COVID-19 Deaths Cross 4,000 a Day

I remember being told last year that COVID was a “bioweapon” and then “just the flu” and a “hoax” and a “nothingburger” and a “piker” and was going to disappear on November 3.

The same people who said that were also adamant that “the hospitals are empty” and insisted on “trusting the plan” and said that the 2020 election was going to be a Trumpslide and said that voter fraud was why Trump appeared to be losing the election and that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were going to “Release the Kraken” and that “The Storm Is Coming” and “1776 Will Commence Again” and that General Flynn would never allow Joe Biden to become president. Trump’s concession was also a “deep fake.” They allowed themselves to blast off from reality and believed what they wanted to hear from conspiratards.

Among other things, the same crackpots also said that Sandy Hook was a hoax, Obama used the HAARP weather array to fling Hurricane Sandy into New York City and that patriots were going to be rounded up and put in FEMA camps underneath Wal-Marts in Operation Jade Helm.

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  1. I came up with an idea to deal with “conspiritards”, AKA compulsive liars in the ethnostate. Everyone will be allowed to post what they believe is true on the Internet, however if you knowingly post what you know is a lie, your computer will detect it and give you a mild electric shock. The shocks will increase in intensity the more often you lie, and if you lie too often you will get a fatal shock.

    • @ different “anonymous”:

      First, we should use numbers or letter suffixes to distinguish each anonymous commenter.

      Second: Your reasoning (or fantasy, or joke) seems to be that if those who sincerely believe the existing lies are spared, while those who knowingly lie are prevented from creating more lies, then eventually lies will die out and truth will prevail.

      • If we used numbers to differentiate, that would defeat the purpose of using the anonymous tag.

        “Second: Your reasoning (or fantasy, or joke) seems to be that if those who sincerely believe the existing lies are spared, while those who knowingly lie are prevented from creating more lies, then eventually lies will die out and truth will prevail.”


        Also, the liars would cure themselves . If they can’t do that, they would self deport, and peddle their BS somewhere else. It would get rid of a lot more undesirables than just conspiratards. Mainstream media journos, mainstream politicians, grifters, con-artists, crooks, etc, would all leave your ethnostate.

        • I’m sure you know what I’m thinking, that an electro-shock therapy thought-correcting machine, if it was invented, would more likely be deployed to ENFORCE belief in official lies.

          • All it needs do is detect if a person is lying. What they are lying about it would have no understanding of. People who plan to use it to enforce a belief, rather than detect any kind of lie would be liars. They would not reach a position of authority, or remain there long enough to carry out their plans.

  2. Here is a question about hoaxes and conspiracies.

    Imagine this Hunter…..

    Gettysburg, 1863

    News of the battle and it’s aftermath has reached your small town in Alabama. Some folks are saying that as many as 28,000 Confederate soldiers, many of them from Alabama, lay dead rotting in the fields of Pennsylvania.

    But many of your neighbors dispute this news of 28,000 dead.

    “It’s a hoax!” they say,

    “Lincoln is using crisis actors in a conspiracy with Jefferson Davis to impose a dictatorship on the South. Gettysburg isn’t real. It never happened. The soldiers are being transported to England for use as slaves as war reparations for 1812.”

    Question: Why didn’t anyone say this or believe this back in 1863?

    What is it about our time and the belief in hoaxes?

    We are supposed to be smarter and more educated in 2021, than the average person living in Alabama back in 1863: Or are we?

    Are we smarter and more educated? I think not.

  3. Manchin is already stepping up to take the deficit hawk role. Prepare for a handful of Dems to become born-again “blue dogs” when it comes to stimulus.

  4. Chinese serial killer, Xi Jinping, will simply ride this out, with not a thing being done about him, or his dictatorship.
    Last I heard, the Covid death tally for Wuhan itself was about ‘4000’ people. Not a word of truth ever passes their lips. That’s the world’s second largest economy for you.
    I don’t want a war with them, and don’t care how many that Jinping bumps off, as it’s overpopulated, but my nation wants it’s economic sovereignty back, and their hordes of spies, property investors and invaders deported. On top of that, they need to pay for this huge Covid fuck up.
    My nation use to make everything that China now supplies, and though more expensive at the point of purchase, they lasted years longer, saving you money in the long run as you bought them less often. Now we buy socks, vaccum cleaners, etc that are invariably Chinese made, with no choice of where they originate………and they fall apart after three months!
    Fuck China! They must pay!

    • “Chinese serial killer Xi Jinping” (…) (China is) “overpopulated”:

      You’re ready to make the Chinese “pay” and have Chinese people die because you’ve been exposed too much to Faux News, Epoch Times, and other CIA propaganda designed to make you support the U.S.’s ongoing hybrid war against China.

      “Now we buy socks, vaccum cleaners, etc that are invariably Chinese made, with no choice of where they originate………and they fall apart after three months!”

      They manufacture those things to the specifications and price points that are demanded by Walmart and other U.S. mass merchants. It is the fault of U.S. capitalism.

    • Who let them dominate our economy? The same corrupt sellouts running and hiding while Buffalo Man & co. invaded “Muh Sacred Temple of Democracy”.

      • @Mainz, Anonymous
        Yes our political and industrial fatcats are equally as guilty. I know all that, and have said it ad nauseum in previous articles……….but can only fit so much into one post.
        High wage societies must be supported with high tarriffs to remove Asia’s advantage that anables them to steal manufacturing and intellectual property.That our leaders ignored this obvious fact was either a major blunder, or a deliberate act of treachery. At all times, they should be serving their own voters and taxpayers……..not peasants in Asia.
        China should be made to pay financially, or we disengage with them economically and politically.
        As for Chinese dying……..well they won’t rise up, so it will KEEP happening.

        • “China should be made to pay financially”:

          The West has already done that to China for hundreds of years, especially during the “Century of Humiliation,” when near-universal opium addiction was imposed, and millions of peasants were rounded up and shipped to all parts of the world to work as slaves until they dropped. Of course the defeated Chinese aristocracy was complicit and moral corruption made Chinese people enslave each other.

          “As for Chinese dying……..well they won’t rise up, so it will KEEP happening”:

          They do not rise up because 95% of Chinese people are pleased with their government, versus the majority of the U.S. population dislikes or hates the U.S. government. Chinese people are not “keep dying,” because their life expectancy and quality of life are rising while life expectancy and quality of life for the vast majority of U.S. population are falling.

        • “High wage societies must be supported with high tariffs”:

          If the super-wealthy elites were ever confined within national borders, and they could no longer extract wealth from foreign countries using “free trade,” tariff protections would probably appear immediately.

      • Economies die because people voluntarily stop working. They put all the numbers from many other diseases into this co-yid thing.

        The global number one killer is still tobacco and alcohol for socalled preventable deaths, which they still allow. Maybe someone should remind the smokers on what it actually says on that pack of cigarettes 😉

  5. Bioweapon isn’t a stretch though. It’s certainly a good model for untraceable neutralising of your opponents.

    • Last spring I considered the U.S. stealth bioweapon attack theory, part of the U.S.’s ongoing hybrid war on China, based on the timing coincidence of the world military games and the first known cases appearing two weeks later, some of which were connected only to the part of the main hotel where the U.S. delegation was staying.

      But I am now convinced it is a natural virus.

  6. Yes Covid-19 very much continues. Hopefully the Vaccines will work and make our World normal again. Prayers for all those dealing with it and all those in the Medical field who have an important job in the World. Deo Vindice !

  7. I’m not hearing much about covid 19 in Africa, is that because they’ve got hardly any people over 50? It seems to only be dangerous for people who are elderly or already in poor health.

    • Well Africa did have a lot of deaths during other pandemics which I think were a lot more real than this fake plandemic.

      Ebola, aids, yellow fever, you name them, a lot of deaths from various diseases, but not this one..

  8. Hospitals in Neoliberal-regime-run Egypt running out of oxygen for all but the wealthy Covid patients:

    “The government’s immediate response was to deny that the deaths were caused by the failure of the oxygen supply, with Health Minister Hala Zayed declaring that there were ‘sufficient medical oxygen supplies at all hospitals receiving coronavirus patients’ and accusing the banned Muslim Brotherhood of spreading rumours.”

    Some third world hospitals out of oxygen have resorted to using welding gas tanks. Even in the U.S., there is only so much intensive care infrastructure. But there will always be beds, and oxygen, for the elites.

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