosi or Biden comes on Fox News. I have learned to stay quite because saying a bad word about Republicans or Trump is a week time out from all family contact. They were never like this by the way most were either Democrats or just never cared about anything political. Ignorant on everything pre 2013 or so

      • @ Caption Shill, I believe you should try explain to them that both parties are opposite wings of the same bird that care nothing about the American people. Do it slow and put doubt in their mind.

        • @John, there is no hope. i commented on here awhile ago about how i was kicked out of the family Christmas and called an unAmerican embarrassment because i responded to their shock at Pelosi getting relected to Speaker with “does it really matter”. These people are filled with misguided hatred and it fills their minds. The irony is that if I bring up certain historical events or coincidences about policy being passed on behalf of other countries they call me a hateful nut. The only one in the group who gets along with everyone and anyone, the person who tries to give every individual the benefit of the doubt and be kind to all is the hateful one.

          There is no reaching these people. We can speak calmly and bring up facts and things that are without argument and they will seethe. Its a lost cause. There is nothing that can change these peoples minds or calm their boiling hatred outside of baby Jesus appearing to them. Even then i am not so sure if Trump entered and said “totally fake Savior”

          • They are not wrong in a sense. You are looking at this from the point of view of a structuralist thinker. Pelosi or Ryan, what’s the difference? Exactly.

            What you are seeing is white tribalization. Whiterage. It’s not a bad thing, needed to happen. Just make sure they don’t lash out violently and instead become a little more race realistic.

            Show them that it’s bad to trust black leadership and organisation and association.


          • @ Captain Shill, I feel for you. I am the youngest of 3 boomer siblings and my brother has come around to my way of thinking. At least he sounds like it when I talk to him. My sister is 5 years older than me and she is not political but she knows what’s going on. My nephew is a wigger so there’s no hope for him. My oldest sister could care less about politics.

    • “a people without either natural or acquired cunning”

      Yet, those same people led Varus into an ambush and annihilated his legions, and later sacked and conquered Rome itself. How did they accomplish that without some cunning?

      • Toombs because Arminius played the long game. Varus and the legion refused to even hear talk that he was marching them into an ambush. The messengers who delivered this message were scolded because Arminius was the best of the New Roman hybrid citizen of the future. The whole time he was living with the Romans and making friends his only thoughts were of freeing Germania and getting revenge on the Romans who murdered his cousin and took his land. Take from that lesson as you see fit. If i am not wrong Germania was never fully taken by Rome and they finally gave up at the Rhine.

  2. Someone here recently said that classic populism is no longer good enough. I agree, we need to make it all about RACE.

    The Southern White Populist Party, HW?

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