Live Thread: Patriots Storm and Occupy U.S. Capitol


After riling up his own supporters, Trump has mobilized and deployed the National Guard. This looks like some kind of trap. There are also reports that a pipe bomb has been defused at the RNC.


Someone has been shot.

Get your popcorn.

Peaceful Protesters have turned the U.S. Capitol into the Bundy Ranch. Do you support their occupation of Congress? Has Baked Alaska gone too far this time?

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  1. I am ready to take back every single insult I have ever made against Trump supporters IF they are ready to overthrow those god damn pig tyrants. And I would be more than willing to help them do it.

    Funny how ZOG didn’t care one bit about all the BLM and Antifa rioting last summer. But when patriotic white men arm and organize themselves it’s a very different story.

    Could Alex Jones actually be the hero we have been waiting for????

    • It also has to do with the pedes going for the big boys. Blacks were contented just to terrorize whatever unfortunate working class Whites happened to be in their proximity.

  2. If all the protestors had jobs, they would be too busy working and would not have time for protests.

    • Most of them probably took time off from employment, or self-employment. Some are probably retired. They couldn’t be completely broke or they couldn’t travel. They are probably all making a sacrifice.

    • This “lawless” crowd took sick/personal days off work and didn’t bring guns….. This is just a shitshow to trigger people like my wife who will complain about the lack of heavy handed response from the blue/green niggers.

  3. Yes, I support direct action to send a message to the Empire of Evil that its days of running amok over its subjects is over. Basic human social psychology says you treat others bad, they will get back at you eventually. Life is based on the mirror principle: it reflects back on you what you reflect out onto the environment. Hunter may disagree because he hates Trump and Republicans but there is zero doubt the presidential election was stolen in 2020. Combine that with the explicit use of hate to gain and maintain power and this is the result. The challengers may not win, but norm has been breached. Since people now see we live in a sham democracy and an oligarchy where the .00001% control life, it is not surprising some citizens will react with force in retaliation for their enslavement. How it ends I do not know but when the Soviet Union ordered its killers to fire on its citizens they refused. If TPTB issues the same order here, they may be as surprised as the Communists in 1991 Russia. We shall see.

    • “they may be as surprised as the Communists in 1991 Russia”:

      No. This is something entirely different from what the U.S. did to Russia using fifth-column insiders, lying diplomacy and mountains of false news and entertainment propaganda. The thousands of Russians who were duped into overthrowing their own nation were not “acting in retaliation for their enslavement.” They were giving themselves up to enslavement.

  4. Alex Jones is, to turn a Batman quote around, “the hero we don’t need but deserve….”

    I could support what is happening now if it was in support of a more worthy leader than Trump.

    • Trump told them to come out January 6 and go wild. His supporters went wild, so Trump calls out the national guard, which he wouldn’t do for BLM or Antifa. Trump is the God King Emperor of Feds.

      • Yes, BLM and Antifa, like U.S. proxies ISIS and AlQaeda, are allowed to do as they wish as long as they don’t stray too far “off the reservation,” beyond the limits of their mission.

      • Multiple media have reported for some time now that it was Faux-President Pence and SoD that called in the Guard, going behind Trump’s back.

        I realize Trump is a prideful ignoramus in many ways, but how can anybody not have sympathy for a guy that the entire ZoG (and world) detest? Clearly he is far less evil than claimed if all the Satanists want him dead and out of office…

        • If Pence called them out behind Trump’s back, Trump could have gone over Pence’s head and recalled them.

          Trump’s sons were calling for the prosecution of the protestors, that Trump said he would walk with to the capitol, before he chickened out and ran to the White House.

          “how can anybody not have sympathy for a guy that the entire ZoG (and world) detest?”

          ZOG hates Trump so much, when the Drumpf family migrated to America from Germany, they were welcomed into the loving arms of the Jewish community, and have been embedded with them ever since. The Drumpfs owe their real estate fortune to the New York Jewish community, and they repay them by hiring Jews all through his organizations, and giving money to their synagogues.

          ZOG hates Trump so much, they made him the Grand Marshal of New York’s Israel Day Parade:

          ZOG hates Trump so much, Trump’s favorite daughter was married to a Jewish gangster’s son, and she converted to their religion. This Jewish gangster had Benjamin Netanyahuu over for regular sleepovers in his son’s bed. This same Jewish gangster blackmailed a family member, to stop him testifying against him in court. He hired a hooker to have sex with him and filmed it. Trump pardononed the Jewish gangster for this act.

          ZOG hates Trump so much, they named a town after him in Israel called Trump Heights.

          ZOG hates Trump so much, one of Trump’s sons called for the assassination of David Duke the day before the 2016 election.

          ZOG hates Trump? What are you smoking man? Trump is ZOG. If you seriously believe Trump is on your side, your butt belongs in Israel.

  5. Videos show a good deal of human blood on the Capitol steps as some of the protestors were beaten by police, after surging through the barriers

    Whatever one thinks of the wisdom of this protest, it is clear that some of the people beaten bloody, were quite sincere and brave in what they tried to do

    May all here have a thought and a prayer for our courageous injured brothers, wounded on the day which can be seen as when the old America died

    And thank you Hunter for your work here … it may be unlikely you are still allowed to publish through the end of this year

    • To be honest, the problem here is optics. These goon marchers are just too fat and poorly dressed to overthrow the government. If you’re going to try a seditious coup, you need to look sharp or normies won’t take you seriously.

      • The one in the buffalo headress looks like the fraternity guy swearing in the new Delta House pledges in the film “Animal House” or one of those furbies.

  6. Yellow Vests and protesters in many Asian countries come prepared with shields and military-grade gas masks. The new improved tear gas formula, tested thoroughly on Palestinians, is said to be especially brutal. Enforcement has an immense arsenal of “crowd control” weapons, including many new ones to be tested.

    Like the Black Lives Matter protesters, these are mostly not wearing hygienic masks but these are mostly older than the BLM and therefore more vulnerable.

  7. We have a potential Martyr. Young attractive lady shot by a Capitol Police Cops. Trigger Nigger?

  8. Something nobody predicted for 2021: Baked Alaska live streaming his sedition and attempted coup against the US government.

        • donos spamming the nword nonstop while the chaos ensues livestreaming around the Capitol is peak optics with the content spray accelerationists in charge.

          Baked Merchant grifting even while the while senators are panicking,girls getting shot by thugsinblue and qtard boomerwaffen going nuts is freaking hilarious to me lol what a way to end the year

  9. Lol, now Trump is calling in the national guard on them. Trump brings in his supporters, tells them they are fighting for the future of the country against demonrat fraud, encourages them to get rowdy, then hits them with a military strike. Classic Trump.

    • It’s too bad those MAGA people are risking their lives for such an unworthy piece of shit like Zion Don.

      • Trump sat on his hands and monitored the situation all last year as BLM and antifa ran wild, but calls in the guard and the FBI immediately when his supporters try to do similar. Wonder if they’re finally regretting the unconditional loyalty they showed to that clown now.

  10. Wouldn’t it be just awful, if these enraged MAGApeds turned some of their wraith on the national jewsmedia that acted as “The Ministry of Truth” for fagtifa, blm, and the demoncrats during the Blompf-kushner administration?

  11. These MAGA protesters have a role to play in the Identity Politics drama that distracts the population from seeing the reality of Capitalism. Right wing and left wing both belong to the same capitalist beast.

    • This is what happens after 20 years of wars for Israel, 20 years of forced mass migration, 20 years of stripping a manufacturing base out of the country to rebuild it in China. It was the underdogs snapping back for once.

  12. Anyone not supporting this riot is a bitch. There comes a point when [email protected]#$%^& up the system is more important than whatever. All real revolutionaries understand that. If we don’t give respect where respect is due, we look like fags and no one will ever take us seriously again. I am in contact right now with IRL long time friends I grew up with who are BLM supporters and left wing anarchists who participated in the riots in NYC this year and they are giving massive respect.

    Smashing up the Capitol building like a Bad Brains album cover is glorious. [email protected]#$ all pigs.

    • It was a spontaneous moment. Actual revolutionary act.

      Biden will Drone Strike these people.

    • “friends I grew up with who are BLM supporters and left wing anarchists who participated in the riots in NYC this year (…) are giving massive respect”:

      Respect for the boldness, the bold activity? Is “action” (for the sake of action) the common ground that they admire? Note well that the BLMs and ANTIFAs, and right-wing groups, don’t protest or take action against the imperialist war machine, and other ESSENTIALS of the system.

    • Trumptards set up a “Go Wild” rally, allow his own supporters to be infiltrated by agent provocateurs and then unleashes the National Guard on them. History hasn’t rhymed. It’s beat these fools over the head.

  13. Good! I hope they occupy it longer than Antifa has been rioting in Portland.

    I sure hope they don’t take a page from Black Lives Matter and Antifa and start burning buildings to the ground. What happens if there is a repeat of Black Lives Matter in Atlanta and these protestors start burning down the offices of media corporations like CNN?

    Someone should get word to the protestors that they definitely should not do that.

  14. Funny that the grifters telling everyone that Biden is going to institute full communism and send death squads to kill dissidents are the same ones who told people to go to this goon march and get themselves on camera and set up on federal charges. Oh, and make sure not to wear a mask because they need images of your face for facial recognition software, er I mean because masks are cuck muzzles and face diapers and part of Biden’s communist plot.

  15. I agree in principle with their actions. Leaving Trump aside for a moment, these are everyday people who think the election was stolen by sinister forces who are destroying America. They want a border wall, decoupling from China and troops home. With four more years, they thought Trump would have additional time to deliver. And it’s fun seeing the establishment and it’s many layers of faceless goons being challenged and insulted in this way.
    We probably don’t agree with them on everything, but at least they’re in there, sticking it up these purile traitors.

  16. Woman who was shot is dead. Back The Blue, bro. Trump supporters need to rethink their mindless worship of cops and the troops.

    • I turned my back on Police after Charlottesville now normies will see how right and courageous they were in 2017 alot of people ruined their lifes to make a stand Scholars will idolize us for standing up ?

  17. Trump could have led his supporters from his speech to the Capitol Building like he said he was going to and earned a little respect from me – instead he gins up his supporters, cucks out and sends his supporters into the Belly Of the Beast on their own. Hitler had the guts to be in the front ranks in Munich ’23 when the Polizei mowed down men 16 of the NSDAP.

  18. Why are some of you guys shitting on these people???

    Has America not had enough????

    They have taken away the last bit of hope we had which was to peacefully voice our will through our ballot.

    These people are reaping what they have sowed. This is lexington and concord all over again.

  19. At least it put the fear of God in these no good bastards in Washington even if it’s only for a short time.

  20. When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. It worked for Antifa and BLM and it could work for us if we stopped worrying about optics. The coward politicians are cowering in their offices and are afraid. Good, I hope this goes on for along time.

    This is not about Trump, it is much bigger than the POS that called the National Zog on his own supporters.

    • Wake up pastor Trump is a traitor he’s by definition a unprincipled backstabbing conman who interest is wealthy elites and selling out. Blumpf isn’t crossing any rubicon lol a jubicon perhaps a plane ticket to Israel

  21. @anonymous

    Again I reiterate, this is lexington and concord all over again.

    This genie isn’t going back into the bottle.

    The left and their protests was extremely well organized and financed.

    What’s happening now is true grassroots, which is much more potent and dangerous. This is why obama used the IRS to crush the tea party. The left knows we’re stronger which is why they try so furiously to bury us while they can with open borders and censorship, among other things.

    • “Again I reiterate, this is lexington and concord”:

      Lexington and Concord was mono-ethnic: Protestant Englishmen demanding Englishmen’s rights. But the MAGA movement is not even mono-racial. It is cosmopolitan and it actually SUPPORTS the U.S.’s global-imperialist, rootless-cosmopolitan, for-profit economic system that violates all human rights.

      “What’s happening now is true grassroots, which is much more potent and dangerous”:

      What roots? These conservative, right-wing protesters are almost as rootless (ethnically if not racially mixed) as the total U.S. population, and they support the essential system, which they are working to to “conserve.” The right wing of U.S. politics and the fake “left” wing both belong to, are attached to, the same capitalist beast. BLM, Antifa, Tea Party, MAGA, and far-right groups all play roles (mostly unwittingly) in the endless drama of Two-Party and Identity Group Politics that entertains the population, distracting them from focusing on, or even noticing, the reality of their enslavement and the crimes of U.S. global imperialism.

  22. Imagine how glorious it would be if england, germany, and australia stormed their respective seats of power in the same way. I would safely say then that the western man is officially revolting against his master which seeks to destroy him.

  23. In response to a Brad Griffin tweet:

    Moan Bradifer:

    She is the white blond beautiful analog to antifa-manatee Heather Heyer just as this was another Charlottesville 2.0.

    She is a martyr, the very first death of The Second Civil War / Second anti-ZOG Revolution. The ZOGland is doomed and ZOG is now under Siege.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  24. Who convinced the teenage girl that was murdered to join this pathetic shitshow? I feel so sorry for her and her family, unlike Josh Hawley, Donald Trump and his despicable sons. Such a fucking mess!

    • Apparently she wasnt a teenager but that doesnt matter. She shouldnt have been there but she was because someone convinced her that the election was stolen and that Donald Trump was behind her. He never was and the people that support that clown now should be dismissed by default.

      • The election probably was stolen but that was part of the script. Bernie had a similar role in the primaries.

  25. This is a false flag protest … literally. No way would any REAL Trump supporter take down the American flag and replace it with a Trump flag. The leader of Proud Boys was probably arrested to keep him from rooting out any agents provocateurs.

    Someone I know is in touch with Trump supporters in Washington who deny that these attackers were with them. There were people dressed like hipsters and wearing helmets showed up in a bus. One of them was marching in a BLM protest in Tempe, AZ – the guy with the buffalo headdress and face paint.

    I think FEDGOV manufactured this disturbance to put the entire country under martial law. The big question is whether Trump locks the country down? I don’t think so. I think it will be Acting President Pence, only long enough to ensure a “peaceful” power transition. I suspect Trump will be under arrest for incitement.

    • Looking at the events of today, 25000 or so “pissful” ZOGtard whigger protesters were gathered there to protest the stealing of the 2020 [s]election.

      As in 2017, us real White Supremacists knew that Charlottesville 1.0 was a trap for ZOGtards and not to go to do anythang real for the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf. Today would be another Charlottesville but in 2021, and for most of us to stay away. I was gloating in rural Granby this afternoon and didn’t work any on my Bryan Reo lawsuits against me and my Church.

      Then doubtless some agitators/ZOGbots whipped up the ZOGtard whiggers to break into the Temple of Plutocracy to rout the Congress-Criminals all who ran like pussies into hiding and showed the ZOGland and the rest of the Whirrrrld that ZOG/Babylon was a paper-pussy.

      Pity none of the pissful-protesters had a full bladder or decided to do a #2 on the Speaker’s or Vice-Cuck Mikey’s lectern and thus be seen honoring ZOG Demonocracy with a gesture of defilement that everyone could understand. Seeing Trumptard turds where these reptiles lie all the time would be somethang to be remembered.

      And all of them from the media reptiles to Senile Joe were begging the ZOG Emperor to “do something”. Pity that in me voting for a Pussy-Grabber all I got was a Pussy and the ZOG Emperor didn’t #DeclareMartialLaw and #CrosstheRubicon but simply asked the Trumptards to pissfully go home. Pity that he didn’t simply like Julius Caesar and Oliver Cromwell dissolve the corrupt Senate and Parliament and this Congress and have done with it.

      So yes, today was a Red-Letter Day, the First Day of open Second Civil War. The ZOGtards & ZOGbots are lamenting that ZOG/Babylon is Fallen, has Fallen, and it might not be able to get back up and right itself, certainly not given that the productive White remaining Heritage Nations wants nothing more to do with the failed Mighty Evil ZOG Empire.

      I think that your and Greg Johnson’s and Z-man’s brand of White Nationalism is nearly as dead as Establishment Coonservativeism and full-bore balls to the wall White Supremacy is what is happening on its way to #TenThousandWarlords.

      Today, the 6th of January 2021 will be as the day in which the Visigoths under Alaric got into Rome and sacked that Mighty Evil Decayed Empire.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • These guys are professional agitators with government help/protection. The Tumpers never had a chance. I could probably beat Bobby Fischer at tennis. But not at chess.

      Having a coward/backstabber as your “leader” doesn’t help. I’ll bet no Trumper who is charged will even get a pardon.

  26. @ clytemnestra57

    I do believe that SOME of these guys were boogaloo types just provoking the crowd. You ain’t gonna tell me though that alot of the people in the capitol building weren’t just regular old Americans that are righteoulsy pissed the hell off and ready to do something about it.

    Be that as it may, why don’t you still support what happened?? Are you telling me it’s not needed after the power of our vote has now been destroyed??? Why shit on what happened today?

    • I’m not “shitting” on anything. The parallels to Charlottesville are uncanny. There was no need for a march to keep the Lee monument up. After a number of pro-Lee protesters were doxed with one whose life was ruined so badly he committed suicide, another sentenced to life for the fatal heart attack of an obese chain smoker, and anyone remotely involved with White activism in some kind of legal trouble, all it took was a court order by some state memorial preservation society to stop it after the smoke cleared.

      It was a set up then and it looks like set up now. Sorry, but Trump’s not worth innocent being framed by the FBI and their Antifa buddies as domestic terrorists. No sense facing hard prison time while former President Trump spends his retirement golfing at Mar-a-Lago. Jump out of the way of the Trump Train before it runs you down.

  27. At least White Normie males and Back The Blue cucks are seeing in 1080P splendor that the cops treat White protestors way worse than they treat BLM and Antifa. Unfortunately, the majority of brainwashed White women are lost causes.

  28. We should start a campaign calling for the police and government officials to “take a knee” in homage to the girl who was shot today.

  29. Sorry, but I must quote Abe Lincoln.

    “A house divided among itself cannot stand.”

    What is past is prologue. History repeats itself.

  30. Massive crackdown from .gov and .com incoming in 5, 4, 3…

    What tangible, concrete, real-life benefit did anyone obtain from this goon rampage??? Mad about getting $2000? Angry that Mitt Romney isn’t paying an even lower rate on his capital gains? We’ve achieved a new level of stupidity.


    • You would think after Charlottesville, the anti-mask and the other rallies, they would have learned something. Like operational security.

      Do marches ever accomplish anything? The supposed civil rights victories were backroom political deals or rigged court cases. The Vietnam protest were winding down long before US involvement ended. Did the A.N.S.W.E.R. or Code Pink protests do anything? For the Left, they are street theater designed to distract.

  31. So Pence and the mostly peaceful protesters appear to have failed to deliver today. At least two more options to avoid sure death under the heel of the Communists are left:


    Trump can do these himself.

    • Ignore all the missed opportunities during the Trump administration. Look at all those he pardoned, where even a federal judge in Hawaii can’t interfere. Jewish scam artists, cronies, relatives and negro drug dealers, Pollard allowed to go to Israel on the personal jet of Trump’s largest financial donor.

      Let it go man. He’s just not that into you.

      • MAGApedes across the internet still clinging to the Orange Clown while his supporters get their asses kicked on the streets of DC by the cops as Donny watches it all on FoxNews while polising off a Big Mac.

  32. That livestream you did with Keith Woods today on Bitchute got a shit-ton of downvotes, HW. Not because of you but because of that lisping, mincing, effete ne’er do well Lady Spencer. BTW, Woods disabled
    the comments.

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      Woods turned off the comments on his video about blm in Ireland too.

      I can completely understand why someone would want to punch Dick Spencer in his arrogant candy ass face now. In the Reich, at best, Spencer would be detailed with cleaning up after Blondi’s bowel movements.

  33. Blumph can’t even cheer on his supporters he stabbed in the back. Twitter banned him for 12 hours. I’m sure he monitoring the situation from the WH. His two sons. Erik and Blumph Jr. are calling for the rioters that stormed the capital to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. MAAAAAAAGAAAA!!!

    • Unless I’m mistaken Zion Don Jr. and his equally assholish brother have just pushed the self destruct button on their future political careers.

      • Spahnranch 1970,

        Didn’t Zion Don Jr. recently travel to Joe Biden’s home in Connecticut to work out a deal for his father. Basically, my father will concede the election in exchange for immunity from prosecution after January 20th?

  34. The President needs to know that MLM — Mob Lives Matter.

    And the first Republican President once said:

    “Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.”
    — Abraham Lincoln – U.S. Congress, 1847

  35. There is video of five chartered buses full of ANTIFA escorted by STATE POLICE directly to the Capitol where the Capitol Police opened the gates and just let them in.

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